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10 March 2021 Miranda Kerr vs Joanna Krupa

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Posted by Girls Friday on March 10, 2021, 9:37 am



Tale of the Tape:
Miranda Kerr:
Age: 37
Height: 5'9
37-13 (35KOs)
Current two time ACB bantamweight champion.
Current BBU lightweight champion.
Former BBU bantamweight champion.
Former Queen of the Ice Hotel.
Joanna Krupa:
Age: 41
Height: 5'7
15-17 (15KOs)

(Downunder Boxing vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Non title bout up ahead now, the BBU hosts an international clash between Miranda Kerr and Joanna Krupa, both proud women wanting to show they are the better fighter, with Joanna maybe having the extra incentive of putting herself firmly into the BBU lightweight title picture tonight.

Before the fight both women sent in a video to be played, Miranda was first up wearing a white dress with black heels as she sits on a desk, telling her Alessandra Ambrosio on her friends special night "hey Alessandra, first I want to say I am so glad to be fighting tonight on your card, I'll always be on your side whatever you decide to do after you retire next month" blowing a kiss to the camera.

Then she stands up as she turns to grab the BBU lightweight title hiding behind her, putting it onto her right shoulder as she says "now to you Joanna, I asked to fight you because I keep hearing that you have been whining about me, how you have been winning cougar fights and I won't give you a title shot" tapping the title with her left hand as she grins.

"So take this as an audition, you beat me and it will be hard for me to argue that you don't deserve a shot at this, when I kick your ass I hope that puts an end to your complaining to the media or your fans, you have never been on my radar, you're about to learn how thankful you should have been for that" strutting off once she finishes her statement.

Joanna on the other hand is on a beach after a long run in a yellow bikini, slipping off her sunglasses as she tells the camera with an annoyed look, shaking her head as she yells "of course it is non title!" Pacing side to side for a moment.

When she spots she points at the camera with her right hand holding her glasses, saying "Miranda I have been kicking butt all over the world and you have been afraid to fight me, all the years I have said I'd beat your ass, now you give me the fight but hide the title away, just admit to the world what we both know, you are scared of me" eyes burrowing into the camera as if looking into Miranda's eyes.

She finishes by saying "after I win this fight I will go to the BBU headquarters myself, they can't let you get away with being a paper champion, hell maybe they will just hand me the belt" smirking at that thought as she then turns to leave with the camera getting to see her toned body head off the Miami beach.

Fight night, out comes Miranda with her coach Nikki Visser beside her, she has the BBU title around her waist, even as it isn't on the line tonight as if to remind the world she is the top of the mountain around her, the ACB bantamweight title on Nikki's right shoulder as the Aussie fighters fans are cheering her on.

She is wearing a green sports bra with gold trim, matching trunks and shoes, green gloves with gold thumbs, her hair is tied into a ponytail as Nikki takes the BBU title off her, Miranda stepping into the ring smiling as she waves to the crowd as she does a lap inside the ring before settling into her corner.

Now out comes Joanna with her coach, she struts down the aisle wearing a white silk robe and sunglasses, looking around at the crowd as she lifts her sunglasses down with her white taped right hand, winking to some of the hotter men at ringside to upset their wives and girlfriends.

After climbing into the ring, Joanna drops the rope at the center of the ring after handing her glasses to her coach, telling Miranda "be happy the gloves are going on you cowardly bytch" raising her taped fists to Miranda as if in a warning to her.

The Polish cougar is wearing a white sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, her hair is tied into a ponytail, with her coach putting on her black gloves as she bangs them together to test them out, nodding to her coach with a grin as if to say these will do for her.

Referee brings the fighters together at the center of the ring, both scowling as neither hides the dislike for their opponent, years of trash talking comes down to finally settling it tonight, neither looking like they will back down as coaches stand nearby in case they kick off early.

Neither does as they keep calm, they don't touch gloves when prompted by the referee, a show how little respect they have for each other, ready in their corners now, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell the fighters are trading jabs as they look for openings, with Joanna quick to push the pace as she steps in with a one-two combo to the chin of her opponent, forcing an early heated exchange that gets the crowd roaring.

An uppercut catches Miranda on her chin, pushing her back to her heels as Joanna is fired up clearly, working the body of Miranda when she has her on the ropes, with Miranda needing to shove her off.

The Aussie stunner lands several good double jabs to the face of the on coming Joanna, Miranda moving around the ring as she doesn't want to get caught out so freely by the snarling Krupa.

Who ducks under a right to power into Miranda, getting her into her own corner, Nikki yelling at Kerr to get out of trouble as she watches Miranda getting hit in her abs, making the champ pull her into a clinch to force the referee to break them up.

At the end of the round Joanna bangs her gloves together, Miranda getting told not to let Joanna get up a head of steam, keep boxing her back and show her class is Nikki's advice.

Round 2:
Coming out her corner looking refocused, Miranda is using her jab as she moves more side to side, letting Joanna come onto her punches, the Polish fighter trying to close the distance so she can land her power punches.

Deflecting a jab so she can move in tighter Miranda, Joanna is opening her elbows up as she swings to the body, just missing with a right hook up as Miranda pushes her to the face with her left, moving into space away from Krupa.

Whose aggressiveness comes back to bite her on the backside when she gets a right hook across her face as she steps in with a jab to the body, Joanna now getting a taste of Miranda's vaunted power, snapping back her head as she is driven around near the ropes.

Firing back as she isn't afraid to trade, the punches flying into beautiful faces, it's Kerr landing the better punches with her being able to load up her punches more, making Joanna cover up tightly as the round heads into it's final moments.

