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20 September 2019 Jorgie Porter vs Rhiannon Fish

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BBU "The Ashes 2019" PPV


Posted by Vassago on September 20, 2019, 11:19 am


(Kear's Kats vs Lioness Club)
(14-5, 13 KO vs 9-8, 6 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Despite an otherwise impressive record Jorgie Porter has actually lost both of her fights this season but actually beat out Kear's Kats stablemate Stephanie Davis for the undercard opener: "Yeah, fans want to see hot blondes like ME so it's no wonder I got the call!", the long-time Hollyoaks starlet giggles her way through the pre-fight interview, "I feel like I'm the most underrated girl out there.. grr... it's not my fault I didn't get a boobjob like Gemma Merna to bounce around the JMD division! But I've still got it so watch out!"

Underrated is one thing that can be said about Rhiannon Fish who currently resides in Canada and just can't seem to catch a proper break in the UK boxing scene which leads to speculations she can be replaced on the Lioness Club roster sooner rather than later. Jorgie Porter is a very tough out for someone who hasn't won since 2015 and the writing could well be on the wall if the dark-haired actress suffers another defeat tonight.

Jorgie Porter wears a red bikini set & white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. Rhiannon Fish wears a violet bikini set & golden gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Jorgie piles the early pressure but Rhiannon fights right back as both women engage in a rapid fire exchange in the center of the ring. The attacks are aimed upstairs and Jorgie barks in her efforts as she scythes the brunette across the lips before blasting a left hook on the jaw that spins Fish onto her heels. Ugh! The Aussie girl tries to respond immediately but bounces off the top of the blonde's forehead and eats a vicious uppercut on the chin one more time before Porter blows past downstairs and catches the younger girl off guard. Ugh! Rhiannon folds forward and soaks up more body assault as Jorgie bumps her onto the ropes and keeps digging until she has the other girl yelping in pain. Cue in more harpoons that bounce off Rhiannon's ribcage with a loud thump and that's as bad as it gets for the Aussie who gets clobbered into a standstill in the corner and is effectively saved by the bell there!

Round 2:
Blonde girl on the prowl! Jorgie delivers the buzzsaw attack and rips Rhiannon's midsection into a mush as the brunette just can't shake the lively opponent off! Jorgie's up for some revenge and keeps pumping her mitts on target while Fish struggles to find the overhand response and gets bounced around the ring before she runs out of room and ends up hugging the ropes with her backside! She lands a promising hook on the blonde's nose but Jorgie just maintains the high-octane assault until she has the brunette yelping again which only fuels those painful spasms. Rhiannon just can't escape the trap and bellows out into a desperate earmuff while Porter cleans out her tummy and is still angry at the bell since she couldn't split that high guard to inflict more damage!

Round 3:
Lioness coach Mel B. tries to prevent the looming disaster as Rhiannon is batting for a duck here after two overs... make that rounds of course. Meanwhile Jorgie literally runs across the ring to connect with more Aussie midsection before she clashes heads with the wobbling brunette and has to abandon her charge. Ugh! She steps back and tries to throw immediate response from mid-range but that's not gonna work as Fish steps up to the punch and hauls in a brutal one-two on the nose... Jorgie wobbles onto her heels and meets a quick hook on the brow ridge as the brunette rallies back with some mid-distance juice. She finds more flesh when she delivers a cross hooking route on the lips and outworks the older girl during a steady jabbing exchange. Porter takes her foot off the gas a little but can't dance her way around the brunette's recovery and soaks up more punishment upstairs as Fish barks with every punch that lands on the blonde's face. Jorgie's high guard collapses in the closing stages and she takes a couple of bad hits on the left brow ridge which annoy coach Gail Kim more than anyone else around Old Trafford!

