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17 January 2019 Melissa Suffield vs Stephanie Davis

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BBU: "Bad Girls Collide"


Posted by EastEnd Writer on January 17, 2019, 12:38 am


Marti Mauler's vs Kear's Kats

Venue:Emirates Stadium,London.

These self-proclaimed bad girls were destined one day to meet and today's the day.

The promoters loved fuelling the fires of this feud,free publicity doesn't half help get bums on seats.

And thus the Emirates stadium was bulging at the seams,unlike Wenger's final season of protests and empty chairs.

Melissa misdemeanours ultimately led to her firing from the London soap in 2010,a series of provocative social media snaps proving the final straw for BBC bosses.

As for Stephanie her departure befitted any soap script she was given her marching orders,after turning up late on set due to heavy nights of drinking and partying.

For the former she was downgraded to bit-part TV roles and theatre work.

Fortunately for the latter her infamous Celebrity Big Brother stint in 2016,kept her public profile high albeit for negative reasons.

She attested to the adage no publicity is bad publicity,and so when Hollyoaks boss Bryan Kirkwood offered the Merseysider a shock return to the soap she accepted with open arms.

Pre-fight press conference:

Melissa sneering at her rival,the blonde bombshell revealing her sexy curves,in a tight-fitting scarlet top and short hip hugging black skirt,flat black shoes.

"So Steph who did you have to bed this time to get back onto the Hollyoaks set", taunted the Londoner.

"Who gets brahms and liszt on set for heaven's sake" continued the blonde".

"Anyway your only going in one direction tonight and that's down to the canvas" finished a cocksure Melissa.

Her trademark smirk emerging as she concluded,before posing for the paps.

Stephanie also dressing to impress the actress, 25, wore a figure hugging strapless dress which showcased her assets to perfection.

Stilletto Laboutin shoes accompanied her outfit,the star was glammed to perfection with plenty of smokey eye makeup to accentuate her beauty and had her curly locks tied up in a simple up do.

Clearly winning the fashion stakes mattered as much for these ladies as the boxing that was to follow later in the evening.

"Little girl your in the big league now,i saw what Lucy flippin Fallon did and that will seem like a picnic compared to what i'm gonna do to your ugly mug".

"Smellie you will be sorry you stepped into the ring with me" promised Stephanie.

And she also posed seductively,her trademark pout on display.

These girls would have ripped their manicured hairstyles to shreds,if it wasn't for the small matter of dozens of security staff in attendance,the promoters didn't want anything to halt this needle match.

Fight night:

The MC presenting Melissa first.

"With a BBU record of 7 fights,4 wins all by way of KO and 3 defeats."

"From London weighing in at 129 lbs,Melissa Suffield".

The eastender stony-faced as she strode down the aisle,her coach Kara Tointon in tow.Whom Stephanie had beaten in 2017 could she inflict double pain on a Walford hopeful tonight.

Tonight her fight attire consisted of leopard-print bra top and cut-off red shorts,red shoes.Blonde hair tightly braided.

She limbers up in her corner.

As the MC presents Stephanie.

"With a BBU record of 12 fights,6 wins all by way of KO and 6 defeats"

"From Liverpool weighing in at 112 lbs,Stephanie Davis".

The svelte brunette donning a black sports bra,black shorts showing off her long slender legs,black shoes.Her brunette locks in a tight ponytail.

Stephanie's features featuring a crossed frown as she climbed into the ring.

A forfeit beknown only to the fighters awaiting the loser. 

10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1
For all the trash talk beforehand it's a tentative beginning,both girls horribly out of form and it shows.

Stephanie more mobile across the ring as she tries to attack Melissa's jugs,Mel still fresh and she confidently fends off this assault.

Melissa happy to trade as she unloads a plethora of shots,Stephanie easily dodging Melissa's wild swings,and she scores with a neat jab to Melissa's abs.

Melissa shaking off this attack,and as Stephanie came in close,she was greeted by a classic left-right combo from the blonde,now Stephanie forced to retreat and defend which she did resolutely.

But the Eastender now bossing the action for the remaining 30 seconds as she scores easily to Stephanie's lower body.

Round 2
More domination from Melissa as she backs Stephanie to the ropes,her confidence returning as the Hollyoaks star is in defensive mode,her tight guard serving her well though as Melissa's bombs all meet Stephanie's wall of steel,and the blonde becoming agitated and annoyed,Stephanie cleverly easing herself away from the ropes and a fierce right hook knocking Melissa back,Stephanie eager to exploit Melissa's weak stomach,and her intensity increasing as she flicks out a left jab,stinging Melissa's brown eyes as she lowered her guard,Now Melissa with a high guard exposing her abs and Stephanie cashing in as she pummels Melissa's pitfall,working over Melissa's tender mid-section,as the blonde panted heavily.

Melissa desperate for respite and she lowers her head into Stephanie's,the sudden impact dazing the brunette,as the ref pulled Melissa away,and signalling for her to be deducted a point,the official concerned for Stephanie's welfare as he checked her pupils,after a brief stoppage he waved the fighters forward again,the delay had helped Melissa who now again pushed Stephanie into a retreat as the bell sounds.

Kara's brown eyes blazing with fury at her flyweight.

And a heated dispute broke out between the Eastenders duo.

