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22 February 2021 Cyd Charisse vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 22, 2021 at 1:15pm



Cross Tine Boxing Bout #2

Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Cyd: B. 1922, 5’7 (1.71 m), Dancer/Actress, “The Band Wagon”, “Singing in the Rain”. “Party Girl”\

Mary: B. 1984, 5’8 (1.73 m), Dancer/Actress “Make It Happen”, “Scott Pilgrim”, “10 Cloverfield Lane.”

Before: From the mysterious Cross Time Arena comes a boxing match between two leggy dancer/actress from different eras: Cyd Charisse from the 1950’s and Mary Elizabeth Winstead from the first decade of the 21st Century. Cyd is in a pink high cut one piece that resembles a costume she wore in the 1958 film “PARTY GIRL” with pink gloves and boots (white laces). Cyd’s hair is bobbed. She faces a slightly taller Mary Winstead in a black one piece that resembles one of her costumes from 2008’s “MAKE IT HAPPEN” with black gloves and boots, white laces. Mary’s shoulder length hair is loose. Both are in their physical primes.

As often seems to be the case in CTB bouts, the two fighters never question where they are and how they got here. There also seems to be some sort of history between the two as one can gather from the comments they make as they meet in the ring with Celebrity Referee Ann Miller, another leggy dancer/actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals.

Ann is black short shorts and a striped referee shirt.

“I’ve heard about a lot about you,” Cyd informs Mary, “you think you’re pretty hot stuff.”

“I know you think your legs are better than just about anyone’s, well these are going to take you out,” boldly declared Mary who looked excited to be talking trash with legendary Cyd.

“It’s been tried by better women than you,” Cyd says, “and all them ended kissing the canvas or begging for mercy. I am, by the way, short on mercy around here.”

“They don’t call me ‘Merciless Mary’ for nothing,” Mary assures Cyd.

“I am going to enjoy showing you why I am known as ‘Cyd the Shredder’—because I tear up my opponents,” said Cyd.

“I am really scared now,” Mary replied.

“No, but you will be,” Cyd assured her.

“OK, I hate to interrupt trash talk, but I have fight to get started. So what do you say we get it started. I presume we don’t have to discuss the rules?” Ann Miller said.

“No,” Cyd and Mary said.

“Then tap your mitts and get to your corners. Come out fighting at the bell.” Ann concluded.

“With pleasure,” Cyd replied

“Exactly,” said Mary and then she tapped gloves with Cyd.

The two fighters then went to their corners. The crowd (and there was quite a large and enthusiastic one, though whether real or some sort of Virtual Reality could not be determined) broke into an excited buzz. The bell sounded and the crowd roared to life. The latest CTB bout was on!

R1: MEW moving quickly and striking first as she cracks a right off Cyd’s jaw to get the bout started. Cyd’s head swivels and comes back only to take a MEW left uppercut to the chin. Cyd’s legs shuddering as she stumbles back with bells ring in her head. Cyd is able to cover her face and head, so Mary goes to work on Cyd to the body working over her body from stomach up to her breast line. Cyd hanging in, managing some jabs to force Mary back, but MEW always quick to return to the fight, Mary
looking dominate as the round ends. Digital scoreboard soon record R1: WINSTEAD WINS—WIDE.

R2: Cyd moves those legs out quickly this round, but is Mary. They clash at mid ring with a exchange of shots to the head. However this time it is Cyd Charisse landing the stronger punch whipping Mary’s head around as her hair sprays across her face. Then Cyd stuffs a left into Mary’s gut and then a right. Mary falls back and gets hit hard by rights and lefts to the side of the head. Now it is Mary Winstead having her head filled with ringing bells as she flounders back. Cyd now pounding Mary to the body and trying to drive her into the ropes. Mary fighting back, but her counters only slowing Cyd down. Mary finally resorts to repeated clinches to break up Cyd’s momentum, but Cyd goes right back to the pressure tactics. Mary battered, but stays off the ropes to the bell.


R3: Bell sounds and out the fighters come. They move to center ring and start circling. Mary strikes first going to the stomach with a deep digging right hooks and then a follow-up left hook. Cyd was tipped forward and now Mary fired pounding shots into Cyd’s breasts and face. Cyd retreated from this and managed to get in some sharp shots to Mary’s face to stall her attack momentarily. However Mary came back in and this time struck hard at Cyd to the side of the head, Cyd’s socked badly to the sides of the head and hastily covered her had with her mitts. Mary went to work scrubbing away at Cyd’s torso with lashing rights and lets that raked Cyd’s body over and over. Cyd was hunched up and trying to shield her head as the round drew to a close.