Round 4:
Jorgie tries to find the slugging route but Rhiannon keeps her at bay in mid-range, a couple of quick hooks threaten to inflict instant damage on the swollen brow ridge and Porter thinks better off it before Rhiannon blasts a wicked cross on the jaw that sends the blonde reeling! Ugh! Jorgie almost stumbles down on her backside and suddenly finds the brunette plugging her mitts downstairs! Talk about a proper comeback here as Fish drives her shots into the blonde's belly button and shoves her onto the ropes where she digs deep into the exposed flesh and leaves Porter yelping in discomfort. Ugh! Jorgie just can't break free and soaks up a sustained body assault before Rhiannon digs the forearm against her chest and ravages the midsection to keep the Hollyoaks stunner screaming out. Ugh! Rhiannon blasts Jorgie's ribcage into visible swelling the the blonde slumps into spasms right at the bell which makes coach Gail Kim even more upset now!

Round 5:
Jorgie appears to be hurting downstairs after that brutal body assault in the fourth so Rhiannon pounces on the seemingly vulnerable opponent with more quick harpoons around her elbows. Porter bides her time in retreat mode and drops all the slugging ideas but Fish can't trap her along the ropes and spends the opening minute in a largely futile pursuit. She still keeps driving her shots as Jorgie groans out when she gets picked off but the bout descends into a wrestling contest along the ropes when the brunette crashes into her rival and both girls almost go down together. Porter lands a desperate series on the ribcage herself but can't quite shake the younger girl off so it's mind over matter boxing on display until Rhiannon whacks Jorgie on the nose and adds another quick hook on the solar plexus that finally SENDS THE BLONDE DOWN ON HER KNEES!!! Uh-oh!! That silences the Manchester audience but Jorgie tries to sell it as accidental even though she's puffing red all over her face! The count reaches six and the blonde is back on her feet but Fish wants to knock her out right here, right now! She flies in with the overhand blast but bounces off the top of Jorgie's shoulders and gets clobbered from the inside as the desperate Brit bangs in a series with her eyes closed. She tags the brunette's chin and both women just tear vicious leather as the bout enters the haymaker mode... Jorgie is shoved into the ropes but lands a triple on Rhiannon's nose and wobbles her backwards. She leaps in as the Aussie bends forward and SLAMS her on the jaw which sinks the brunette on soft knees! No way! Rhiannon is HURT and tails off while Jorgie rips a bloody lump over her left eye and hauls in additional hooks from point blank range... Rhiannon can't find the escape route and gets clobbered into stupor as her head snaps back repeatedly until Porter drops the bomb on the nose and WRENCHES THE TOURIST ONTO HER BUTT!!! Rhiannon goes down with a loud whimper and rolls onto her left side... Jorgie stumbles over to her corner as Fish can't stay off the boards and gets counted OUT!!! What drama here in the opener! KO5 Jorgie Porter!!!

AFTER: That's as vicious as it gets with Jorgie rallying back to knock the brunette out just when you thought Rhiannon had her right where she wanted! Ugh! That's a bitter pill to swallow as Tara Moss has to throw Rhiannon's back-up underwear into the Urn to kick off the festives! "We had this WON!!! C'mon, now! It's all Melanie's fault!", the towering model points at the Lioness stable coach but Mel claims she did everything to turn this contest around following a slow start for the tourist: "There's a reason why Rhiannon is fighting for her roster spot! Maybe it would have been better if Katie Price had stuck with Stephanie Davis instead? Hell, Jorgie is kinda underrated after all those years!", "Argh.. spare me the excuses!"

The heated conversation between Tara & Mel can't wipe the smile off Jorgie's face though as she enjoys a hug from Gail Kim before the verdict is announced. Meanwhile Rhiannon covers her face with a towel and stares down on the canvas probably pondering her immediate future. The Ashes pride is one thing but her roster spot is apparently under extreme pressure and this defeat did the Calgary-born actress no favors whatsoever. She truly had Porter on the verge of a famous victory but still dropped the ball to keep the blonde batswoman in play. 

Official Result: Jorgie Porter def. Rhiannon Fish KO5.
The Ashes: England 1 Australia 0.


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