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26 December 2019 Monika Pietrasinska vs Anne Vyalitsina

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Posted by Vassago on December 26, 2019, 12:50 am



Monika Pietrasinska vs Anne Vyalitsina

(Poland vs Russian Federation)
(8-7, 8 KO vs 0-1)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Monika Pietrasinska's win over Natalia Vodianova drew ire from another Russian model, Anne Vyalitsina, and it's never a bad thing to ride the Eastern European beef in the boxing ring. Anne's experience is very limited indeed but she doesn't care one bit about it and vows to open her winning account by blasting the brunette to pieces while Monika claims "all Russians talk too much and Anne is actually a softer bimbo than Natalia". Ugh! Guess even a bottle of vodka won't make these two friends anytime soon and it's perhaps no wonder they don't touch gloves during the introductions either.

Monika Pietrasinska wears a red bikini set with black trim & white gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Anne wears a light blue bikini top, red panties & golden gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a high ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Both women engage in a quick jabbing test where Monika is able to land the better punches as she splits the blonde's mitts and knocks her head back forcing Anne into a deep cover. The Russian tries to swing back at the fellow model but meets a brutal overhand on the nose and wobbles onto her heels while Monika cashes in with more accurate jabs and drives the blonde onto the ropes come the second minute. Anne remains stuck in a hole and can't match the brunette's jabbing pace so she drops behind a desperate earmuff; Monika ignores it during the final stretch and gallops into the exposed ribcage which makes Anne yelp in pain at the bell.

Round 2:
Monika fires another jabbing series straight into Anne's face but becomes too chaotic upon the sudden opportunity to blow the reeling opponent away. She bounces off the desperate high guard and loses her focus while trying to knock the blonde's head off which leads into an extended clinch down the stretch. Anne struggles to land meaningful punches but she stymies the brunette's attacks until the ref finally breaks them apart. Monika isn't so successful in mid-range anymore but she avoids weak looping efforts from the Russian who doesn't kick into a higher gear for remainder of the round and gets picked off with more jabbing steam during the final minute. She drops back onto the ropes where she clinches the Polish girl to see out the clock.

Round 3:
More of the same in the third, Monika jumps into an early head-hunting pursuit but fails to land that big haymaker despite knocking the Russian around the ring. Anne responds with a looping drive that finally connects with each temple before blasting the Polish model on the boobs which triggers a hectic JMD-like dispute during the second minute. Pietrasinska leans forward and almost catches her rival with a stray head-butt but Vyalitsina nails her on the navel and dominates the action thereafter blasting more crisp shots into the exposed ribcage. Monika gets stuck on her heels and struggles to match the blonde's leather rush but still lands a nice cross hook on the nose right at the bell.

Round 4:
Both women jumps into a hectic back & forth exchange but Anne's midsection assault proves superior as she tags the liver area repeatedly and forces Pietrasinska into a hectic retreat. The Pole begins to lose her mojo while swinging upstairs and meets a nasty overhand on the nose that wobbles her onto the ropes and enables Anne to punish her up the middle. The Russian picks up the jug muggin' steam and blows into the brunette's solar plexus before a scything cross on the nose slumps her into spasms. Ugh! Monika tries to swing back while hugging the ropes but gets blastes on the mouth and wobbles forward into a vicious uppercut on the jaw. She slumps forward with a loud whimper but Vyalitsina misses on another uppercut put away and the bell comes to Monika's rescue.

Round 5:
Anne charges ahead with the jug muggin' blast and outworks the brunette upon impact while Monika tries to match the script only to eat a booming cross on the mouth again. She swings back but Anne gets there first and clobbers her on the nose sending the suddenly rocked Polish gal onto the ropes. Monika bounces off them but spins the wrong way and gets SMOKED by a vicious right hook on the jaw THAT SENDS HER CRASHING DOWN ON ALL FOURS!!! Anne leaps in the air in delight while Monika makes a desperate recovery attempt despite all the wobbly signs. She gets up at seven but looks shaky alright and finds no response when the blonde bulldozes into her face with more brutal jabs. Uh-oh! Anne goes all-in and rocks Monika's head back & forth clobbering her into a standstill along the turnbuckle. She truly wants to knock the brunette's head off and when Pietrasinska's mitts collapse along her waist it's time for the referee to do something about it! He jumps in and stops the fight before the Polish lass is knocked out of her senses! TKO5 Anne Vyalitsina!!!

AFTER: Monika is still dizzy when she's escorted to her corner while Anne mocks her in her native tongue. She pounds her chest and claims she's the best boxing product from Mother Russia but BBU TV's Denise van Outen thinks the blonde has a long way to go if she really wants to throw her hat into the elite ring: "Let's face it, these Russians have a bad press already and Anne is just another hot leggy chick with a mouth bigger than her boobs! Beating Monika Pietrasinska means nothing... well, maybe it means something but nowhere near enough to crown her ### just yet!"

Official Result: Anne Vyalitsina def. Monika Pietrasinska TKO5.


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