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31 March 2021 Petra Nemcova vs Anne Vyalitsina

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Posted by Girls Friday on March 31, 2021, 10:51 am



Petra Nemcova vs Anne Vyalitsina

Results: Vassago - Story: Caspian


(41, 5’10, 14:3 BBU, SIRENs)

(35, 5’10, 3:4 BBU, Free Agent)


A proper Eastern-European clash of models next as Russian Anne Vyalitsina goes up against Siren head-honcho and probably the most famous Czech outside her home country, Petra Nemcova. Anne feels confident that Petra hasn't recovered from JMDD title defeat to Tamara Ecclestone just yet, and is prepared to make short work of the other veteran swimsuit model.

“We aren’t spring chickens any longer. I’m quite sure there are parts of Petra that are still hurting from that beatdown. While I respect her for taking this fight on such short notice, there’s no way in hell she’s fully recovered yet from that brawl with Tamara Ecclestone. I’m about to make mincemeat out of her,” Anne says early on with a grin.

“Look, the lot of us go way back to our Sports Illustrated days. I met Anne on set on multiple occasions, and I definitely admire her work outside the ring. But has she done inside of it? She may say whatever she likes, but at the end of the day, I’m the one who’s turned this into a full-time job. Let’s see what she’s made off once the real punches start flying.”

Ladies square off at the podium and it’s truly a battle of the blondes: Anne and Petra about the same height and bulk as they stare each other down with both hands planted on their hips. Anne will be in a bright red swimsuit for tonight’s contest, probably representing her home country, whereas Petra’s going for comfortable white bikini and blue gloves. Referee calls this match to order, and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Welterweight action!


Anne's speed makes the difference early on as she waltzes around Petra and snaps blows into her face and guard, making her look slow by comparison. The two ladies aren’t THAT far apart in terms of age, but Vyalitsina has that leaner and meaner physique, perhaps, that allows her to move quickly out of the way of any incoming fire, then return with a flurry of her own that sees success, tagging Petra on the face errantly. Nemcova just can’t quite attack and defend at the same time, and she gets a faceful of leather for her efforts. Anne looks delighted by the time the bell rings, the Russian blonde showing how six years makes a whole lot of difference in terms of a girl’s agility.


More aggressive striking from the Russian as she puts on even more pressure, constantly punching and punching at Petra’s arms and body before surprising the Czech girl with the occasional punt up into the nose or lips. Petra looks amateurish in there by comparison, getting her face disappeared in leather each time Anne slips past or under one of her hooks and then slips in a fast right hand straight to the chin or middle of her face. Second half sees no change for the big blonde, who starts grunting as her opponent punishes her to the body instead, stuffing lefts and rights into her belly and again jumping back out of the way each time Petra winds up a hook to retaliate. Second row in a row the Head Siren has conceded, but hey, stranger things have happened to her before…


SOME signs of life early as Anne gets sloppy and takes an overhand right glove to the side of her head, Petra banging her comeback home with her brand of power. All downhill for the Russian blonde, at least in this round, as Petra continues chasing after her with big swings and strong shoves of fists down the middle of the arms, squeezing as much ammunition into this three minute window. It’s not often, she guesses, that she’s going toe-to-toe with her opponent, and so Petra makes the most of the chance: blasting another right hook across the top of the forearms, which throws Vyalitsina to the side with a loud shout of surprise. Last minute, however, and Anne decides enough’s enough, staying back and far out of range, and controlling Petra’s advance with jabs to her face. Nemcova’s endured much these past three rounds, but even she’s tiring by the time the bell rings. Well, at least she’s managed to win her first round of this fight!


