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29 January 2021 Luisana Lopilato vs Raquel Pomplun

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 29, 2021, 3:32 pm



Luisana Lopilato vs Raquel Pomplun

(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

(31, 5’6, 115, 27:12 FCBA, VIXENs)

(33, 5’7, 1:2 FCBA, Latino Knockouts)

Pomplun is still a relative newcomer to the FCBA scene, having a mixed 2020 ever since joining her new stable back in April. She hopes to start the new year off with a bang (and hopefully a win), the sultry Latino taking a bow and friendly wave as she mounts the stage earlier on to face reporters before the fight, with Luisana Lopilato already smiling politely from the other side of the table. The two ladies exchange short pleasantries before the reporters ask them how they’re approaching the fight tonight.

“We’re both models from Latin America, so I’d say we’ve got that in common,” Luisana says first. “But I think the similarities end there. Raquel was born and bred in the United States, while I still call Argentina home. Though we’re around the same age and height, I think my experience in the ring is going to make short work of her.”

Some hidden threats in those words as Luisana draws a gasp or two from the audience, who are eager to watch Raquel squirm in her seat. The San Diego native is pursing her lips and trying to keep her cool, but has some veiled threats for her blonde foe when it’s her turn to speak next:

“I was a fan of Lopilato when she first started boxing, you know? I watched her career with great anticipation. But after she started losing to girls left and right, I soon lost interest in her career. She claims she’s good in the ring, but her record isn’t exactly stellar, let’s be honest. Win or lose, I’m just here tonight to have a good time, and hopefully beating Luisa will give me a good workout.”

“Oh, I’ll give you more than that…” Luisa says with a smile, drawing some laughter from the audience.

Ladies come together and they’re equal in terms of height, weight and built. Luisana in a baby blue bikini top, white briefs, representing her Argentinian colours, whereas Raquel’s going for a bright red swimsuit ensemble, showing off her own toned and tanned body. The two ladies are still smiling as they get into each other’s faces, but the tension is evident as each girl positions a fist close to the other’s chin, hoping to intimidate and scare in this pre-fight showdown.

Hours later, we’re in the ring, with both fighters set to go for ten rounds of Bantamweight action. Luisana in black gloves; Raquel in white. They’re nodding curtly as the referee asks them in turn if they’re ready to roar. There goes the bell and HERE WE GO!

And Pomplun scores an early shot to the lips!! Basically SOCKS the oncoming blonde with a right hand outta nowhere, with Luisana too complacent to think she won’t be the first one to score first blood. The Vixen lets out a gurgle and groan, an early, even clash spoiled with Raquel delightedly continuing to pound away on her from afar. Lopilato grunting as the brunette pesters her face with jab and straight combos, lefts and rights fired in and doing more damage to her face, chest and body. Luisana trying to minimise the attacks by getting further away, but Raquel’s as fresh and eager to score an upset tonight, the sultry model getting in close and ramming another right hook down the middle of the arms, further blowing Luisana back into the ropes. Round ends and the Vixen’s in an early state of panic, looking distraught and having to stumble back to her corner wondering what happened.

Raquel looking smug, self-assured as the bell rings for round 2, thinking the Vixen’s soft and ready for another three minutes of pounding. First minute confirms her theory, no matter how much Luisa tries to hide it - the Vixen’s playing defensive as she keeps herself away and out of range, responding only with jabs of her own as the blonde and brunette score some stiff hits to the mouth and chest. But Raquel finds it more difficult to pin the blonde down, especially with a big punch like the one she scored in the very first round. Here, however, Luisana falling back on her better footwork and vast experience to avoid the brunette’s attacks, force Pomplun to tire herself out rapidly by the minute. Last minute and finally the Argentinian fights back, landing a crisp one-two to the body and then delivering a third jab straight to the chin, making the American grunt in pain. Close round either way but we’d say the Vixen’s back on the path to recovery if this keeps up.

Raquel’s out-classed and this fact begins to dawn on her slowly. FIrst minute has both women exchanging more fire from afar, gloves shoved into each other’s faces as they close the distance too fast, scrambling to punch and shove each other shoulder to shoulder, clinching up at one point but Luisa digging an uppercut into the more inexperienced girl’s gut before they’re broken apart by the referee. It’s all downhill for Raquel from there on out, with Luisa controlling her advance with more jab flurries and cross-combos from a distance, repeatedly targeting her face and not letting her bigger hooks get any closer. End of the second minute sees Raquel losing her balance right after a straight cross nails her clean on the cheek, bunching the face up with a loud grunt. Luisa immediately pounces, delivering smacks to the chest before rocking a hook across the American’s face, and DOWN POMPLUN GOES!! What a textbook KNOCKDOWN from the Vixen as she sends Raquel DOWN to her side! Luisana has always been the methodical fighter as she raises her hands halfway in the air, already pumping her arms as though she’s won. The referee however is staying steady with his 10-count, hovering by Raquel’s side as the brunette makes a valiant attempt at recovery, the Latino Knockouts starlet first rising to one knee, then using the ropes to make it all the way up before the 10-count is hit. There’s a good minute left on the clock, however, and Lopilato looks as though she wants to try and finish her off! Bell rings to resume and we’ve never seen the Vixen fly forward as eagerly as before! Luisana CRASHING into Raquel on the ropes with a loud splat of body-on-body action, a right hook SMACKED into the side of the head, sending the poor woman reeling along the ropes with a groan. Another one-two combo of gloves shoved into her tummy, which fold Raquel over, the brunette’s arms barely locked over her frame as the referee eagerly watches for any sign of resistance... Luisana about to pull back and deliver another crunching uppercut to the jawline when he decides enough’s ENOUGH, jumps in to cover Pomplun up! IT’S ALL OVER IN TKO3 FASHION!

Official Decision: Luisana Lopilato defeats Raquel Pomplun via TKO3!

Sigh of relief from the Vixen as Luisana puts away her foe in under fifteen minutes, but still faced plenty of trouble in the opening rounds. It just goes to show how vulnerable her position is after having a mixed year in 2020, now starting the new year with a bang.

“I want 2021 to be a fresh start. I know I say that every single year, but I really want to dominate the airwaves. I’m ready to make some noise and kick some ass. I just need the opportunity!”

Raquel on the other hand probably needs a couple more bouts under her belt if she wants to compete in the big leagues. She manages to crawl back to her corner in the post-fight segment, after having wilted into the referee’s arms in the immediate aftermath of the bell. While ignored by Luisa amidst her celebration, Raquel has her own time in the spotlight when she tells reporters later on:

“I had her early. She almost went out like a night in the first round. I’m gonna continue fighting, and you can be certain she and I will meet in the ring again sometime in the future.”



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