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24 February 2021 Alessandra Ambrosio vs Yvonne Strahovski

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Posted by Girls Friday on February 24, 2021, 3:52 pm



Tale of the Tape:
Alessandra Ambrosio:
Age: 39
Height: 5'9 ½
45-19 (45KOs)
Former BBU lightweight champion.
Former FCBA lightweight champion.
Yvonne Strahovski:
Age: 38
Height: 5'8
71-36 (57KOs)
Former five time FCBA lightweight champion.

(Girls Friday vs Lookout!

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Getting closer for the retirement of Alessandra Ambrosio, now she is getting a chance to settle a score with Yvonne Strahovski, who is wanting to give Alessandra a beating on the way out of the door into the retirement home.

In 2018 they first fought on the beach in a body paint bout that Yvonne won by knockout in the seventh round, a month later Alessandra would get revenge with a tenth round knockout, but heading into this fight it is Yvonne on top of the feud with an eighth round knockout in Alessandra's back yard of Rio De Janeiro.

So there is plenty on the line for Alessandra, she sits in the BBU TV studio talking to Denise Van Outen about this fight and her future, Alessandra looks tense as she sits wearing a white dress with black heels.

"If you know celebrity boxing over the past few years; you know I hate Yvonne's guts, she is an arrogant cow that has treated me with no respect, I get a chance to remind her that she isn't in my class really" says a serious Alessandra, Denise nodding along.

Denise then asks what makes her so sure she can beat Yvonne, Alessandra smiles as she raises her right fist, telling the interviewer "this has bailed me out of trouble plenty of times, I can out box her and simply I am going to be more focus then I have in a long time, this is like a title fight for me, to knock her out and stand over her will be one of the highlights of my career" Denise smiles at that statement.

The final question is with two months to go till she retires, can she announce who her last BBU fight will be against if it isn't Yvonne, the model laughs as she answers "I know people will say Yvonne would be a perfect big money last bout to say bye to the BBU fans, but I can't say who my last opponent will be yet, I am hoping I can after I batter Yvonne, depends if I am still standing by the end of the night" winking before she stands up and heads off the set.

When Yvonne is on the set wearing a dark green dress with matching heels, she shakes hands with Denise as it looks a little tense, Yvonne joking "oh I know, I am the evil FCBA fighter coming to your backyard right, don't worry Denise it will be painless for you, not Alessandra" grinning as they sit down.

When asked why she came to Britain to fight Alessandra, the beautiful Aussie actress replied "I would fight Alessandra around the world to teach her where she stands compared to me, she has been like a thorn in my foot; an annoyance" staring hard ahead as she thinks about Ambrosio.

She continues "now that she is retiring, running from fighting me, you know as well as I do she is scared of me but she won't admit it, I want to prove to your fans and to the world that Alessandra is so full of it, my foot on her chest as she is out cold should be the last sight people have of her before she leaves the sport" Denise looks like she wants to say something about this, she keeps quiet to stay professional.

Standing up Yvonne tells Denise "you never know, I might be back here to beat up your supposed BBU stars, give me a call Denise if you ever want the challenge of a lifetime" smirking as she sees Denise's cheeks turn red, strutting off as Van Outen has to try to keep her temper in control as she announces the next section to the show.

Fight night; out first comes Alessandra with her coach Gisele Bundchen along with cut woman Eva Carneiro, she looks all business tonight as she walks down the aisle, tapping her black gloves all the way as she looks to be thinking of using them already.

Climbing into the ring to a loud cheers, Alessandra is wearing a black sports bra with a gold "AA" badge on the left bra cup, black shoes with gold trim, black trunks with gold stripes, while her hair is tied into a ponytail as she jogs to her corner.

Out comes Yvonne followed by coach Nicole Kidman, she looks the much more relaxed of the two, jogging down the aisle as her supporters are in full voice tonight amongst a few boos for the FCBA icon as she makes her third trip into a BBU ring.

The Aussie titan is wearing a white sports bra with green trim, matching trunks and shoes, green gloves with gold thumbs, her hair is tied into a braid as she stares across the ring at her opponent with a cocky grin on her beautiful face.

The referee brings the fighters together, nose to nose they go as the trash talk begins, Alessandra telling Yvonne that she is going to sent her to the hospital, Yvonne vowing to end Ambrosio's career tonight.

Neither touches the others gloves when prompted, more keen to return to their corners, nodding that they are ready to the referee so that the bell can be rung to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell both step in close to go at it early, letting a little steam off out the gates as they work away to the others bodies, just missing with uppercuts as they both can see them coming quite clearly.

It's Alessandra who turns up the heat with a little budge with her left shoulder, landing a right cross up top that makes Yvonne retreat, Alessandra keeping on her with a good double jab through the mitts of the Aussie icon to her face.

As Alessandra tries to press back Strahovski, the former FCBA champion drills in a right to her left brow, a left cross follows that turns the Brazilians head as both already look evenly matched in these exchanges.

One gets firmly on top before their momentum is stopped by a hard shot into their beautiful faces, the crowd roaring both on as all the fighters seems to care about at the moment is being the one to drive their opponent backwards.