At the bell Joanna curses herself as she returns to her corner, her coach telling her to box more then simply trying to walk down Miranda, who is looking more relaxed after a bad start to the fight for her.

Round 3:
Both throwing more punches in bunches as they move around the ring, Miranda keeping Joanna on the outside as she is matching the work rate of the cougar, bashing each other up the middle into faces.

A right then digs across the breasts of Miranda, it distracts her enough for an overhand left to the jaw of the Aussie, back goes the Aussie as she is being hammered across her face with another three clean punches.

Holding onto Joanna, the referee needed to step in to pull them apart, Joanna taunting Miranda by calling her an overrated bytch, not smiling when she gets a one-two combo through her mitts into her face to knock her back.

More even hard fighting at midrange, Miranda giving some ground as Krupa is trying to push forwards, Joanna dipping under a right to step in with two hooks to the ribs, Miranda pushing her back to the face to get the fight back where she wants it.

The round comes to a close with Miranda shaking her head as she turns to her corner, not happy that she left her guard down over the sneaky punch to her tits, Joanna waving at Miranda to bring it as she sits on her stool, grinning as she feels like she is going to prove her point that she is the better woman.

Round 4:
Joanna is really pressing the action, forcing an inside exchange early other, digging away at each others bodies as heads grind, referee warning both to watch their heads as they nudge apart.

When Krupa tries to step in, she gets hit with a jab into her chest, a right hook then turns her head, Miranda now powers ahead with three piston like punches slamming into the beautiful face of the Polish model.

Who finds herself stuffed into a corner, covering up as now that raw firepower of Miranda is on show, punches starting to smash through the guard as uppercuts come in, Joanna's head getting knocked back till she hangs onto Kerr.

Both spitting insults into ears as they push body to body, this highly charged fight leading them into a test of strength, referee struggling to break them up, till they push apart with fire in their eyes.

Standing and trading, maybe not the smartest thing for Joanna as she is losing these exchanges, the crowd roaring as blood starts running from the nostrils of Krupa, she covers up and retreats back as the round enters it's final thirty seconds.

At the bell Miranda raises her right glove into the air with blood on, Joanna's eyes narrow as she looks ready to tackle Miranda down, referee smart enough to nudge them back to their corners as tempers are flaring up.

Round 5:
Those last exchanges seem to have crystallised Joanna's focus, she isn't trading with Miranda as much, looking for openings again as she is being pushed back by a now more aggressive Kerr.

Both digging in good stiff single punches, Joanna gets inside as she turns on her feet, banging in two right hooks to the body to start reddening up that left side of the Aussies body, a left hook up top doesn't land cleanly, it does make Miranda take a step back.

Using her left forearm across the chest of Miranda, Joanna is looking to keep her off balance as she swings in short hooks into the body, things getting scruffy as Miranda pulls her into a clinch, where both are wrestling onto the ropes.

After the referee can finally break them up, Joanna tries to keep the pressure on Miranda, like before Miranda is the quicker off the draw when they resume, slamming a left cross then a straight into the face of the older fighter.

Blood starting to run from the nose of Joanna again, covering up tight as Miranda drives her back onto the ropes, switching punches so that she can find a way around that guard, Joanna groaning out with each clean hit till the bell rings.

While arguably Joanna is winning this fight all told, she is wincing as her nose gets worked on, Miranda talking to Nikki as her face is being washed down, an ice pack pressed onto her left side to stop the soreness around it.

Round 6:
That nose of Joanna seems to be worrying her as guard is up, Miranda doubling up her jab along with feinting, moving back when Joanna tries to catch her out with some big hooks that finds thin air.

A straight finds a hole in the guard of Joanna onto her nose, she cries out as she gets pushed back, A LEFT SMACKS ACROSS JOANNA'S NOSE, DOWN TO A KNEE GOES THE STUNNING MODEL AS SHE HOLDS HER NOSE!

Referee nudges back Miranda to the neutral corner as she looks like she wants to keep punching Joanna, 1...2...3... Joanna blinks back tears as that last punch definitely hurt her, 4...5...6... Blood dripping from her nose onto her boobs, 7...8.. Joanna gets up showing she wants to keep going, gloves wiped down before they are waved to resume.

Coming back together, it isn't long before more punches land square into the face of Joanna, WHO TURNS HER BACK, WAVING THAT SHE HAS HAD ENOUGH, REFEREE STEPPING IN FRONT OF JOANNA TO STOP THE FIGHT!

Winner Miranda Kerr TKO Round 6

Joanna had her chance here to prove she deserves a title shot, while she looked good, quitting isn't going to help her chances though, with Krupa's coach coming in to check on her with a towel with an ice pack in to hold on her nose.

All the while the winner is standing at the ropes with arms in the air smiling, the fans standing applauding her for a great stoppage, she waves to them before she jogs back to her corner, getting a fist bump from a beaming Nikki.

Both women getting washed down, Joanna sobbing as her nose is really hurting her, the doctor checking it once it stops bleeding, it isn't broken but might be sore for a few days, not exactly helping the mood of Joanna one bit.

Watching Miranda from her stool, Joanna tossing her gloves to the canvas off her lap as she sees Miranda get her hand raised, Joanna pushes off her stool so she can step out the ring, storming to the back with her coach following.

The winner doesn't bat an eyelid as she gets her two title belts, posing at the center of the ring with the blue strapped BBU title and the green strapped ACB title on each shoulder, Nikki telling the cameras "this is the best fighter in the world" Miranda giggling at that.

Leaving the ring with Nikki, she tells her coach "I can't wait to get a drink with Alessandra later" Nikki joking that Miranda better not be drinking too much as they head to the back, a happy day all around so far for them.



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