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6 February 2021 Emily DiDonato vs Georgia Mae Gibbs

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Posted by Fates on February 6, 2021 at 11:03 pm



Celebrity Boxing After Dark - Emily DiDonato vs. Georgia Mae Gibbs

Results: Lookout
Words: Fates

Georgia Mae Gibbs: 25 years old, 5’10”, 22-13 since 2017, Free Agent
Emily DiDonato: 29 years old, 5’10”, 29-11 since 2017, Fates Boxing


Celebrity Boxing After Dark sees two models looking for their first win of the year. DiDonato sat out the January PPV, but don’t think that’s because she’s a slacker – she fought three times in December, downing Kendall Jenner and then taking down Missy Peregrym two days later, then ending the month by taking down Gal Gadot. Meanwhile, Gibbs lost to Kendall Jenner at the January PPV, but the bigger loss was being released by VIXENs after being with the stable since 2018. She may not have a stable now, but a win against one of the top lightweights in DiDonato would catapult her forwards, and she knows it.

“Hey, Emily’s a great fighter. But tonight, I’m going to make a statement.” Gibbs enthusiastically says, “Tonight, I’m telling every stable to come get me.”

DiDonato merely smiles when asked about Gibbs, and replies with a simple, “I’m looking forward to stepping in the ring with her.”

There isn’t a formal introduction of the fighters, but the crowd knows who they are as they make their entrances. Emily getting plenty of “DiDo!” chants as she makes her way to the ring, dropping her robe to reveal a tight-fitting purple bikini set with matching gloves. Moments later, Georgia enters the arena, the blonde model electing for a black bikini set with white gloves. Both girls have their hair up in a bun for the fight and seem eager to get the fight underway as they touch gloves and the bell rings.

Round 1:

Both 5’10” beauties emerge from their respective corners and waste no time in going after each other, trading jabs from range as they are engaged in a battle for model supremacy, not to mention that Gibbs is looking for a statement win that could get her signed, and taking down DiDonato would certainly help with that. Georgia bobs to her right to avoid a left from Emily and drills the brunette back with a left of her own before following up with a right body shot that makes Em grunt. Gibbs keeps on working DiDo’s body, just driving the rights and lefts into the Fates girl’s trunk and working her around the ring. DiDonato plants her feet and drives a right into Gibbs’ upper torso, halting her momentum. Emily drives a follow-up left into her chest as the blonde protects her face, but Gibbs fires off a lightning fast right jab that catches Emily in her mouth as the bell rings. Georgia Mae Gibbs may not have a stable any longer, but at least she’s taking rounds off of one of the best girls in the FCBA.

Round 2:

Gibbs starts shifting to her right, expecting the circling to continue, but DiDonato doesn’t play ball and goes right after the blonde. Georgia blocks the first strike from Emily, a right jab that smacks into the blonde’s gloves, and retaliates with a left that gets Emily in her chest. The brunette takes a step back and now starts circling with the blonde. Both models being cautious as they circle each other, each carefully jabbing at the other, but to no avail until DiDonato catches Gibbs off guard by changing her rhythm and hammering the blonde right in the chin. Gibbs retreats as DiDo tags her again with a jab and knocks the blonde into the ropes. Emily getting into a rhythm as she pounds her gloves over Georgia’s ribs and chest as Gibbs covers up. The brunette model is taking it to the blonde as Gibbs clinches with DiDonato, forcing a break. The two girls go back to circling after the break and until the bell, and Emily evens things up after two rounds.

Round 3:

Neither model is showing any signs of backing off as the two tall girls go at each other again and Georgia absolutely clobbers Emily with a right to her chin and the brunette is wobbly! DiDonato has to find her legs underneath her as she covers her head and Gibbs goes for Emily’s body, hitting a solid right into her midriff and a left into her jugs, making the brunette squirm as she gets hammered backwards. DiDonato strikes Gibbs back with a pair of quick jabs but the blonde stops that with a big right to Emily’s solar plexus and the brunette has no choice but to wrap her arms around the blonde. The referee steps in to force a break, and once the action resumes, the two girls circle each other. DiDonato keeps Gibbs at bay for the most part thanks to some well placed jabs until Gibbs ducks in close and connects with an uppercut to Em’s jugs, drawing a gasp of pain from the American and the bell saves the Fates girl from further damage. Georgia Mae Gibbs is putting on a show for potential stables as she wins a second round off of Emily.