Final twenty seconds comes, Alessandra steps out the way of a left cross at the center of the ring, she slams in a straight into the nose of the blonde, who covers up as Alessandra goes on the attack with a mixture of punches, that at the bell might have just swayed the round to the Girls Friday fighter.

Round 2:
After being told to use her fundamentals, Yvonne looks her usual self again as she relies on her piston like jab, Alessandra maybe expecting another firefight comes out a little too open as she gets smacked into her face too easily.

A one-two combo pushes Alessandra back behind her guard at the outside of the ring, Yvonne fighting economically as she doesn't waste her punches, hitting where she sees gaps as she looks much more composed after her talking to off Nicole.

When Alessandra is near the ropes, that Latin fire shows itself as Alessandra comes out swinging, Yvonne now the one caught off guard as a left cross slams around her gloves to her cheek, a straight lands into her face as Alessandra motors forwards.

Things get a little more hectic now that Strahovski is being forced into more exchanges, the crowd roaring them on again as Alessandra lands some good crisp punches to the face of her rival, starting to push her back late in the round.

Which ends soon enough with Alessandra nodding to Gisele as she knows she needed to do better there, Yvonne getting a little more praise from Nicole, still knows she needs to be on top form if she is to beat her rival.

Round 3:
Keeping on the move as she looks to show off her boxing prowess, Yvonne is starting to dictate the action as Alessandra can't seem to find a way around that jab at the moment, the Lookout fighter is reading her movements.

Needing to move in closer, Alessandra takes a few punches that clip her cheeks to be able to rifle in her own to the body of her opponent, ducking under a left cross as she adds in an uppercut to the toned abs of Strahovski to make her grit her gumshield.

As Ambrosio starts to get her rival near the ropes, she gets a push on her right shoulder that disrupts her rhythm, Yvonne strikes in an uppercut of her own that knocks back the model, who finds herself being driven back across the ring.

Going more defensive as she is under assault, Alessandra can only land single punches out her guard, not looking great on the back foot as this has always been her worse spot to be in, Yvonne swinging in more hooks as she looks more relaxed now.

The round ends with another strong round for the visiting fighter, Yvonne getting a few boos as she doesn't bat an eye to them, instead it's Alessandra looking the more flustered as she is desperate it seems not to go further behind in this rivalry before the gloves are hung up.

Round 4:
Giselle gave Alessandra a stern telling off between rounds, which makes Alessandra look more focused as she comes back out, not as trigger happy as both women box around the ring in a polar opposite to how the fight started.

Not to say Alessandra isn't trying to land in some meaty punches, just missing in the opening minute as Yvonne continues to show her supreme class by reading her, seeing every twitch from the muscles of her bitter enemy.

Imagine her surprise then when a right hook turns out to be a feint as Alessandra instead leans out the way of a counter straight, banging in a left to the chest of the blonde, then landing a right hook to the side of her ribs to make Yvonne grunt out.

The tables turning now as Alessandra is in closer, forcing the issue with her left pumping into the chest of Yvonne, who looks upset as she throws a wild right hook that Ambrosio easily leans out the way off, pounding a straight into the beautiful face of Strahovski to knock some sweat flying.

Soon the round comes to a close with Yvonne mumbling to herself as she knows she got hustled there by Alessandra, who sits on her stool smiling as she sees how she got to Yvonne there.

Round 5:
Back out they both come throwing more combos, feet planting more as they are definitely trying to hurt their opponent, cheeks starting to redden up as they bark in effort, sweat making their impressive bodies glisten.

Leaning out the way of a right cross by Strahovski, Ambrosio lands an uppercut that lifts up Yvonne's head, A LEFT HOOK THEN CRACKS THE BLONDE TO THE SIDE OF HER HEAD, DOWN GOES YVONNE TO HER LEFT SIDE!

The crowd are on their feet cheering as Alessandra raises her hands in the air with a cheeky grin, 1...2...3.. Yvonne shakes her head as she turns to her front, 4...5....6.. Pushing to all fours as she stares at Alessandra with a deadly look, 7...8.. Pushing her way to her feet, fists raised as she nods she wants to keep going, referee wipes her gloves before waving them back at each other.

Going for the kill, Alessandra just misses with some big hooks as Yvonne gets her head out the way, instead Yvonne boxes off the back foot as it looks like she wasn't that badly hurt as first thought.

With less then a minute to go Alessandra notices this, not rushing now as she throws more jabs again, Gisele looking upset as she felt that Alessandra should have been doing that before now.

The round ends with Alessandra scoring big but yet it feels a wasted chance, Alessandra admitting she let the occasion get to her, Yvonne across the ring getting water poured over her head to fully wake her up if any cobwebs linger.

Round 6:
Starting off on the front foot, Alessandra is looking to make sure that knockdown wasn't just for show, doubling up her jab as Yvonne gives up real estate early on, moving around the ropes as Alessandra stalks her.

Stepping in with a left hook, it seems like Alessandra has fell into Yvonne's trap, getting clocked to the side of her head by an overhand right after the blonde ducks her punch, a left smacks into her abs as Yvonne shows she isn't just going to retreat all night now.

