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26 December 2019 Haruna Yabuki vs Samia Ghadie

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BBU Boxing Day PPV


Posted by Vassago on January 10, 2020 at 12:56am


Haruna Yabuki vs Samia Ghadie
(Front Street Japan vs Beever's Babes)
(4-3, 4 KO vs 33-41, 28 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's been almost four years since Haruna Yabuki last entered the ring but it's all about revenge tonight as Samia Ghadie knocked the stuffing out of Maria Ozawa back in March and that result simply didn't sit well with anyone at the Front Street Japan. The timing of this bout is actually excellent as Samia suffered a terrible beating at the hands of Louise Porter just last week and even Denise van Outen is shocked the Coronation Street babe was allowed to take part in the Boxing Day PPV. Samia's medical clearance probably needs to be revoked and her crowd-favorite status doesn't justify how on Earth is she up for the task yet the BBU officials are giving the fans what they want and everyone wants to see Samia in the ring - no matter if she turns up good, bad or ugly!

Haruna Yabuki wears a white bikini set & black gloves. Long black hair with bangs straight. Samia Ghadie wears a yellow bikini set & red gloves. Long light brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
One can't be sure whether Samia suffered more structural damage downstairs as the PageThrees allegedly used her as sex toy once Louise was done with her last Tuesday however Haruna simply doesn't show the Corrie babe one bit of respect and blasts into her face with a head of steam and begins to rattle the brunette from the opening bell. Samia's almost in zombie mode here and leaks punches on the fly before she lands a lucky hook on the nose that wobbles Yabuki off her charging stance. Samia barks in delight and suddenly flips a jabbing switch which bounces off the Asian's face and drops Haruna behind a shocking earmuff cover as Ghadie keeps piling more pressure until she lands a low blow into Yabuki's groin! How about that! Haruna scowls in pain and drops her arms alltogether while Samia gets away with that foul and lands more crips shots into her rival's face. Haruna is thumped back onto the ropes and struggles to respond while the seemingly rattled Brit cashes in with more facial assault and cuts the Asian up under the left eye! Uh-oh! Here comes Samia with a booming left hook on the eye and Yabuki sinks on jelly knees with the bell coming to her rescue at the last moment! Ayako Hamada is fuming in the FSJ corner but the crowd absolutely loves this!

Round 2:
Haruna gets up early for the second round and flies in with the head-hunting charge; Samia is almost too foolish to respond in similar fashion...but she does so buckle up for a vintage flyweight bash! Both girls drop the aerial bombs onto each other and it's only a matter who blinks first here! Samia begins to misfire after a while and gets dumped onto her heels when Haruna nails her on the lips which triggers a successful spell for the Asian vixen. She stacks up more punches into the Brit's face as Samia's guard collapses underneath the high-tempo assault. Haruna's footwork is still a little stiff and she doesn't carry enough core power to send Ghadie down for the count however she bullies her around the ring until the Corrie babe runs out of space and bellows out behind a tight earmuff. Haruna still splits her guard and rocks her head back & forth before a brutal gut shot sinks Ghadie into loud spasms at the bell.

Round 3:
Samia comes in hot for another head-hunting exchange but gets drilled on the lips with a vicious response and begins to leak the red liquid once Haruna goes all-in with her aerial blast. Samia can't match her intensity and tries for another low blow - how rude is that - alas Yabuki nails her on the chin and half-spins to the side. Samia tries to push off her heels but runs into a booming right hand instead which cripples her on the spot! Haruna settles in and bangs a looping double on each temple before drilling the exposed solar plexus with a true stinger. Uh-oh! Samia wobbles forward and tries to clinch the Asian foe but Haruna steps into a brutal uppercut that SMOKES the Brit on the chin AND SENDS HER CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACK!!! Ugh! Samia gets up at seven but looks very wobbly here and Haruna literally shoves the referee away and hauls in another vicious uppercut on the chin. Samia trips back onto the ropes amid more spasms but can't raise her arms fast enough and gets thumped out of her safety zone with Yabuki connecting with one nasty shot after another! She traps Ghadie in the corner and seemingly tries to destroy her with that haymaker blast; she doesn't find it upstairs but then lands one on the solar plexus and the ching Brit SLUMPS DOWN ON HER KNEES unable to take more punishment! The count is slow but it's still too fast for Samia who remains down on all fours when it reaches ten! KO3 Haruna Yabuki!!!

AFTER: Haruna gets her gloves removed and drags the stunned Samia by the hair to the center of the ring where she orders her to kiss her boots! Ugh! Samia knows this drill all too well so she doesn't argue her case but Haruna wants her to lick her stomach as well; she lifts her onto her knees (by the hair again) and Samia's tongue is all over her navel for a while before Haruna shoves her onto her back: "U filthy ####, wait for Maria to use her plastic toys on you back in the hotel! She'll make those Page Three sluts look like complete amateurs!". "Not this again, my ass still hurts!", Samia tries to plead her case after all but maybe she shouldn't have punched Yabuki in the crotch during the fight... "No mercy for you, cow! I hope your hair extensions won't fall off after...", yep, Haruna grabs a handful of Samia's locks and drags her off the ring much to the crowd's twisted delight however the Front Street Japan entourage still awaits the Sayuki Matsumoto vs Jessica Michibata showdown later on the card so tells Haruna "to keep the Ghadie bytch warm until we're done here".

Official Result: Haruna Yabuki def. Samia Ghadie KO3.


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