R4: Cyd Charisse going right at Mary Winstead this round with opening straight rights and lefts that carve into Winnie’s face. Attack so lightning quick that Mary’s face looks like raw hamburger before she drive Cyd back with defensive counters to the chin. Cyd then comes back, feints to the face and slams a barrage of hooks into Mary’s midsection. Mary doubled up, trying to back away to recover but now getting banged to the side of the head by Cyd’s finishing barrage of head shots. Round ends with Mary swaying on now rubbery gams. Cyd smiling as she watches Mary totter back to her corner.


R5: Cyd again goes right at Mary as soon as the bell rings, but this time Mary catches Cyd with a lightning right to the jaw as she closes in. Cyd rocked, stumbles back, her legs quaking and Mary is quick to rip in two more uppercuts to the chin. CYD’S LEGS SUDDENLY GO UP IN THE AIR AS SHE CRASHES TO THE CANVAS! Mary looks gloating down at the fallen Cyd and then jogs to the neutral corner. Referee Ginger Rogers moves in to count as Cyd props herself up elbows and looks around with a “what-happened?” look on her face . She quickly realizes she is about to lose the fight so she struggles to her feet, breaking the count at “EIGHT” Referee Ginger checks Cyd over then waves Mary back in. Mary comes forward and finds Cyd’s now protecting her chin and head with a high guard. So Mary starts popping Cyd to the breasts, works down to her ribs and finally pounda her stomach. Cyd feeling the impacts, but just hangs in and endures to the end of the round. No surprise thanks to that knockdown as the scoreboard flashes the latest update:


R6: Cyd and Mary clash at mid ring as the new round gets started. Quick exchange of punches t the head and body as they bob and weave around each other. Then Cyd moves in quickly and hook Mary to the belly. Mary responds with sharp hooks to Cyd’s belly. Now the two of them firing in short rights and up into their ribs, breasts and stomachs. Their strong , gleaming with a layer of perspiration were braced to provide extra punching power, but were also shivering as the power of those punches radiated with each impact. Neither was moving very much as they struggled for domination. The crowd was roaring with excitement which seemed to drive Mary and Cyd on as the round progresses, Then, at last, late in the round, Mary’s legs seemed to falter and she began to give ground. Cyd pounded her back, but Mary was still resisting. DING! DING! The bell sounded and Referee Ginger Rogers stepped in to stop the action. Mary headed quickly to her corner. Cyd watched her go with a slight smile on her face. It had been a close round, but the judges added up the points to determine the winner of R6. The scoreboard flashed the decision:


R7: Mary attacked quickly as the round commence. She was firing in fast jabs to Cyd’s face to keep her occupied, but then went down to the belly with a deep hook. Cyd shuddered, but then lashed back with a right uppercut to Mary’s chin. This snapped Mary’s head back and turned her legs to rubber. Mary was falling back as Cyd smashed home rights and lefts to her jaw. Suddenly Mary’s legs were all entangled AND MARY SLUMPED TO THE CANVAS. Mary on her back, gloves over her face and legs straught out. Cyd to the neutral corner as Ginger Rogers moves in to count. Mary struggling into a crouching position. Steadies herself and rises up to beat the count at “NINE!” Ginger Rogers checks Mary and then waves Cyd back in. Mary trying to come back from the knockdown charges Cyd. Big mstake as Cyd stops her in her tracks with a big right hook to the belly that Mary’s own forward momentum makes worse. Mary stumbling back, gasping for air as Cyd goes for Mary’s jaw and chin with a furious storm of leather. Mary lurches blindly back in the ropes, she can’t get her mitts up as Cyd shreds her face bloody with heartless punching. THE REFEREE JUMPS IN! Ginger Rogers cradling Mary to safety. Mary moaning weak protests, but her legs have gone limp and it’s clear Ginger acted correctly.

Cyd raises both hands in victory as announcer is declaring:


Poor Mary too battered to stand slumps on her stool and covers her face with her gloves. The gloating Cyd is more than the proud beauty can bear. Cyd then proceeds to make her feel worse, she stands before Mary and loudly asks:


“Mine did,” Mary says in a sullen voice.


“Yours did—YOURS DID! CHYD CHARISSE’S LEGS BEAT MY LEGS!” Mary blurts out as loudly as she can manage.

“GLAD TO HEAR YOU SAY IT!” Cyd says releasing her grip on Mary’s hair and walking away.

Mary looks after her with some defiance, but then exits the ring as Cyd is doing a turn around the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

Cyd Charisse certainly won this fight tonight and shows those Fifties Ladies knew how to rub in a defeat. Will we see Cyd in action again? Will Mary Elizabeth Winstead try to get redemption against some other Cross Time beauty? We can only wait and hope for whatever comes next….




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