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1 December 2020 Taylor Swift vs Kate Upton AHW Christmas Crackers

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Posted by Girls Friday on Dec 1, 2020 at 1:27pm


Taylor Swift VS Kate Upton

(Written by Girls Friday)

Christmas Crackers: Taylor Swift vs Kate Upton

Every year the FCBA tries to do something for charity around Christmas, whether it be calendar shoots, one year it was wrestling in fake snow, this year the chosen method was to do a photoshoot for twelve different Christmas cards to sell with all proceeds going to multiple charities.

For example one of the shoots was Megan Fox wearing a red and white striped bikini with red heels sitting on top of a large candy cane, pretending to lick the head of the cane as her hands hold either side.

Another was best frenemies Yvonne Strahovski and Mary Elizabeth Winstead under mistletoe, both wearing Santa hats, red thongs and black leather jackets that hinted they were topless underneath as they pretended they were going to kiss with a wink to the camera.

As all this was going on, Taylor Swift had just finished her own photoshoot, she was in a pretend wooden cabin sitting next to a fire in a white bikini with grey socks on as she had a mug of coco next to a fire.

Tossing the socks off feeling proud that she was able to find time to help out the cause, Taylor had noticed though that the people running the shoots seemed somewhat nervous, she couldn't put her finger on why till her friend Selena Gomez came into the changing room wearing an elf's hat and green bikini.

After they exchange pleasantries and hugs, Selena told Taylor "God I am shocked you haven't torn that bytch apart yet, good on you Taylor" with the blonde stunner looking at Selena puzzled, there were several people Taylor saw as a bytch, so who did Selena mean.

As this discussion was going on in the dressing room, the photographers breathed a sigh of relief as they thought Taylor was going to be gone soon, one was snapping a scene with Kate Upton wearing a red bikini, a small red fake fur coat and a Santa's hat as she knelt in fake snow looking seductive with a red sledge behind her near the white wall.

All of a sudden "of course the fattest bytch in the FCBA is playing Santa this year, you f***ing ho ho ho!" Yelled Taylor as Kate looked startled by the outburst till she saw who it was, both rivals eyes narrowed as instinctively their chests started rising faster, almost like their primal sides were reacting to the presence of a natural born rival.

The photographers all looked scared at what was going to happen, till the FCBA committee member running this event took a deep breath, told them to just photograph what was going to play out and the FCBA would pay for any damages.

Kate meanwhile had tossed off the coat so it didn't get in her way, yelling back "of course you'd be jealous I am the main event of these cards! What the f*** were you? A desperate s*** begging like little f***ing Annie!" Both rivals moving closer as Taylor invades Kate's winter wonderland set.

Without needing any bells to start, both lunged for the others hair while hissing, tugging each other around the set as photos were taken of the clash, all that either cared about was putting the other woman in their place, all their fights before didn't matter as the next win was all that counted to them.

Kate looked the stronger but with Taylor's height she was able to put more torque on pulling back the smaller woman's head, some of the other girls had been told of the fight, coming out in different coloured robes to watch the fight, Mary and Yvonne bet on who would come out on top, so much for their friendship tonight as they cheered for different fighters.

All the while hair started to be torn out the heads of the battlers, a thin sheen of sweat crossed their brows as they exchanged one word insults, Kate managing to get in closer to press their boobs together, making Taylor look more furious as the Upton twins were bigger then her own, making them look like they were trying to swallow her pair whole.

Legs become tangled and down to the snow went the girls, lucky it was just fake as it didn't freeze them, instead they rolled comfortably in the stuff, throwing little digging body shots with their right hands to force out grunts and groans, before being toppled and receiving the same treatment.

When Kate got on top this time, she got Taylor around the throat with her right hand, squeezing it as she hissed "you can't just accept I'm the show piece of the FCBA and the best f***ing... Ah!" Kate yelled out as Taylor has managed to get her long legs around the waist of Kate to squeeze her.

Locked in what looked like a death struggle, some wondered if they should rush in to pull them apart before it got too serious, soon enough they heard a howl of agony, looking down to see Kate had her left hand on the side of Taylor's bottoms, tucking them up into her bum crack to give her a wedgie that certainly brought tears to the eyes of the singer.

Who managed to kick Kate away from her, Taylor rubbed her neck as Kate was busy rubbing her sides, the python like legs of Swift had left a mark themselves on the side of the beautiful model to rile her up even more.

As both got to their feet the slaps started to fly, the ones that landed sent sweat flying as heads were turned, while Kate seemed to have extra power behind hers, Taylor's extra reach was allowing her to smack Kate more often as both had reddened cheeks.

Getting frustrated by this stalemate that was forming, Kate dipped down and tackled Taylor like any good linebacker would be proud of, sending the leggy lass over the sledge to the floor again.

This time as the crowd edged a little closer, Kate was slapping Taylor with the front and back of her right hand, screaming "give up you f***ing bytch!" Yvonne could be seen smiling as Mary scowled at the sight, sensing her bet was about to go down the drain.

Another howl come from Kate, Taylor dug her nails firmly into the breasts of her bitter rival, her red painted nails were squeezing the two watermelon sized breasts as if she were hoping to pop them to find candy inside, Kate's face turned red as her eyes streamed tears.

Adding her legs around Kate as she turned the big model to their sides, hands still ripping and squeezing the tits, Taylor could be heard whispering "submit you fatty cow before I milk you in front of all these people" Kate could be seen scratching at the back of Taylor, trying anything to break free.

After a full minute of being locked in this death embrace, Kate suddenly bellowed "f***!!! Please... Let me go!" With the crowd needing to rush over to try to drag Taylor off Kate as she seemed lost in causing pain to her most hated enemy.

When they did get them apart, Kate covered her tits to hide the red furrows Taylors nails had dug into them, with Yvonne putting her black satin robe over her stablemate, Mary quick to put her hand out to Yvonne to get what turned out to be twenty dollars for the bet.

Taylor meanwhile had mascara running down her cheeks from her own crying, her cheeks were rosy but she held up her arms like she'd won a prize fight, her friends like Selena giving her a pat on the back to go along with praising her for putting Upton in her place as they saw it.

The photographers present all came together before showing the organiser the pictures they'd taken, a big smile on their face, as it turned out with good reason, the biggest selling card that year was the one of Taylor squeezing Kate's boobs and body at the end, so Kate could relive her defeat at any shop that sells the Christmas cards. 



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