Round 4:

Gibbs and DiDonato start the fourth round by circling each other, finally showing some signs of slowing the pace down as they prod each other’s guard. DiDonato is the more aggressive one early, throwing more jabs than her opponent and splitting Gibbs’ guard twice to land punches through to her nose, but nothing results from the blows. Georgia steps forward and digs a right into Emily’s left ribs before driving a left into her chest, knocking the brunette model backwards as the two finally break their circling pattern. DiDonato plants her feet, throws two strikes at Gibbs, then shifts again, not hanging in any one place for too long. Gibbs keeping her guard up and diligently going after DiDo, not overextending and just taking the body shots when she sees them, but Emily isn’t giving away hits for free. The Fates girl trades back whenever the free agent hits her, and by the time the bell rings, both girls have hit the other plenty of blows onto the other.

Round 5:

The two models start the fifth round by circling each other again, and they get into their rhythms early. Georgia looking to push the tempo while Emily is more than content to play the long game, and the blonde turns up the tempo on the jabs, shooting them out at the brunette with vigor. DiDonato covers up to weather the storm but Gibbs splits her gloves with a right to Emily’s chin and the brunette stumbles backwards slightly. Georgia pounces, driving two rights into Emily’s chin and GEORGIA’S HEAD SNAPS BACKWARDS! Emily crushes a left right below Georgia’s left eye that stops the blonde in her tracks and Georgia has a blank look on her face for a second and that’s all Emily needs to drive an uppercut into Georgia’s chin. Gibbs’ legs wobble and she wraps up DiDo before the brunette can capitalize. The bell rings as the two are being separated, and they go their separate ways. DiDonato shows off her power late and takes the round on points, close.

Round 6:

Emily charges out of her corner to start the back half of the fight, going straight for Georgia while the blonde still has a wince plastered onto her face. Gibbs protects her head and DiDonato instantly sinks two blows into her solar plexus, making the blonde groan in agony. Georgia throws a wild right that barely clips Emily but it’s not enough to faze the Fates girl and DiDonato responds with a crushing right hook into Gibbs’ jaw and down goes the blonde girl in a heap! Georgia is moving about weakly on the canvas. One. Two. Three. Georgia picks her head up and looks at the referee, then at Emily, before her head drops back down to the canvas. Emily raises her arms in triumph as she already thinks that Georgia is done for. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Gibbs weakly shakes her head and reaches out for the ropes, but is nowhere near them. Georgia’s arm falls back to the canvas and the referee counts out “ten” and this match is over! Your winner by KO6, Emily DiDonato!


Emily raises her arms in triumph as she parades around the ring, not even paying attention to the battered Georgia as the blonde spits her gumshield out and rolls onto her back. DiDonato waves to the crowd, posing for photos as she takes her time before returning her attention to Gibbs. Georgia looks up with a look of fear as the brunette leans over – and extends her hand. Gibbs’ jaw drops but she offers her hand back and DiDonato pulls her up and wraps her up with a hug, Georgia wraps her arms around Emily before the brunette takes her rival’s right hand and raises it, drawing cheers from the crowd. Gibbs smiles and hugs Emily again before the two girls go their separate ways.

“Georgia needs a stable,” Emily gets straight to the point, “She’s got what it takes, even if she lost tonight. But to all the stables out there, they should be giving Georgia a look over.”

Gibbs looks a bit dejected by the loss, but she’s keeping her head up and looking forward. “Emily’s made a name for herself, so there was no question that tonight was going to be tough.” Georgia lets out a sigh, “Losing sucks. But I will return to my winning ways. And I will find a stable.” 



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