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16 January 2021 Title Ch Alexis Ren vs Elizabeth Gillies

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Posted by caspian2 on Jan 16, 2021 at 12:26pm


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

5. Alexis Ren vs Elizabeth Gillies (I/Mistress of the Body Saddle)


(23, 5’8, 44:10 FCBA, VIXENs)

(27, 5’7, 7:9 FCBA, Kear’s Kats)

Tonight’s main event is the first match in a three-part Body Saddle series of matches, with current Mistress of the Victoria Secret Body Saddle Alexis Ren set to defend her throne against Elizabeth Gillies. Gillies eager to make a name for herself in this body saddle saga, but first, she’ll have to beat Ren two matches out of three, the Vixen of course famously winning the coveted reins when she dethroned Adriana Lima a year ago.

“Hmph. Gillies is just trying her luck. She can’t make in the real ring so here she is, trying her hands at a gimmick. I may have lost the Lightweight belt to Hill a few months ago, but at least they’ll announce my name as ‘Former Champ’. What else are they gonna call Liz besides being a loser? Trust me - I ain’t giving up my last accolade,” Ren says curtly to reporters from backstage.

The Vixen’s seen on camera gearing up: donning a quite-daring white lingerie set: sparkling pearl bra and panties frolicked with lace and loops as she straps on a pair of red gloves. A few rooms away, Liz is also putting on the final touches of her in-ring performance of a lifetime. The brunette sits cosily on the wooden bench, her team members tightening blue leather gloves over each of her fists.

“It’s an opportunity to steal the spotlight from that loudmouth,” Liz says with a curt nod. “Ren’s dangerous as she is crazy, so I’m gonna play it cautious tonight. But once I sense an opening, I’ll knock her lights out. Then, I’ll ride her like there’s no tomorrow.”

Ring officials signal that it’s time to head to the ring, so Liz heads for the door in a sultry black sports bra, red cut-off gym shorts as she nods to her team to begin the march into the arena.

In the stadium, we’re still seeing a packed crowd for this final bout of the evening. VIX events have always, purposefully, traditionally been designed as small in capacity in order to maximise our viewage and that personal connection to the fighters our fans enjoy. The crowd’s about 300 strong but cheering madly as Liz enters first, arms up in the air as she waltzes down to the ring. Ren’s entrance is straight and to the point, the champion looking surprisingly tame as she walks down the aisle without so much as a wave to her army of fans.

Referee calls this title contest to order, holding up that lovely (or dreaded) Victoria Secret saddle between both women, gesturing for them to acknowledge the consequences of losing tonight: one girl will ride the other by the end of ten rounds, and after another win, she’ll be crowned the Mistress of the Body Saddle.

Girls back in corners. Gloves raised. There goes the DING of the bell, and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Lightweight action! This here’s match one-out-of-three for the title of Mistress of the Victoria’s Secret Body Saddle!

Ren needs to be cautious about Liz’s bulkier stature, but the Vixen ain’t giving two shits about the discrepancy this early, dashing at the brunette at the sound of the bell and taking the fight directly to her. Plenty of showcase punches here in the first minute as Ren hopes to prove a point that she’s still championship material - she socks Elizabeth to the face with clean, crisp jabs that Gillies has trouble intercepting with her slower movements. Ren exploiting, dancing left and right, easily avoiding any incoming counterattacks from Elizabeth throughout. But towards the end of the round, a brazen hook from Gillies shows off her power as she drives it in silly into Alexis’ guard, almost throwing the Vixen back a couple of paces from that one punch alone. But the bell rings soon after, denying Liz a chance of any counterattack. Ren takes the opening salvo wide as a result.

Not so in the second! Gillies pays her foe back early with a hook slammed into the side of the head, another low one intercepting blonde tummy as Ren initially decided to rush in at the bell, instead found a resurgent opponent, with Gillies fighting back with a vengeance! Elizabeth’s targeted swings are doing the trick here, bashing Ren across her arms or smack into the body, of course seeking the chin, but to be honest, ANY contact made by Gillies is throwing the Vixen off her paces, Ren simply not equipped to deal with someone who has this much power. But it’s also the former champ’s stubbornness that has gotten her into this situation: the Vixen lets out another strangled shout as an overhand right catches her hard on the forehead, swerving her upper torso dangerously off towards the ropes. Liz dominates this round, that’s for sure!

