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31 January 2021 Kelsey Merritt vs Kara Del Toro

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Six Debuts In Search Of An Asylum III: Season of the Witch Asylum PPV


Posted by The Grand Wizard on January 31, 2021, 7:39am




"It's about damn time someone gives me a chance in the FCBA," says the brunette beauty with a shake of the head. "I'm tired of watching girls I could bounce out of the ring inside three getting fights. Well. Now, I'm here and those bytches better watch OUT."

"I suspect Kelsey's going to win fights in the FCBA," says Kara with a smile. "But, that will NOT be starting tonight."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'This Is Me' by Kesha, but that's not Big K coming to the ring. Instead, that's a huge fan of both the singer and the song, Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated model Kelsey Merritt..."

McCarthy: "AKA, yet another Dancing Hooker Opponent with NO FCBA wins!"

Cassie: "Merritt is the first Filipino to walk the runway for Victoria's Secret and also the first Filipino to appear in the 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue."

McCarthy: "YAWN! Tell me about FCBA WINS! You CAN'T! Because she doesn't HAVE one!"

O'Dell: "Merritt into the ring and helped off with the robe and the crowd popping as they get a look at Kelsey in that black number. And, that's 'Flawless' by The Ones, and that can only mean that Kara 'The Body' Del Toro is on her way to the ring."

Cassie: "No question this is what Uncle Wiz likes to call a 'poster fight'..."

McCarthy: "More like a poseur fight, because both of these women are POSING as fighters!"

Tess: "Kara coming off an undefeated first year at Front Street. But, with a crowded lightweight division here in Philly, there's no doubt she wants to keep the streak going tonight..."

O'Dell: "Del Toro into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that neon green number we've seen before, and the crowd pops again..."

McCarthy: "Philly. Low standards."

O'Dell: "Ladies about ready for some picks. Tess likes Kara. Mac?"

McCarthy: "NO FCBA wins. Del Toro!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Unanimous once again. And, as we get started, ladies set up at range and get their box on. Not a big surprise, as both of these fighters are rangy and like to work off the jab. Merritt showing some good feet early, Mac, moving very well and getting to good spots to punch."

McCarthy: "Has a nice jab, too."

O'Dell: "Definitely does, and using that to some effect early. Kara, meanwhile, doing what we've seen her do consistently since she signed with Front Street last January, use the left to set up that hard right hand. Del Toro forcing her rival to cover up with a nice flurry there."

Tess: "Merritt with a combination of her own got Del Toro's attention with that right hand."

O'Dell: "Definitely did. Kelsey not trying any blitzkrieg tactics here, but she's being aggressive. Not showing any nerves in the first appearance in the big leagues. We're down to ten seconds to go in the first. Good combination, Merritt. Del Toro responds, lands a good right, and there's the bell. Close, but Kelsey."

Cassie: "And Merritt takes the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Second verse, same as the first. Ladies getting their box on at range right now. Both comfortable here, extending on punches, moving the feet, head, hands, getting off in combination. Plenty of solid offense being thrown around out there, but some good defense being played, too..."

Cassie: "Definitely. Lots of punches being slipped or blocked."

O'Dell: "Plenty of others getting through. There's a good right from Kara that backs Merritt up. Kelsey right back to work though, landing a couple of good punches in a nice flurry of her own. Both fighters look to be in good rhythm right now as we roll through the second."

McCarthy: "Impressed with Merritt. She looks like she belongs in the FCBA."

O'Dell: "Not a ton of data points, but, yeah, from what we're seeing, she definitely does. Down the stretch in what's been a close second round. Sharp exchange there, with both fighters landing a good right hand. ANOTHER big exchange and Del Toro got the better of that one and there's the bell. Close again. Kara."

Tess: "And, we're even at 19."


O'Dell: "Into the third now, and Merritt upping the movement. She's moving laterally more now, forcing Del Toro to turn, and it's having an effect. Kelsey getting more done, while Kara's trying to square up and having problems doing it. This is a very nice adjustment for Merritt, Mac..."

McCarthy: "I LIKE this kid. We might need to sign this kid at Sceej..."

Tess: "HERE we go..."


O'Dell: "Drink up, boys, while you keep an eye on the action. Merritt on a roll right now. Del Toro not hurt, but she's definitely taking the short end of this stick at the moment, as Kelsey's getting to spots, getting off, all while using the feet to make it difficult for Del Toro to square."

Cassie: "Kara's going to have to make an adjustment of her own."

O'Dell: "No question about it, because this isn't working for her. Merritt ANOTHER sharp combination. Kara firing back, landing a good right hand there. Ten seconds left. Kelsey going to leg away those final seconds and take these points to the bank. Merritt. Wide."

McCarthy: "And, the kid's on top 29-28."


O'Dell: "Del Toro adjusts. Kara's stepping to now, cutting down the angles and cutting off the ring. Merritt not able to turn and get off square, because Del Toro is right in her grill. Kara working body. Kelsey tying up, hanging on. Ref going to break them apart. Kelsey circles away, but Kara right back at her."

Cassie: "Kara doesn't mind banging. With HER power, why WOULD you?"

O'Dell: "And, banging is what she's doing right now. She's hooking body, backing up Merritt with hard shot to the head. Kelsey again tying up. She'll get her break, again circle away, but Kara crowding her almost immediately, banging that body once again with great gusto..."

McCarthy: "Ref had better watch low blows. Other than Stewart, these Front Street fighters are all CHEATERS!"

O'Dell: "Under thirty to go in the fourth. Del Toro's been in charge throughout, and she still is, working body in the phone booth. Merritt ties up, but Kara shoves her off and lands a solid right hand that forces Kelsey to cover up. And, there's the bell. No doubt about it. Del Toro. Wide."

O'Dell: "And, we're even again, this time at 38."


O'Dell: "Kara pressuring. Merritt trying to create space with the feet and the jab, but it's not working. Del Toro able to crowd, bang, work that body, go upstairs, then back down. Kelsey clinching, hanging on. She gets a break out of it and circles away, but Kara right back on her..."

Tess: "Good stuff from Del Toro..."

O'Dell: "No question about it. Kara getting some serious work done right now, digging body on the inside. Merritt ties up again, gets another break, again circles away, trying to get some space. She's jabbing, giving some ground. Kara stepping to and DROPPING KELSEY WITH A RIGHT HAND!"

Cassie: "What a shot!"

O'Dell: "Merritt dropped to her back with an absolutely BRUTAL right hand. Del Toro quickly to a neutral corner. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. No movement at all from Kelsey, who looks to be both down and out. Seven. Eight. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is Kara 'The Body' Del Toro!"

McCarthy: "Lucky punch!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Kara Del Toro, and, Kara, Merritt showed some boxing chops in her debut..."

Kara (nodding): "No doubt. This girl has some talent. She's got a good left and she moves very well. But. She's not banging with ME. And, that's what it came down to."

Tess: "What's next for you?"

Kara: "Keep working and keep building. Getting better every time out. Taking a step forward in 2021. A BIG step." 



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