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31 March 2021 Daisy Ridley vs Vicky Pattison

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Posted by Girls Friday on March 31, 2021, 10:42 am



Tale of the Tape:
Daisy Ridley:
Age: 28
Height: 5'7
24-14 (23KOs)
Former BBU bantamweight champion.
Vicky Pattison:
Age: 33
Height: 5'6
10-4-1 (10KOs)

(Knockout Babes vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Big time bantamweight fight as two contenders meet here in the BBU Arena, former champion Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley takes on reality star Vicky Pattison, the winner likely to move a step closer to a title shot at Charlotte Church.

Form wise Daisy has kicked off the year brilliantly by defeating Fleur East and Azealia Banks, meanwhile Vicky finished last year off strong by defeating Lucy Pinder and Jessica Alba, so neither is coming in with any real worries.

Before the contest the fighters were interviewed by the BBU TV reporter Georgie Thompson, who first gets word with Daisy in the backstage media area, Daisy wearing a blue T-shirt with "Knockout Babes" in white letters on the front, smiling as she stands hands on her hips.

Asked how she is feeling about this bout, Daisy replies "I have a few nerves as Vicky is on a good run of results, she is a talented fighter that didn't get a fair shake in the FCBA, that's what is so exciting for me, I want to challenge myself and this is a fight that will do that" beaming as she turns to Georgie.

Georgie then asks about Daisy thinks she will win this fight, Daisy answers "it is going to be tough, I am a former champion so I am not worried, my coaching crew have really worked on helping me have confidence, you'll see what I can do tonight" patting Georgie on her left shoulder with a nod, then leaving to go to her dressing room.

While Vicky gets stopped by Georgie as she comes in with her coach, Vicky wearing a white blouse with blue denim jeans and black heels, her coach carries her training bag as Vicky gives Georgie a big hug.

"God pet it is so great to be back on pay per view, I have deserved to be on one of these for too lang, tonight I come to beat up Daisy" Vicky says with a big smile, looking glad to be back on the big shows.

When asked how she feels about fighting Daisy, Vicky replies "look listen pet, Daisy doesn't worry me one bit, only reason she has been a champion is because of her stable backing her, the stable I had was a mess but that is it's own story, Daisy isn't better then me and I prove it here" grinning as she looks confident.

Before she leaves, she tells Georgie "I hope that fat Welsh s**g Charlotte is watching me, I'll fookin have her any day of the week, just tell her to name the time and place" winking as she makes it clear she wants the champion.

Fighting time, first out comes Daisy with her coach Jennifer O'Dell behind her, Daisy getting her usual fanfare as she waves to those cheering her on, a relaxed look as she seems to finally be really coming into her own as a fighter.

Climbing through the ropes into her corner, Daisy is wearing her traditional blue sports bra, matching trunks, shoes and gloves, her hair tied into a ponytail, Daisy shadow boxes as Jennifer is going through the game plan, telling Daisy to keep it a boxing match as a brawl more suits Vicky then it does her.

Now out comes Pattison with her coach, she takes in the limelight by blowing kisses to the crowd, no hints of worry returning to the PPV cards as she almost struts to the ring, smirking as she gets to ringside looking at Daisy inside the ring.

Stepping through the ropes to pose at the center, Vicky is wearing a black sports bra, black trunks with white stripes down the sides, black shoes, white gloves to channel her local team Newcastle United, hair tied into a ponytail too, she pumps her fists into the air before jogging to her corner, bouncing on her toes as she bangs her gloves together, looking excited to get this fight going.

The referee waves the fighters to them at the middle of the ring, Vicky squaring right up to Daisy, who doesn't back down in the face of the Geordie, the crowd somewhat mixed with that north/south divide on show here, Daisy maybe getting the greater share of chants.

When told to touch gloves up, there is a hard crack of leather as both show the other they ain't pulling their punches tonight, jogging back to their corners with fists already raised, the referee signals for the bell to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Bouncing on their toes as they look very similar in their stances, exchanging jabs in the opening moments of the round, looking for that opening to land a bigger punch, eyes looking intense.

Stepping in with a straight, Daisy just misses as Vicky moves her head to the side, getting a grazing punch on her cheek, Vicky firing back with a right into the abs of Daisy, then a left hook lands under the ribs of the actress.

Who now finds herself in a firefight, Vicky stepping up a gear as Daisy is being backed up, drilling punches into the chest and chin of Daisy to knock her onto the ropes before the end of the opening minute.

Pushing her way off the ropes, Daisy manages to sidestep the aggressive Geordie to land a one-two into her cheek, Daisy landing more crisp punches as she moves on her toes around the ring, Vicky too open in her attacks.

Less then a minute to go, Vicky dips under a straight to nudge back Daisy with her left, then an overhand right strikes Ridley across her cheek, driving the Cockney fighter onto the ropes, Daisy trying to fight her way off the ropes, getting pinged back by straights up till the bell rings to end the round, a good solid round for Vicky as Daisy finds out she needs to work hard to win this one.

Round 2:
Vicky seems fully warmed up as she quickly steps after Daisy, forcing the issue from the start as both women are throwing flurries at each other, cheeks getting marked up when they land flush.

