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28 June 2019 Danielle Robertson vs Natalie Jayne Roser

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BBU Battlelines 2019 PPV


Posted by Girls Friday on June 29, 2019, 1:49 am


(23, 5’11, 5:3 BBU, SIRENs)

(29, 5’11, BBU Debut, Free Agent)

“While I’m definitely happy for Diana for winning the championship, I’m also left wondering when it’s our turn at the golden straps,” Danni Robertson clearly meaning business at the press table, complaining earlier that it was unfair that the newest SIREN signee Jessica Clements got a shot at the Lightweight belt before she herself did. “All due to respect to Clements, but she deserved the title shot as much as I deserve to get knocked down in a fight.”

“Maybe if you fought a little more frequently and talked a little less, you’d get your little title shot, huh?” Natalie Roser responding with a wry smile from the other end of the table, relishing the sight of Robertson’s face turning a shade of pink.

“Look who’s talking. I’m not the one lacking any opportunities here. And you have every right to take a crack at me, Natalie. Though don’t say I didn’t warn you when I put you flat on your back tonight.”

Definitely some friendly-not-so-friendly Australian conflict brewing backstage as these two prolific girls prepare to throw down for ten rounds of Lightweight action. Danni certainly packing more muscle in her bigger frame, as she squares off with Roser at the middle of the stage, setting her blonde counterpart with a heavy stare. Roser only looking smaller thanks to Danni’s fitness-model physique, but make no mistake, the blonde is certainly capable of holding her own in a pound-to-pound face-off.

Girls don’t shake hands when the referee calls them to, merely flipping each other off with a twist of the hair to the side, before heading backstage for their final preparations. Later, in the ring, Danni looking stunning in her yellow sports bra, tightly fit and purposely too small to contain her assets, sporting a red thong-like bikini for her bottom. She’s bunching together black gloves as she awaits the bell. Roser going for classic red bikini top and bottom, also rocking some minimal clothing (for maximum flexibility of course), with her hair tied up into a neat bun as she does her final checks on her white gloves. With a wave of the referee’s hand, there goes the bell and HERE we go with some Lightweight action!

Natalie powers ahead once the bell rings, trying to teach her cocky rival a lesson in humility, and actually manages to land some early shots cleaninto Danni’s face, with the Aussie brunette still looking like she’s half-asleep, just standing there and taking the punishment from Roser! Danni grunting repeatedly as she circles and finally begins to jab back, but the blonde takes it on her arms and then dishes back at twice the speed, completely shutting out the Siren in a one-sided opener! The problem may be Danni having underestimated her opponent’s speed that Roser, though a big girl herself, seems to possess in spades. Not the best round that the Siren was expecting to have, as her rival toys with her for this opening three minutes.

Natalie continues to dominate the action by staying at an arm’s distance and just socking Robertson in the face before she can fully react. Not a good place or roadmap for Danni to be on, and she’s reminded (finally) by her own corner shouting at her from behind that she needs to keep her gloves up, especially if she wants to win this. Natalie still persevering and shooting in her punches, now switching targets to the brunette’s pristine body, but Danni manages to steal the round late when she counters suddenly with a slick belt to the middle of Natalie’s face, rocking her when she wasn’t looking, and turning Roser to the side based on just the force of that one punch alone. Roser looks dazed and powerless to stop Danni’s advance subsequently: more punches slamming into the blonde’s body and backwards as Robertson unleashes what she’s really capable of, thereby stealing the round from Roser by that last minute blitz to the body!

It looks like that might be Natalie’s weak spot as Danni once again goes on the hunt for tummy, shooting in more straights from afar and not shying away from digging leather into the blonde’s ribs whenever Natalie gets in too close for comfort. Natalie groaning louder and louder, has to adapt or die if she wants to go home tonight not in a wheelchair. Roser decides to exclusively target Danni’s open and vulnerable face, managing to rock her with a pair of hooks into either side in the middle minute, timing it such that it landed precisely as Robertson was taking another swipe at her abs. The exchange starts to work in Natalie’s favour overall, with the blonde doing more damage on aggregate to her rival, pulling the rug from under Danni Belle by the time the bell rings!

More back & forth slugging from either woman as neither wants to back down from a fight. Natalie scoring with one-two quick shots up into the nostrils, making Danni visibly wince, but the joke’s suddenly back on the blonde as Robertson retaliates almost immediately: an even stiffer shot slamming into the side of the face, sending Natalie careening to the side as she fields the worst of that exchange. Downhill for the Aussie blonde thereafter, as Dani rushes at her for the remainder of the round, landing invasive shots into her body that fold over in pain, before Robertson does what Robertson does best: hard swipes across the arms and into the ears, occasionally short snaps of punches landing straight on Natalie’s nostrils in wicked payback for earlier. Last few seconds and it looks like Robertson is aiming for a knockdown here, repeatedly bashing the blonde to the middle of her face, doesn’t score a knockout by the time the bell rings, but at least succeeds in busting the poor girl’s nose wide open and leaving her bleeding profusely from both nostrils come the final minute!

It’s not looking too good for Natalie Roser as she battles back tears and blood flow. The doctors patch her up best they can, but even they are powerless to do anything once the bell rings and Dani looking to undo all their hard work. Natalie doing her best to avoid more punishment to the face by slamming shots into her body and face repeatedly, but Danni smelling blood, quite literally, comes charging in towards her regardless, packing more shots into her torso up top into the chest and down low into the tummy, before a satisfying but nasty hook clips her hard on the jawline and sends Natalie FLYING off her feet! Roser landing hard on her chest with a THUD, and it’s a KNOCKDOWN scored for the Siren in the second minute of this round!

Natalie’s nose gets busted open once more, but kudos to her for still trying to rise back up and off of her chest, even as the blood comes flowing endlessly down her face, and dripping red onto the canvas. But Roser seems intent on getting back up onto her two feet, and she elicits a roar of support from the crowd when she manages to recover by the count of 9, but still visibly shaken as Dani gets into her own fighting stance and gets set to charge in again. But the doctor called in last minute to check on Natalie’s rapidly bruising face. He tries his best to stop the bleeding one more time, but suddenly is seen waving at the referee to stop this fight! The bruises must be life-threatening if that’s the case! The ref obliges and before anyone knows what’s going on, the bell’s ringing rapidly to stop this contest!

Official Decision: Danielle Robertson defeats Natalie Roser via TKO5!

What the hell?! Natalie herself looking mightily confused as she immediately tries to get in the referee’s face to protest the decision. But that nosebleed of hers not doing anything to support her case, and we too feel that the ref and doctor made the right call there to prevent a more serious injury from occurring.

Danni Robertson not giving a shit as long as she’s the one being declared the victor, already celebrating in her corner with a mount of the second turnbuckle and hands raised high to the crowds. She faced some trouble early on in the opening rounds, but managed to do enough to exert her own brand of power and win this thing. Perhaps one day she’ll be a genuine challenger to the Lightweight title.

But Roser already demanding to reporters by ringside for a rematch one day, and Danni, perhaps overhearing the blonde’s protests, points and gestures rudely at the fellow Australian to bring it on any time, any place.


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