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30 January 2019 Malika Menard vs Monika Pietrasinska

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Posted by Girls Friday on January 30, 2019, 12:04 pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer


Site: Warsaw, Poland

Malika: 31 YO, 5’9 ½ (1.76 m), 23-6-0, 18 KO since 2011, Foxfire Atlantic Boxing

Monika: 31 YO, 5’8 (1.73 m), 6-6-0, 6 KO since 2015, BBU Free Agent

Before: Former BBU Lightweight Champion Malika Menard venturing out of her native France to take on Monika Pietersinska on Monika’s “home ground”. Monika has come through an unhappy 2018 which saw her lose all of her fights and get dropped by her Girls Friday management.

“I will admit I need to regroup,” Monika tells Archer World News, “but I couldn’t just fight some no-name jobber. I need a high profile name and I consider myself fortunate to be able to take on a former BBU champion. It will be a difficult fight, she is very tough, but this is my chance to start over and I mean tie seize on it.”

Monika Menard shrugs: “If she thinks I am the fighter she can make a comeback again, then she must be deluded. I am a first-tier fighter and she is, at best, mediocre. Why am I fighting her? Her people made my people a most enticing offer. I do not object to a lucrative contract and I look forward to showing the Polish fight fans what I can do. I am not here to embarrass or humiliate Monika in front of her ‘home town’ crowd, but if that happens. Well, you just never know what will happen in a fight. I am actually looking forward to this. I want to see how long she can last against ‘La Grande Malika’.”

Malika enters the ring in a light blue bikini with dark blue gloves and boots (light blue laces). Her dark hair is in a French braid down her back. Monika in a black and gray bikini with gray gloves and boots (black laces). Her brown hair is pulled back in a simple ponytail. Crowd clearly on Monika’s side, though there are a goodly number of Malika Menard fans in the crowd to cheer her on. Ring instruction are crisp and to the point. No wasting time here. Tap of the gloves and the fighters are back in their corners. The bell rings.

Round 1:

Monika advancing on Malika with quick snapping shots to the head that oblige Malika to duck down behind her gloves, Then Monika starts slamming strong hooks into Malika’s stomach and ribs. Malika reacts with a flurry of counters that drive hard into Monika’s breasts and ribcage, Monika responding to the pressure with more body shots of her own, but then Malika slips in an uppercut that socks Monika hard under the chin. Monika falling back as her legs tremble and Malika springs after her going for the head with follow-uo lefts and rights. Monika quickly stabilizes behind a strong defensive jab that breaks up Malika’s attack with punishing blows to the face. Then Monika presses forward using hooks to the belly to push Malika slowly back. Rounds ends in a close win for Monika, but Malika made her work for it.

Round 2:

Malika trying to press Monika hard aa the new round opens with a series of digging hooks to the midsection. Monika responds with clouting rights and lefts to the sides of Malika’s head. Malika banged hard by these blows falls back rapidly, but Monika staying with opponent to now strike at the belly and rake those ribs with swabbing lefts and right. Malika trying to dodge does use her jab to gain some respite, but Monika circles to maintain the pressure to the bell. Monika Pietersinska wins her second round by a wide margin.

Round 3:

Malika sitting quietly on her stool during the break, but there is an angry look on her eyes. She listens as trauiner Sophia Myles offers advice. Monika looking eager to get back at the job of wearing down the proud French champion. Bell rings,

Malika again pressing Monika hard at the outset of the round, but this time she targets Monika’s jaw with lightning strike rights and lefts. Monika thrown back in obvious confusion, but manages to use her jab to try to stall Malika’s advance. Malika plowing ahead with determination and the battle turns into toe to toe body action< Malika and Monika trying to dig in their feet and hammer away at stomachs ribs and breasts, intense, nostril-flaring action as the two beauties put all they have into the struggle to dominate. Slowly, but surely Malika starts pushing Monika back step by step as the round ends. It’s very close but the judges decide Malika Menard has won the round.

Round 4:

Malika right back on the attack and she finds Monika’s chin early and often. Monika making a shaky retreat as Malika coolly cuts off the ring and then punches her back towards the ropes. Monika tries to make a stand to stay off the strands, but Malika ends the stand with deep hook to the belly that doubles Monika up. Then The French beauty pounds the Polish beauty into the strands, Monika hastily covers up as she takes a seat on the ropes and rides out a through Malika Menard scrubbing attack to her trapped rival. Monika does emerge from the ropes once the bell has sounded. She looks glassy-eyed, but makes it back to her own corner. Malika gives her only a look of annoyance that Monika is still standing, but then she turns away and strides firmly to her own corner,

Round 5:

Monika still looking shell-shocked as she comes out for the new round. She is all over up as Malika comes at her. Malika obliged to circle and fire off some probing leather. She seems to take note of Monika’s sluggish reaction  to these punches. Malika then starts working Monika to the body, just pounding ribs and stomach. Monika groaning and gurgling under these attacks. Her gloves start to come down to protect her ravaged abs and then Malika strikes! Malika  drops into a crouch, then comes shooting up with all her power into a right uppercut that crashes into Monika’s chin. KA-POW! Monika knocked off her feet and goes crashing down onto the canvas. She lies on her back, arms outflung, her legs all tangled and Malika Menard looking down on the destruction with a look of satisfaction. Then Malika is off to the neutral corner. Referee counting. Monika struggling to rise as her hometown fans chant: “GET UP! GET UP!” Monika makes a valiant effort to move, but her body just won’t respond. She covers her face with her gloves in despair as the count ends:



After: “She lasted five rounds,” Malika Menard tells the press. “Not great, but I would call it a respectable effort. She did give me a problem or two, but nothing I could not overcome. I feel quite good about the fight. Just the sort of appetizer I need for more serious fights later in the year,”

Monika Pietersinska distressed at the loss: “I thought I was winning after the first two rounds, but then it all went bad. I had hoped to do so much better. I will have to regroup after this loss and I apologize to my fans for letting them down.”


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