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27 April 2020 Leah Perkins vs Elisha Herbert

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Posted by Caspian on April 27, 2020 at 3:32pm



(20, 5’3, 1:0 BBU, Free Agent)

(20, 5’6, BBU Debut, Free Agent)

A half hour later, the next pair of Aussie twins is set to face-off in the same ring. Leah steps into the arena looking furious after the bogus treatment of her sister, glaring towards both Elisha and Renee as they enter. 

Leah wears a red bikini and white gloves, gesturing rudely to Elisha and sister Renee in the corner for them to bring it on, if they can. Elisha nervously fits on blue gloves, looks stunning in her white bikini as she gets some last minute advice from her sister. In Leah’s corner, Mimi has recovered enough to offer her moral support her in the corner, though her face is still bruised and covered with bandages from the first match.

Referee doesn’t bother with getting both girls to meet in the middle of the ring, simply checking that both Leah and Elisha are ready to go before waving for the bell. HERE we go with ten rounds of Flyweight action!

Elisha tries to emulate her sister’s aggression and charges at the other Perkins sister, hoping to put the final obstacle down and take a clean sweep of this event. But while the first few jabs land clean on Leah’s midsection, Perkins quickly establishes her range and pecks at Elisha’s face with her own jabs from afar. Leah looks too focused to make the same mistakes as her sister Mimi, frustrating their opponents’ attempts at dominance. She jams her fist into Elisha's face whenever there's an opening, Herbert's guard a little too loose to stop Leah's fresh shots from landing. Round 1 and Leah looks like hot stuff indeed, taking it wide. 

Leah continues the abuse, wrecking Elisha's pretty face with lefts and rights to pepper the arms then right hands out of nowhere screaming in to rock the chin. Herbert gets the memo and starts staying away, part-afraid and part-reevaluation of her strategy. Elisha may be taller but she's clearly lacking the power to stand up to Perkins. Leah with a steady three minutes as she pushes Elisha back consistently with punches, only taking a couple flurries to the face from pockets of resistance that ultimately just piss Leah off. Another wide round goes to her as she folds Elisha over on the ropes with a one-two straight to the body. 

And HERE COMES ELISHA!! She's been taking some pointers from her sister as the taller girl rushes in and batters Leah to the face without warning, which sends Leah grunting as she covers up, and not without another wild exchange in the center of the ring as both women refuse to back down! Elisha rams a right hand into the mouth but Leah counters almost immediately with a hook across the face, followed by a fist drilled to the body, folding Elisha over with a grunt. Well, that attack didn't go so well, did it? Elisha on the receiving end as Leah chases after her with more jabs to the head, pestering the body, with Renee shouting madly in the corner for her sister to hold on… Leah rams another fist into the nose, which sends Elisha sprawled back into the ropes, where the Herbert twin is at least saved by the bell. On her way back to the corner, Leah draws the ire of Renee, gesturing rudely towards her, signaling that the sister will soon be next. 

Elisha appears to be hurt, a slow start out of the corner with heavy breaths, arms high but wavering over her face. Leah is still fresh by comparison, resumes her battering of the guard before socking her to the side of the head with a hook. Elisha in trouble, rotated down the ropes as her guard is barely holding together. She tries desperately to keep Leah at bay, sticking her own right hand forward, but Perkins takes the light chin shots well and STILL barrels in, ROCKS Elisha to the cheek and DOWN she Goes! The Herbert twin falls to her knees, looking utterly distraught! Ouch!! Elisha shocked on all fours, sputtering with her forehead glued to the canvas, her butt stuck upwards to the evening wind! Referee counts all the way out to 10 but Herbert ain't getting back up from that! It's all over!! 

Official Decision: Leah Perkins defeats Elisha Herbert via KO4! 

Revenge is a dish best served cold as Leah evens out the win for this tournament! Perkins with a sly smirk as she parades around her fallen adversary, both hands on her hips as she wonders how she's gonna pay the twin back for earlier. 

Before Leah can reach the fallen Elisha, however, she's intercepted by a renewed Renee Herbert! Leah's already crouched and ready for catfight round two, when her sister Mimi RUSHES to tackle her former opponent to the ground! Unfinished business for these two as they go rumbling about the floor, hands dug in each other's hair as they continue to exchange slaps and punches to the face. 

Meanwhile, in the ring, Leah's left in full control of Elisha, pulling the stunned twin up to her knees, swatting away fingernails raked on her tanned skin. Perkins grins as she backhands Herbert across the face, posing for the cameras with the brunette's cheek resting on her pulsing tummy, before her fun is ruined when she hears Mimi shriek by the apron, the other Perkins sister losing her own melee fight against Renee after the taller girl whips her into the side of the ring and then knocks her senseless with a knee lift into the chin. 

Leah about to climb down and put the next smackdown on Renee, when the officials finally manage to get in between the pair of sisters. We're two fights down and one final one to go! Both Leah and Renee are set to claim the prize for charity, but something tells us this war has become a whole lot more personal! 


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