Daisy ducks under a jab to use her left shoulder to bump back Vicky, she then cracks the reality star with an overhand right/left combo that turns Pattinson's head side to side, knocking back Vicky to the outside of the ring with her double jab slamming into the face of her opponent.

Trying to make her way back inside the reach of Daisy, Vicky is getting knocked back by the more pinpoint punches from Ridley, who is looking more relaxed as she has her timing down, marking up the cheeks of Vicky.

But it doesn't seem like Vicky can be held down that easily as they enter the final minute, back comes Vicky as she deflects a straight to move in with a right to the chest of her opponent, making Daisy hiss before a left crows turns her cheek to the side.

Getting driven back across the ring into a corner, Daisy is looking relieved when the bell rings, finding out that Vicky is like the Duracell bunny at these early stages, as Jennifer points out to Daisy this was a much stronger round for her.

Round 3:
Both jabbing as they come out their corners, Vicky getting in a good one-two combo to the face of Daisy, taking the center of the ring, Vicky is continuing to throw a high rate of punches that make Daisy cover up.

Dipping under a straight, Daisy lands two uppercuts to the body of her opponent, making Vicky back up as she finds herself now getting swamped by punches, the crowd cheering loudly as they watch the action go back and forth.

Half way through the round with both stabbing in punches to reddening faces, Vicky misses with a left cross, instead a straight lands on the chin of Pattinson to knock her head back, an uppercut knocking back Vicky as Daisy hammers her into her own corner.

Vicky having to cover up as Daisy switches to the body, making Vicky grit her mouthpiece, at the end of the round Vicky only has to sit down on the stool behind her, an annoyed look on her face, Daisy getting a nod from a happy Jennifer, knowing the fight is going her way.

Round 4:
Tapping her cheeks with her gloves as if to fire herself up, Vicky comes out her corner looking to brawl with Daisy, who looks a little shocked by the bump into her chest by the left forearm of Vicky, who fires in two right hooks up to turn her opponent's head to the side.

Forced to clinch up as she ends up on the ropes, Daisy has a small cut under her left eye, Vicky spitting insults into her right ear as she is definitely riled up by how the fight has been going, referee breaks them apart as the chants ring out around the arena from the crowd.

Again Vicky comes forwards as Daisy is on the back foot, needing to use her jab to keep Vicky from overrunning her, when Vicky does land she is aiming for that cut, Daisy having to protect herself better as she isn't liking getting hit there.

Ropes behind her back as she tries to move side to side to keep out the way of Pattinson, Ridley needs to hold on when Vicky manages to get inside again, grappling along the ropes as Vicky cruelly pushes her head into the cut, referee warning Vicky not to use her head as they are broken apart.

When the round comes to a close, Jennifer is quick to begin working on Daisy's cut, that's under some verbal abuse coming from across the ring, Vicky yelling "you ain't so tough you southern bytch!" Other insults flying about how weak Daisy is.

Round 5:
There's definitely a grudge element forming as they move back together, Vicky maybe over amped as she comes in swinging, Daisy ducks a right hook before landing a right into the solar plexus of Vicky, causing the Geordie beauty to gasp out.

A left hook clips Vicky around her ear as she is getting hurt by these punches, AN UPPERCUT THEN CATCHES VICKY FLUSH AT THE CENTER OF THE RING, DOWN TO ALL FOURS GOES VICKY!

Daisy yells "yes!" As she looks to the heavens, jogging to the neutral corner, 1...2...3... Vicky shaking her head as she tries to clear her head, 4...5...6.. Trying to get up to her feet, 7...8.. Vicky's legs are gone! She tumbles to her front, 9...10 groaning as she lays face down, Vicky is counted out!

Winner Daisy Ridley KO Round 5

Three wins in a row for Daisy this year, all against physically impressive impressive opponent's, Daisy jumps for joy as she raises her arms in the air, ecstatic that she shut up the loud mouth Vicky.

Who needs to be turned over to her back slowly, Vicky blinking as she looks glassy eyed, those punches that sent her to the deck really took it out of her, her coach checking her over with the ringside doctor.

In the Knockout Babes corner though it is a much happier time, the winner hugging Jennifer, admitting "that cut is going to be a pain to explain to directors" laughing with her coach, Daisy really showing she can take on different styles of opponent and win.

Now Vicky is up and on her stool, gloves off as she stares at the canvas, wondering what went wrong, her coach washing her down not saying much beyond hard lines, the real post mortem will likely begin tomorrow when Vicky isn't as emotional.

Not looking like she wants to be in the ring, Vicky shakes her head as she watches Daisy getting her right arm raised by the referee, the beaten fighter steps out the ring with help from her coach, eyes down as Vicky wants the ground to swallow her up, a great chance for her to get into title contention blown.

While the winner takes all the plaudits, she heads around the ring waving to her adorning fans, who are cheering her on, some yelling that they love her, Jennifer smiling as she sees how Daisy is growing as a fighter.

The Knockout Babes crew walk up the ramp together, beaming as they head to the back, Daisy well and truly in the title hunt it seems, could this be the year she brings back the BBU title to her stable?



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