Coming back at the model, Strahovski is landing more crisp punches through her guard, busting the bottom lip of Ambrosio with a right cross, Alessandra getting riled up by that as she comes swinging back.

At the half way point of the round it becomes a firefight, feet planted as they swing in punches that miss as much as land, till Yvonne lands a double jab on that lip, then a right cross to the jaw of her opponent to turn her head.

After being on the ropes early on, Yvonne now presses back Alessandra onto them, forcing Ambrosio to clinch up when Yvonne lands several pinpoint punches to the solar plexus, both women don't say a word but the way they are trying to push the other back in the clinch shows how much they wanna be the better woman.

Broken apart by the ref, the final moments sees Alessandra come back at Yvonne as they grind heads while banging away to the body, at the bell they push apart with a nasty scowl on their faces, referee needing to order them twice back to their corners.

Round 7:
While they both have lost a little spring in their step, Yvonne looks to be growing stronger into the fight after being put down, landing in more punches just above the abs of Alessandra to drive more air out her body.

Alessandra comes swinging in with two cross punches that just miss their target, allowing Yvonne to strike with a straight onto the bloody lips of the model to make her hiss out, a clubbing left hook then lands on the ear of Ambrosio to knock her to the side a step.

The heat is rising on Alessandra as Yvonne is beating her to the punch, over half the round done as Yvonne deflects a right aside to land a right square into the liver of her rival, WHO GRUNTS OUT BEFORE A HARDER RIGHT LANDS IN THE SAME SPOT! ALESSANDRA DROPS TO HER KNEES AS SHE HOLDS HER BODY!

Yvonne stares hatefully down at Alessandra before marching to the neutral corner, 1...2...3... Alessandra tries to push to her right knee, 4...5.. She whines before going back down to kneeling, her body hurting too much it seems, 6...7...8.. Shaking her head after she spits her gumshield out, 9...10 She is counted out!

Winner Yvonne Strahovski KO Round 7

That settles this rivalry as Yvonne cements her dominance over Alessandra, she heads over to Alessandra to lift her head up with her right glove under her chin, a look of pure hate on both women's face, Yvonne tells her "just give it up, you were never in my league, so just drop the gloves and walk away" Alessandra shaking her head as she won't give Yvonne the satisfaction.

Out from the back surprisingly comes Alessandra's stable mate Kelly Gale, she gives Yvonne a little push to get away from Ambrosio, with Yvonne looking ready to strike judging how her fists are clenched.

Instead thinking better then to fight someone without gloves and whose fresh, Yvonne instead warns the young woman "don't stick your nose in my business unless you have gloves on" with Kelly nodding as she doesn't look intimidated by the icon.

Yvonne returns to her corner as Gisele with Kelly has to help Alessandra to her corner, the crowd a little disappointed they didn't get a fight between Yvonne and Kelly now, never know for the future though.

For now things calm down somewhat as the fighters get cleaned up, Alessandra looks a little puzzled why Kelly come out, especially as Kelly is giving her a funny look like she wants to hit her.

"Got something on your mind Kelly?" Asks Alessandra as Gisele seems to notice something is up, she stands back as Alessandra stands up and cameras focus on a face off between Kelly and Alessandra, the two stablemates staring hard into each others eyes.

"Look I respect you and you have taught me so much Alessandra, but you have your last fight in the BBU next month right? Fight me" says Kelly as Gisele and Eva look shocked, Alessandra though doesn't as she stays with a serious look.

"Oh I have knowing you wanted this, to show you are not in my shadow, I accept" says Alessandra as she offers her right hand to Kelly, which is promptly accepted by her younger stablemate to cheers from the crowd.

But Alessandra pulls Kelly so they are nose to nose, Gisele getting close in case it kicks off, Alessandra adds "we fight I am not simply going down to make you look good, you bring your best Kelly and I will bring mine" Kelly agrees before they release each others hand and Kelly leaves the ring looking happy she got her match.

Gisele asks how wise it is to fight Kelly, Alessandra replies "we need to settle our differences, I know she is sick of being seen as my shadow, I just hope she accepts if I knock her out" Eva looking worried as she looks at both.

Meanwhile Yvonne looks intrigued as she watches across the ring, telling Nicole "maybe I judged Kelly a little too soon, I mean I will knock her out if she tries that again, hope I get a ringside seat for that fight" laughing with Nicole as they always enjoy a Girls Friday drama.

Over to the ring center comes both women, still glaring at their rival as even though this is likely their last boxing match, the hate doesn't seem like it will ever die between them, Yvonne getting her hand raised not helping the mood of Alessandra.

Who leaves the ring, maybe even more motivated to knock out her own stablemate in less then a month so her last memory in the BBU isn't of a defeat, Kelly is highly motivated herself to prove she is more then just a replacement for Alessandra.

Yvonne gets more cheers now as she poses with her arms flexed for the cameras, Nicole telling them "this is the best lightweight in the world, bar none" both smiling before they leave the ring.

The FCBA will be where Yvonne goes back to for now, but with the Crossover event coming sooner then later, could we see Strahovski back in a BBU ring before we know it, plenty of BBU fighters will wanna knock her out for their legacy.



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