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29 January 2021 Ruby Rose vs Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 29, 2021, 3:22 pm



Ruby Rose vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

(The Fighting Academy vs Fates Boxing)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Front Street


Rosie has been on quite the ride in the last year. British beauty has gone from a combined four FCBA and BBU wins in NINE years to a 9-2 2020 that saw her beat top lights like Adgal, Lively, Gonzalez and Turner and even earn a shot at the belts. Athletic Ruby, on the other hand, is still looking for her breakout with a 2-4 record over the past two years. And, despite being a solid dog, Rose believes that breakthrough starts tonight. "She's had a solid run, sure," says Ruby with a nod. "But, she's simply NOT the kind of athlete or fighter that I am."

"Ruby's right," says Rosie with a smile. "I'm NOT the kind of fighter SHE is. I'm a BETTER one."


Rose wasting no time going after Rosie. Huntington-Whiteley has the reach advantage, but it gains her nothing early, because Rose is moving the feet, getting past the jab to middle distances, and getting off in combination. She's repeatedly snapping the British beauty's head back, forcing her to cover, and, at times, to give ground. Rosie countering in spots, but that's about all she can manage at the moment, as Ruby's gotten in rhythm and she's bringing the hard, accurate leather. Soon, Rosie's being forced into retreat by the constant blizzard of leather flying her way. She tries to hold canvas, but can't get that done, as the final minute of the round is all Rose giving and Rosie taking. At the bell, there's no doubt about it, it's Ruby Rose wide and with the 10-9 lead.


Rosie sets her feet and boxes. She's working the left hand, dropping in rights, not willing to allow Ruby to back her up anymore. Rose finding it somewhat harder to work forward, but still able to get inside the younger woman's defenses in spots, and get off when she does so. Result is good, back-and-forth stuff, with Huntington-Whiteley running up the score when she's at range extending on her punches, and Ruby countering with points at middle distances. Not a lot in it into the final minute, and, frankly, not a lot in it in the final minute, either, as the back-and-forth that dominates the second continues, ending with a sharp exchange at the bell that sees both fighters' heads snapped back. But, when you add it all up, Rosie's done juuuuussstttttt enough to claim the points and even things at 19.


More of the same. Ladies working to enforce terms they like, and, when they're able to do that, things are good. For Rosie, it's boxing at range, keeping Ruby at bay, not letting her get to middle distances where she can get off lusty. For Rose, it's the opposite, closing inside Huntington-Whiteley's jab, then getting off in combination. And, for the second round in a row, both fighters get some, but not enough of what they want, meaning, for the second round in a row, we've got good, two-way stuff. The points are in doubt throughout, with no one able to create any space at all. In the final minute, though, it's Ruby who's able to get more done, backing up her rival a couple of times, throwing her onto the defensive, getting just enough done to pull ahead and take the round narrowly, moving back into the lead 29-28.


BOOM! Boom? BOOM! Right off the bell Rosie lands a sharp left that stops Ruby in her tracks and then a BLISTERING right hand and Rose is HURT! Rosie quickly calling in artillery strikes, backing Ruby into the ropes and having at her with both hands. Rose taking a pounding as the British beauty gets off lusty. Ref looking in closely, but Ruby hanging on, firing back in spots, rolling with punches, blocking others. It works well enough to run some clock, and, about two minutes in, Rose seems to shake the worst of it and begin countering. She even manages to work her way off the ropes in the late going and put together some punches. It's all far too little and far too late as far as the round is concerned, though, and, when the bell rings, is Huntington-Whiteley who's claimed it wide and evened things at 38.


Ruby seems to have the legs back under her. Rosie back to the jab, using it to create space. Rose looking to work past, get inside the defenses, get off in combination. BOOM! There's that left-right from Rosie and Ruby is HURT AGAIN! Older woman stumbles backward as Huntington-Whiteley lets the hands go. Rose rumblin', stumblin', fumblin' and GOING DOWN after a straight right hand from the Brit! Ruby spilled to her back parallel to the ropes. Rosie quickly to a neutral corner to watch and wait. Ruby rolls to her belly at six, pushes to hands and knees at seven, reaches for the bottom rope at eight, but it keeps avoiding her grasp. The dazed Rose can't hang on to the rope and the count passes her by! It's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!


"Never had any doubts," says Rosie with a smile. "Never. It's not that she's a tomato can. She isn't. The problem for Ruby is, she's just not in my league. And, so few are. So very, very few."



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