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26 February 2021 Emma Watson vs Lindsay Lohan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 27, 2021 at 11:09am


Emma Watson vs Lindsay Lohan


(30, 5’6, 38:25 FCBA, VIXENs)


(34, 5’5, 52:45:1 FCBA, Chimera)


“Of course I know who she is,” Emma says with a smile. “Mean Girls is one of my favourite movies when I feel like watching trash. Oops. I didn’t mean it like that.”

But the damage has been done, with Lohan looking slightly perturbed from the other end of the table.

Emma continues, trying to do damage control. “I meant-- it’s your classic feel-good movie, right? Where you don’t have to use your brain too much when watching it... Lindsay and I entered the industry about the same time, so I’ve always felt some kind of kinship with her.”

“That’s enough out of Hermione,” Lohan retorts, not smiling in the slightest. “You know, I could say the same about your films, Emma. I mean, it didn’t take much brain work to sit through those kids shows either. She’s really a Brit, eh? Thinks everyone is beneath them and all. Well, I intend to knock her flat on her British ass tonight, so we’ll see who’s the washed up has-been by the end of the night!”

Lohan’s stockier figure is seen in stark contrast to Emma’s lean frame on stage. The two Hollywood actresses are barely an inch apart in terms of height, as they stare down, their faces inches away from each other. Lilo smirking, her nose upturned when Emma offers a hand-shake. It appears the Chimera starlet wants to do much more than shake her opponent down.

Hours later, we’re back in the ring and ready for ten rounds of Flyweight action. Watson bouncing up and down in her corner, loosening limbs in a striped black and white sports bra top, white boxing trunks for bottoms. She’s in red gloves for this contest. Lohan looks somewhat back in fighting shape as she stretches in her corner, wearing a pink bikini top and hot denim blue shorts. The American’s in black gloves for tonight’s contest.

There’s the wave of the referee’s hand and HERE WE GO!


The more experienced fighter makes short work of her opponent in the opening minute, Emma Watson not afraid of getting close into Lilo’s face and begins smacking blows into her bewildered face. Lilo scrambling for cover, her movements just a little too slow to do much else at this point of time. The Chimera girl gets pushed back frequently whenever Emma wades in with another crisp combo delivered to the American’s face, occasionally smacking leather into the body as well, as she racks up points. Watson looks like she’s started this year with a bang and hopes to keep it that way, easily avoiding any sluggish return swings from Lohan as the first round winds down clear in her favour.


Not so lucky in the second, however, when Lindsay suddenly bursts forth and starts swinging madly! Bad news for Emma as she gets caught early with a snatching hook to her body, a few more jabs pushed into her arms as she gets a taste of Lilo’s power first-hand. It’s not the most well-coordinated attack, or the most powerful, but it gets the job done: Emma left scared and running, falling back on her jabbing hands as she refuses to stay in close proximity with the American. Fine by Lilo, who gives chase with intermittent swishes towards Emma’s head, spooking Watson further at the prospect of scarring her pretty British face.


More of the same as Lilo rides her momentum to a possible upset win tonight, wading in and charging at the Brit repeatedly with fists swung and poked her way. For the most part, Emma’s back in survival mode, keeps constantly moving and her forearms locked over her head. She’s clearly done her homework here as she moves about the canvas in a constant blur of motion to avoid Lilo’s attacks. It’s much better to avoid your opponent’s swings rather than try and absorb or parry the more powerful blows. As a result, however, Watson clearly gives another round up in order to play this long game, and one side effect is that her opponent is clearly tiring with every passing minute, with Lilo staggering forward in the final seconds, her chest heaving as she takes another hapless swing at Emma’s head, only to sting the air. Well, she won the round, so she should still be happy, no?


Lindsay still trying to push herself forward in the first minute but it’s a fool’s gambit: she’s moving so much more sluggish compared to the first round, all those drugs and late-night partying coming back to bite her in the ass as Emma begins her own counterattack here: straight, fast and precise jabs stinging the American on the nose and lips, Emma using her reach advantage and agility to slip past her foe’s attacks and then send a banger of her own into Lohan’s facial features. This massacre goes on for another two minutes, with Lohan steadily getting pushed backwards, bleating in pain as she takes punch after punch to her face or straight to the nostrils. Emma is in full control and she knows it, sends another crushing overhand to the temple, which dazes Lohan and sends her spiraling 180 degrees into the ropes. Lohan groaning, arms barely up at this point, and all it takes is another deft right hook swiped across her face to send the poor American CRASHING down to her side! Lohan left spreadeagled and staring up at the ceiling lights, barely making a move to get off her back! Referee performs his 10-count but this fight is as good as done! It’s OVER!!

Official Decision: Emma Watson defeats Lindsay Lohan via KO4!


Small consolation for Lohan’s comeback tonight, as the poor girl just can’t seem to catch a break. Watson is the one beaming, leaping a couple feet into the air, can’t contain her own jubilation at putting down a fellow actress and someone multiple people have been comparing her to ever since they both entered Hollywood.

“Who knows what might have happened if Lindsay had cleaned up her act earlier?” Watson speaks to reporters later by ringside. “I’d like to think that she’s still able to turn herself around, maybe even become champ one day…” Emma shrugs. “But I doubt it. I still wish her all the best.”

It’s a familiar scene for Lilo in the post-fight sequence: slumped against the ropes, down on her bum, tears staining her mascara-ridden face as she contemplates her past and future. Kudos to her for putting up a show, at least, and perhaps one day these two women will meet again in the ring.

(Results: Lookout, Words: Caspian) 



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