Stephanie clearing her throbbing skull as she watched on in amusement,while swigging her water.

Clearly the argument with Kara had fired up Melissa,and she throw a medley of punches at Stephanie early in the third,the Hollyoaks babe happy to parry this onslaught,allowing Melissa to expend vital energy,as Melissa's ferocity burnt out,Stephanie taking control through her exact jab and threatening to burst through Melissa's guard,the blonde solid in defence this round however,and both gradually slowing their attacks now.

The furious pace telling on the sweat clad fighters,as both content to trade single jabs for the final minute.

Round 4
Similar tactics deployed in this round as the wind going out of both woman's sails,Stephanie still scoring more consistently through her accurate jab,but Melissa settling behind a tight guard and flicking out a useful jab herself,both fighting from distance,daring the other to make the first move.

But neither willing to gamble just yet,and the bell ringing on an even round.

Round 5
The lull in action allowed both girls to draw air into their lungs,and both flying out of the traps in the 5th,clashing mid-ring and trading at close quarters for the first time tonight,both sensing a key part of the fight approaching,as they hammered the other's head and body with weighty hooks,Stephanie cutting Melissa above her left eye,but Melissa not backing off and she smacked a left hook into Stephanie's famed lips,blood now dripping from Stephanie's mouth,as the girls flew into an untidy hairpulling melee,the ref splitting them and wagging his finger at both the hellcats.

Finally the boxing commences as Stephanie up's the tempo,her right hand wrecking havoc to Melissa's cheeks,which are now bruising badly.

Steph drilled a low blow into Melissa's solar plexus doubling over the shocked blonde,who now was on keeling legs,Stephanie crashing a combo into Melissa's forehead,and the blonde seeing stars,as she fell to her knees.

The count reaching 7 as a shaken Melissa stood up,mercifully for the blonde only 10 seconds remained in the round,Stephanie landing a glancing blow before the bell,but Melissa clinging on.

Round 6
Stephanie's swagger coming to the fore now as she backed Melissa into the ropes,Melissa still having plenty of fight in her yet,she clocked Stephanie with a right to the midriff and then a left to her lowered face,allowing the blonde to escape her predicament.

And both girls took a breather before coming together again,Stephanie nailing a big right hook shaking Melissa's pins as she stumbled back.

Now Stephanie tightens the screw her jab proving effective as she once again forced the Londoner against the ropes,and as the bell sounded Stephanie catching Melissa flush with another hook to the chin.

Stephanie smirking as she marched to her corner,aware of her hated opponent's travails.

Frantic work from Letitia Dean and Kara in the Mauler's corner as they desperately patched Melissa up,before sending her into battle.

Round 7
The Merseysider showing the same poise as the Premier League leaders,working the tiring Melissa as she kept up an accurate jab,and again forced Melissa towards the ropes,Melissa eluding a dangerous hook,and skipping out of trouble,before getting inside Stephanie and probing Stephanie's flat stomach at close quarters,Stephanie firing back in kind as they fell into a snarling clinch,exchanging insults before the ref finally splits them.

Both combatants blowing hard now and the action slowed,this suiting Melissa as she used her reach to jab Stephanie's bruised face,Steph keen to trade in close again and harassing Melissa round the ring,trapping Melissa in the corner again Stephanie picking her shots now and her punches still carrying vim,as she broke Melissa's high guard with a lovely combo,a moaning Melissa forced to messily clinch as the bell rang.

Round 8
Stephanie's footwork allowing her to open up a fading Melissa as she hammered an uppercut through Mel's leaky guard,the blonde rocked on her heels and Stephanie following up with a stinging jab.

"curtains for you bytch" smirked the Hollyoaks star.

A cracking left-right combo from Steph sent Melissa skidding on her butt glassy-eyed.

Ref proceeded to commence his count,while Mel struggled to rise she gained her footing at 8.

But the ref wanted to check her over,still reeling from the blows,Mel was goofy-eyed and the ref waved the match over.

Protests from Kara falling on deaf ears.

An ecstatic Steph playing to the gallery,blowing kisses and flexing her biceps.

Before remembering her defeated foe,who Kara was attending too. 

Stephanie kicked Kara out of the way and gently nudged Mel the blonde stumbled over her own feet.

Crashing to the canvas dazed.

Steph removed her boots and dangled her sweaty foot teasingly over Mel's terrified face.

"LICK BYTCH" demanded the Hollyoaks star.

A distort Melissa dutifully complied to this request.

Her tongue snaking out and tasting Stephanie's dirty feet.

"Good girl" cooed Steph,"just remember you're my bytch now"

Mel meekly nodded miserably,her misty brown eyes submissive.

"Now go and crawl back into your hole,you weak guttersnipe"hissed the brazen brunette.

"OH! one last thing you trollop,i understand you like lollies",and a smirking Stephanie shoved a lollipop in Melissa's mouth.

"Suck on this bytch"

And Stephanie left to get some selfies with her fans,relieved at her upturn in fortunes at last.

Her co-star and boyfriend Owen Warner greeting her and getting a wink from Steph,i think he's on a promise tonight.

Kara swiftly rushing to administer for Melissa's cuts and bruises,Letitia Dean on hand also as the duo cleaned a weeping Melissa's wounds.

Stephanie Davis def Melissa Suffield KO 8


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