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29 January 2021 Avril Lavigne vs Jessica Lowndes

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 29, 2021, 3:56 pm



Avril Lavigne vs Jessica Lowndes
(The Dollhouse vs Lioness Club of America)
(42-18, 42 KO vs 46-26-1, 45 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: "I just can't wait for this revenge! That dumb bytch got lucky last time we met but it's all gonna change tonight! Time to roast that slob!", Avril Lavigne is running red hot during the introductions as the second chapter of Canadian Flyweight Supremacy is just minutes away! "You can call me Alpha Slob, bytch! You're no better than Courtney Love minus the happy pills!", Jessica Lowndes fires back at the singer who's had her share of run-ins with the tabloids over the years yet she's made a rare elite comeback after being literally banned from the FCBA by the previous commisioner.

Security team prevents immediate hairpulling tug-o-war from taking place and both girls are strapped into their mitts while giving each other the ole death stare in the process. One doesn't require subtitles to realize these two loathe each other slighly above average and Vanessa Hudgens is having a great deal of fun backstage watching the two hellcats spit venom at each other long before they actually enter the ring!

Avril Lavigne wears a black crop top with purple trim, matching hotpants & gloves. Long dyed blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Jessica Lowndes wears a white bikini set & black gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Both girls channel the slugging assault in true mind over matter fashion that pleases the crowd straight away but lacks genuine production as several punches slice thin air instead of the flesh but the two hellcats stay in the aggressive lane until Avril finally lands a decent combo on the chin followed by a swift hook on the nose that wobbles Jessica to her heels. Ugh! Avril cranks up immediate jabbing volume and outworks the younger foe with more vicious head shots which leave Lowndes hugging the ropes before too long. The Lioness Alpha swings from behind the guard regardless and lands some single punches into the singer's face but eats another wicked hook on the chin and slumps into quiet spasms in the closing stages.

Round 2:
Avril seeks more jabbing success and squares up to the fellow Canadian but this time she eats the initial scything menace and spins to the side when Jessica hammers a vicious left cross on the nose. Avril strumbles to her heels but refuses to abandon the slugging ideas only for Jessica to double down on the hooking route that enables her to snap the blonde mane as she drills Lavigne's face in true speed dial fashion. Ugh! Avril gets pounded back to the ropes and sinks behind a desperate earmuff as Jessica's high-octane blast remains unmatched for remainder of the round.

Round 3:
More back & forth assault that raises more noise around the arena and even Tess Valmore in the booth can't complain about the desire these two display in the ring - even though the notorious Tractorpull reporter is a well-known critic of both these two hellcats. Both girls keeps trading nasty shots and Avril soon realizes she's worse to wear as her lips begin to swell amid a furious point-blank range blast from the Lioness brunette. Jessica simply keeps pounding away in fury but then shoots over the blonde's shoulder and gets punked on the chest as Avril channels a rare jug muggin' route to stun the younger woman into spasms. Ugh! Lowndes has seen in all in JMD but Lavigne still manages to stun her as she maybe even steals the round as she leaves Jessica gasping for air at the bell.

Round 4:
Lowndes responds with a proper body assault that leaves more bruises on the blonde's pale complexion... and Avril doesn't enjoy the midriff blast at all... she bails out of the hitherto preferred close range and allows Jessica to hassle her around which annoys Carmen Electra in the Dollhouse corner. Meanwhile Lowndes keeps sending high-octane strikes and eventually traps the singer in the corner where she wades in to pummel more tummy and leave Lavigne in clinching mode... a swift uppercut on the jaw bellows the blonde on top of the turnbuckle before another vicious harpoon cripples Avril into spasms outright! Bell.

Round 5:
Jessica channels more body damage and spikes Avril's midriff but gets caught from the inside a couple of times as the singer roars back into point-blank ranges slugging response on Carmen's orders. The action remains thick & fast but Jessica begins to land more pure wrath around the liver area and forces Avril into a methodical response from mid-range. That's not what the fans want though and Lavigne quickly blinks as she squares up to the brunette again... both girls almost clash heads before Avril hoofs the Lowndes rack and drills one on her lips... she wobbles the brunette back but instead of piling more juice she gets tagged by a seemingly wayward hook on the temple and stumbles over to the ref who is slow to get out of the way... and he gets in the way again when Jessica tries to slam more jabs into Avril's face just before the bell. Oh, come on!!!

Round 6:
Avril cranks up the uppercut volume early in the sixth and clips the brunette's chin before looping another wide hook on the temple. Jessica tries to respond downstairs but gets spun to the side when Lavigne beats her for a quick overhand that allows her to land several vicious head shots down the stretch. Jessica's lips begin to swell too as she swings from behind the guard but still gets nailed over the top and slumps into loud spasms when the Punk Princess drills her solar plexus just past the two-minute mark. Ugh! Jessica wobbles onto the ropes and fails to deke out of the jam so Lavigne BOOMS her with a wild left hook on the brow ridge that immediately displays a solid gash... and that's it for Lowndes here as she caves in behind a tight earmuff and gets pummelled to the body thereafter.

Round 7:
Avril works around the wounded brow ridge and snaps the brunette's head back repeatedly... Lowndes realizes she's getting outworked here with room to spare but still reaches after the older compatriot and slings above her shoulder just so another nasty uppercut nails her on the jaw... Uh-oh!! Jessica sags on jelly knees and shows zero mobility as Lavigne DRILLS her up the chimney and connects with two heavy uppercuts on the chin again... Lowndes tries to spin out of the hole but trips over her own feet and is slow to raise her arms as Avril PUNKS her from the hip driving a massive uppercut into the exposed jaw... Oh, gawd!!! DOWN SHE GOES!!! Lowndes is DOWN flat on her back as Avril just send her to count the proverbial stars with a monster piledriver!!! "This one is ovaaahhh!!!", Avril screams at the stunned Eva Mendes in the LCA corner and she's damn right... Lowndes doesn't beat the count and just covers her face with her forearms when the ref calls it a day!!! KO7 Avril Lavigne in revenge-enforcing fashion!!!

AFTER: "How about that, slob? That's one for me too!!! Get ready for chapter number three whenever your sorry ass recovers from this!!!", Avril gloats over the fallen compatriot before Carmen Electra calls her back to the Dollhouse corner: "Just don't lose it, sunshine! Bigger things should be on your mind right now. You've got a big fight coming next month. Besides, Eva and I go a long way back and we're gonna take the rubber match whenever that happens so you'll have another opportunity to f*ck her up some more!" A very proud looking Carmen winks to her now smiling blonde star who's back on the saddle after a scary short slump with 3 impressive wins in a row, with this one tonight surely being the most impressive of the bunch, leading into her upcoming huge grudge-fight for the Dollhouse queendom against Dollhouse arch-nemesis and current top flyweight Emma Roberts next month.

Meanwhile Eva Mendes suddenly has her hands full with some Lioness Alpha recovery mission as Jessica Lowndes suffers her third defeat in a row and that's happened only once in her career before. Instead of opening the 2021 season with a bang, the former flyweight champion is looking vulnerable and it's no wonder she remains quiet when leaving the arena. Just don't send her to Hallmark B-standard opposition yet!

Official Result: Avril Lavigne def. Jessica Lowndes KO7.



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