Petra tries to apply more of her heavy power but is still having trouble closing Anne down. Anne still too fresh and spritely on her feet, which is remarkable in its own right given how the Russian is no spring chicken either. Anne still playing defensive, which is the smart move to do given how she has the first two rounds to lose if she gets caught by one of Petra’s errant swings outta nowhere. Meanwhile, the Czech blonde is doing everything in her power to chase her foe down and pin her to the ropes, but it ain’t happening anytime soon, and the only thing Petra accomplishes here is further expending her energy reserves. Last minute and Anne shocks her back with a counter biff to the cheek, and then another and another, signaling yet another turn in this tide, as Vyalitsina evens out the points by the bell.

Round 5: 

Petra is growing more and more frustrated by Anne's mobility, but to give the Siren credit - she never stops the ruthless aggression, and just keeps on chasing and chasing after the Russian girl. SURELY sooner or later she’ll get lucky, no? Anne stays focused throughout, continues to use that extended right hand to wreak havoc on Nemcova’s face and chest, a glove constantly tagging the Siren on her face and body as she roars in to try and dominate, gets her cheek bunched in and nose squished instead. Last minute and things once again go south for the Czech model as Petra gets caught by a late slugging drive to her body, leaving her bent over and hurting as she’s forced to defend herself from Anne’s repeated thumps to her body. Bell rings and Petra’s the one left with her back to the ropes, holding her side gingerly and breathing hard.


Anne’s turn to come right in hot once more, seeking to finish what she had started earlier. She stands her ground this time and scores the first right hand to Petra’s face, once again showing how far Nemcova has wilted from that constant chasing. Petra’s arms too slow this time, already wavering over her chest as she takes shot after shot to her face, Anne driving her backwards with snappy jabs to the chin, before going for the big leagues with a wacky hook to the ear. Petra simply outworked by the younger woman, slowly driven back into one corner, and doesn’t have the drive or ability to save herself this time! Anne stays at a comfortable distance, whacking leather gloves off her tummy and sides, occasional shot that flattens her chest, before a final CRACK to the chin sends Petra stacked up against the turnbuckle, before she slides back down and POOLS there on her butt for the first KNOCKDOWN in the sixth! Anne finally sees her reward as the tall Russian blonde turns back to her corner, arms pumping in the air! Referee starts the count and Petra at least is making an attempt to recover, her chest heaving, mouth hanging open as she finally makes back up by the count of 9! It’s not looking good for the Siren, who’d probably needs some time off in the ring after this match, win or lose!


Telltale signs of disaster if one girl’s corner is already hovering by the corner, a white towel gripped in their hands, just in case their girl refuses to quit even when her life’s in danger. The SIRENs corner looking on with worry as Anne resumes her rapid assault, pouring punches into Nemcova and again forcing her back towards the ropes. Petra doing her best to weather the assault, arms mainly over her head but her body trembling with every stiff shot landing square on the belly button or ribs, before Anne leaping in suddenly, a right haymaker connecting with the top of Petra’s head… and DOWN SHE GOES AGAIN!! Petra seeing stars as her head got shoved backwards and to the side from that one blow, grunting as she lost her balance and collapsed to the floor and onto her side! Anne huffing, looking down at her valiant foe, waltzing back to her corner to bask in the inevitable - and she’s right - Petra looks absolutely spent as she recovers only back to her knees, pawing at the middle ropes with her mouth hanging open as the referee’s count to ten eventually PASSES her by! It’s all OVER!.

Official Decision: Anne Vyalitsina defeats Petra Nemcova via KO7!


We suppose it speaks volumes for Anne Vyalitsina’s prowess and power for a woman her age - she made Petra look like chump change in there tonight, and that was something the SIRENs corner hadn’t expected at all! Petra, having dragged herself back to her corner, looks almost relieved as her fight team pours water over her matted blonde hair, then ices her aching body down. 

Meanwhile, Anne is ignoring her completely, celebrating in her corner as she smiles and shakes her booty. She’s won an important match in her fledgling career, having beaten a once-contender to the Welterweight title.

“I underestimated her,” Petra says later, shaking her head. “She’s the real deal for someone her age. I have no doubt we’ll meet again in the future.”



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