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29 January 2021 Title Ch Olivia Holt vs Isabela Moner

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 29, 2021, 3:05 pm



Results: Lookout!; Words: OddManOut


Before: Isabela exploding onto the scene last year, “I got my first title fight from Olivia, and now she’s handing me my first title!”

Olivia is seething: “She took me by surprise last time, but now I’m ready for her! The only way to get her out where I can show her who’s boss was to put the title on the line, so that’s what we did!”

Isabela entering first, switching out her normal royal blue top for a blue&white striped bandeau to avoid giving Olivia free handholds in the bareknuckle brawl, hair pulled into a battle bun for the same reason, keeping her regular bottoms, white tape on her hands. Olivia sporting a black bandeau, matching bottoms, black tape, chin length hair loose.

R1: Isabela slides in close, right shoulder against Olivia’s left shoulder. Moner clipping and swatting, tight punches off her chest, Holt picked up under the chin by a palmed right, a clubbing left off her eye, then rapid fire to the body while the brunette steps to the right. Livy getting worked over at close range, Isabela nice and compact, putting punches together, steely eyed as she sees her blonde start to wobble. Final minute, Moner’s established complete control, Holt bent forward, arms round her ribs, riding it out, Latina stroking the right hook hard under the elbow, doubling up to the ear, jamming in the straight left between the mitts. At the bell, Olivia shaky, glassy eyed, Issy slaps rump to send her blonde shuffling to her corner.

R2: Olivia edging Isabela down all around the ring, sharp single and double jabs, nasty right hands as blonde consistently gets her left foot outside Moner’s right. Issy with her chin tucked behind that right shoulder, right hand low, left at her cheek—she’s giving Olivia the shoulder roll, but getting poked clean in the mouth by straight, hard rights. Bell to bell shut out a handspeed, footwork clinic from Holt, Moner forced on the defensive.

R3: Isabela wants to stay close—but she shows counterpunch this round, dropping the right hand, closing up the stance, leaning away to make Olivia miss, timing the straight inside left inside the champ’s right. Moner pivoting behind her right shoulder, slipping Holt’s hook, getting angle to hook the kidney, and spike her mouth with pesky straight lefts. ‘Livy taking good shot, getting outboxed, but riding it out, Isabela showing veteran composure and patience as she reads her foe to take a round.

R4: Olivia bell to bell, Isabela in disarray, blonde’s too fast as jabs & straight right hands shred Moner’s defences. Issy slips inside to try & get supple, Olivia harsh on the body, tucking tight punches behind the elbows, buckling brunette forward, picking her up with left uppercuts to the abs, shouldering the chin to keep her core exposed. Moner busted up to the body, staggery—she’s laying in so close, girls are just twisting in short punches, finishing up mouth on shoulder no follow-throughs.

R5: Olivia opens with spitting jabs, driving Isabela to the ropes. Moner closing up, countering brilliantly, slipping hooks, answering with straight left hands, slipping right hands, answering with harsh right hooks behind the elbow. Holt getting chewed up—clapping palm to her chin puts her wobbly butt, Issy pounces. Stuffing the left hand on the mouth shunts Olivia to her backside, blonde blurry with hurt, takes her 8 and nods aggressively in the affirmative upon ref’s check. ON COMES ISABELA! Holt digs in at the ropes, bobbing low, coming up with right uppercuts, left hooks out of the crouch and she NAILS Moner repeatedly as the Latina presses to finish. Issy taking disastrous body shots, spends herself trying to close Olivia out and BRUNETTE GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Terrific accuracy as Holt dips, rolls, snaps off the ropes, she’s got Moner hanging off her at the bell. Terrific effort coming off the knockdown, each fighter staggering hurt and confused to her corner.

R6: Both girls come out loading up and looking to end this thing as soon as possible. Isabela with the right at her chest, stepping into that thumping jab, Olivia adjusting with her feet, fading the stick, circling to the left, making the brunette shift her weight. Quiet first minute, but opening the second – a Holt right shaves past Moner's lips, Latina back with a ripping right and now they're turning on vicious lefts and rights toe to toe! Issy gets the rhythm, catching Olivia a bashing hook on the cheek - ruining blonde’s hook mid-punch, Moner able to pound a right hand off Holt's face, squaring up and the third hook has the Southern girl floundering! Livy staggering forward, Isabela stepping back in good order through CLANGING two-way - tidy lefts and rights under chins, scrubbing offending faces side to side. Moner turns, Holt crashes past her, almost dropping to her knees, but straightening at the ropes in time to accept brunette's charge. Isabela pounding away with clapping rights to the ear, pushing and palming up, then churning away lefts and rights, Olivia soaking up shots, but gathering herself, shrug-slugging tidy lefts and rights into bronzed toned tummy and BACKING MONER UP! Issy getting mugged, girls falling in mouth on shoulder and again reaching around each other in a woozy clinch almost grateful for the rest at the bell.

R7: Isabela changes up, turns puncher and has a blistering first minute at Olivia's expense. Blonde crossing her arms, bending forward at the waist, Moner just swatting away with triple right hands to the waist, clipping little left uppercuts as she steps to the bright and keeps a-lathering. Fury abates, Issy convinced she's not going to stop Olivia, brunette goes to slap and slip the rest of the way, Little Claire Danes look as Moner tucks the chin behind her right shoulder, tight pivots to the right as she licks that righty hook underneath Holt's elbows, slaps hands to mouth for a shutout.

R8: Chests heaving, Olivia breathless as she tells her corner, "I'm beating her down." Isabela tells hers, "She's hurt - I know it." Girls flat footed to midring, but alert, Holt feinting groggily, moving her head and reaching out the jab to Moner's ribs. Issy starts to jab shoulders and chest just to make contact - girls easing warily clockwise as they negotiate range on uncertain legs. Moner first to bring a shout from the crowd as she pulls a hook short, but leans into a swinging right that bashes Holt's head back, puts the little blonde on her heels. Isabela with a walking barrage to the body, Livy leaning back, reeling before the fury, but stops suddenly, left hand at her ear as she leans forward to carry a thudding right to the pit of brunette's belly. Moner stopped short, catches a hook on the teeth - SHE'S staggered, wobbly butt, but answering back with a shoving right, bumping Holt to her right. Olivia clawing her hook, then pounding home a pancaking openhanded right across Isabela’s cheeks. Moner starts lathering ribs and tits to once again force Holt backwards, blonde stepping out, Issy mightily overswings her hook, twisting out of position and Olivia POUNDS home a driving right behind the ear. Moner going down on her face as though struck by a sniper's bullet and it's OVER! KO8 for the winner and STILL AMD Champion, Olivia Holt!

After: Supreme effort from elite small girls, desperate struggle sees Olivia the last girl standing! Blonde jerks a woozy Isabela up onto her knees, holding her upright ragdoll by her hair. Winter-white skin shows just how reddened Moner’s attentions have left her abs, but she insists on tummying up on her. Even this perfunctory rubbing of Issy’s non-resisting face across her abs has Olivia visibly wincing, but she insists on her rights. It’s clear she can’t match Camila’s bellowings right now, but her history with both potential flyweight champs combined with the absolute tear she’s been on this winter make her the de facto #1 contender!



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