Finally, some adaptation from Ren as she skirts the perimeter of the canvas instead, avoiding most of Gillies’ attacks with some quick footwork and early detection. Gillies is coming in hot as usual, hoping to capitalise on the blonde’s weakness with more lunges to her head or body, but they’re either missing or hitting the air with Ren keeping her center of gravity low, arms locked to her chest and feet moving constantly. Second half sees the Vixen earn her revenge, knocking Liz’s head back with well-placed straight hands delivered stiff to her nostrils. But there’s not much else action this round as both competitors get used to each other’s tactics.

Gillies however stubbornly rushing in at Ren at every opportunity, first plowing a right hand into Ren’s gut and then dictating terms for the rest of the round. Ren gurgling, barely has time to cover as another hook barely catches her on raised forearms. Gillies staying on top of the blonde, alternating swings sent high to the side of the head or down low and thumping to the lean body, threatening to bust Alexis right open. The lanky Vixen’s n trouble for the second time in this match, her back scrapping the ropes in desperation as she tries to cover up her frame at multiple areas at once, instead gets rocked repeatedly with hooks across the face or tummy. Gillies huffing with satisfaction as the ref pulls her off at the bell, raising a hand to the crowd as she locks another round firmly in the bag.

Ren, for all her tough talk, continues to get smacked around in there, the former Lightweight champ starting 2021 off on the wrong foot as she ambles about looking for a miracle, but not finding one so easily. It’s as though she’s stuck in the mud throughout this entire fight, allowing Gillies to wade in close and have her way with her. Liz gladly mopping up, seeking a third round of dominance as her powerful swings batter and brush the blonde’s body or sent knocking into her head, Ren groaning and shouting out in pain as she continues to get manhandled in there. Lots on the line indeed as no one wants to lose both her linear title and this proud seat of accomplishment in close succession. Gillies, however, giving the blonde no quarter, buries another one-two helpings of leather into the tummy, which fold Ren over with a loud grunt, before a sudden swing outta nowhere catches her clean on the chin - AND DOWN REN GOES!! She never stood a chance this round as she completes her death spiral down on the spot, her mouthguard shot clean from her lips along with a spray of speckled spit - the Mistress of the Body Saddle gets her ass handed to her as she lies there FLAT on her face, unmoving for the rest of the 10-count! Good looord!! It’s OVER in KO5 fashion for Elizabeth Gillies!!

Official Decision: Elizabeth Gillies defeats Alexis Ren via KO5!


VIX corner in uproar as their crowning match gets disrupted by the challenger tonight! Gillies herself looks slightly surprised at the ease of this win, before the spell is broken and she raises her hands high to acknowledge the ROAR of the crowd. Meanwhile, Ren’s cheek remains GLUED to the canvas, her eyelids fluttering, lips drawing sputtered breaths as she barely makes any movements to recover!

Looks like someone’s had one helluva of a holiday, didn’t she? Ren groans as Gillies strides over with glee, both legs mounting her back without any warning, whilst gesturing to the ring official to haul in the calvary! Dishevelled blonde ponytail is an easy bridle for Liz to curl her fingers around, before violently TUGGING back hard in order to haul the Vixen’s head off the canvas in a strangled cry.

Gillies hungrily straps the leather cufflinks around Ren’s back, reaching around her bruised tummy to secure the device in place. Ren’s shell-shocked the entire way, more concerned about the pain coursing through her scalp then any pain squeezed out of her bruised body. Gillies enjoying every minute of this opening salvo as she SLAPS the Vixen’s exposed butt-cheeks to get her crawling forward. Utter humiliation captured on the big LCD screens as Ren has little choice but to comply at first, shrieking and almost in tears as she’s forced around the ring like a wild animal forced into submission. Finally, halfway around the ring, the former champ seems to have had enough, falling back down to her chest and refusing to move further despite repeated taunts and slaps from Gillies above.

Liz steals the show tonight indeed, parading around her broken foe in an upset of the year (thus far), later promising the TV crews she’ll pull off the same feat another two times in order to be crowned the new Mistress of the Body Saddle!

On that note, we’re gonna wrap it up here for VIX @ City of Angels Boxing Gym. A special thanks again to Beever’s Babes, Medallion and Lookout! for allowing their girls to participate. See you next month! 



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