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12 March 2021 Title Ch Kate Upton vs Courtney Tailor

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Posted by OddManOut on March 12, 2021 at 11:47 pm



Before: Courtney getting mentioned in the title picture more often, with even Tractorpull sticking up for a Playmate of all things. With Ferguson and Palicki already soaking uo the spotlight, Kate dangling the Ice Hotel to cut her off. “Remember me? The welterweight champion? Once I finish off Courtney, I’ll lay out Hannah and run those Jenner tramps out of the league!”

Courtney combative after her failed lightweight title shot, “I’m back at full strength now, and she’s going to see just what that means these days!”

Courtney doffing her robe to reveal a black suede leather bikini with matching gloves and mukluks. Kate in a gold top with white fur trim, matching gold bottoms and silver mukluks. Both with their hair loose and long for the barbarian queen appearance.

R1: Kate hops close, turns into a tight-jamming right thick on jug - pounding beefy spank as Courtney soaks it up, stands her ground, fires back. Tailor cramming HER right thick and short to jug, then they're pulling at each other's arms, grinding in there cheek to cheek: girls just slopping on the punches. Upton puts two in Courtney's rack: Tailor shrugs two into Kate's rack - back and forth like that while writhing for position in close. Courtney establishing a Cauldron late - holding Kate's head in the crook of the left arm and plugging away righty to body and jug: Queen trying to respond in kind but being jerked and spun off balance in the grasp, Tailor separates herself late in a razor thin first. Slugging after the bell? You bet: girls holding and hitting righty, forcing ref to physically intercede.

R2: Girls wade in: may as well be boxing in mud. Kate soaks up another swinging right on her cleavage but elects to drift Courtney's chin the receipt - Playmate legs do a hurtin' little jig at the unexpected poke. Upton able to pile in and stack Tailor up against the ropes, blondes mauling and jostling, bogging each other down in swampy confines, constantly riding lefts around heads or trapping right arms while stuffing home the goods to breadbasket and hulking, heaving rack with their own rights. Punching after the bell? Better believe it - Kate thumping away to outraged Texan gut until ref actually pulls her off.

R3: Kate selling it like she's walking in, stops, fades a half step back, then DRIFTS A HESITATION RIGHT ON COURTNEY’S CHIN! Tailor eating flush - obviously expecting more rack attack, Kate able to reach under Playmate's arms and body her rough to ropes, the Queen’s mauling, tossing her shoulder into Courtney's mouth, smearing blonde upright, then helping herself to jug meat. Kate pounding away forearms in tight, crowding and wedging in uppercuts to world-class blonde rack, Tailor grimacing, trying to get her back off the ropes but Upton's too strong. Kate able to continually shove Courtney back down and punish her, piling on abuse to Texan's glorious hooter-bulge. Bell: Upton's glee spills over - she faces up all grins, shouting "WOO!" in Tailor's cramped, embarrassed face.

R4: Courtney opening with a series of spearing body jabs: she'll lock up, but only on her terms - sticking Kate and turning her until ready to engage. Tailor sliding in moist and bodying Upton to ropes - Texan chopping her right to Kate's jaw, shoving it to jug, all while pulling down on the Queen’s head - blonde just huddling forward in the grasp, starting to take in one-sided fashion. Courtney enjoying long moments of bullying supremacy at the ropes - left hand behind Upton's head, right jerking up into heaving bosom - Tailor relentless, merciless in her pursuit of victory tonight. Bell: Courtney grabs the ropes, starts bouncing her Marvels of Engineering against Kate’s Natural Wonders. Ref has to pull fighters apart once again - Tailor seething, feeling her foe weaken, and drawing strength from the sight.

R5: Kate gritting her teeth, stepping in rugged - these are hardhearted minutes. More Cauldron work from both beauties, left arms up around the opponent's head, heads in close as a result, tight counterclockwise rotation as girls tug and slug with mindless abandon. More sweaty jostle and shove on the inside just to squeak in an uppercut to jug or shove in that cheap forearm - anything to get extra hurt on the opponent. Both looking parched, mouth-breathing, throbbing-bodied and we’re only at the half!

R6: Girls flat-footed, fighting hurt, wading out dukes chest high, eyes glaring. Kate looking to feed Courtney something like a professional straight-right to chin; Upton sweeping her right, hoping for head. Tailor encroaching behind tight earmuffs: battering away at Kate’s defences with a belting torrent of lefts and rights. Clobbering contact rocks both women; both reset, whirl the leather, and soon they're just waling away, teeth bared, jugs a sloshing. Fight reels to ropes: Courtney driving on Kate, jamming away righty to head and jug: Upton able to wrestle-reverse, shoving Tailor to ropes, punishing her in turn. Girls panting with the effort of pushing each other's bodies off; grunting with the effort of slugging; whining when smote. Courtney pushing Kate's face, bending it back over ropes: Tailor celebrating with a splashing overhand right forearm to jug, winning a howl of pain from Upton. Moments later it's Kate shoving Courtney into ropes and hurting her in turn. Sloppy slugfest stumbles along ropes for the first half, but down the stretch, Tailor's able to keep top-position, refusing to be pushed off. Upton desperate to tie up, hugging up around broad Texan shoulders: Courtney crosses her wrists at her breasts, driving herself forward, compressing Kate's jugs in the grasp! Tailor uppying tummy beating Upton's rump up into ropes - Kate's face dazed, lips parted, eye brows arching...DOWN SHE GOES! Groggy descent for Upton - she's rump-high on knees and elbows, bowing her head into canvas. Tailor panting in the corner, looking down hands-on-hips, willing Kate to quit with her eyes. Upton climbs the strands, sobbing as she's shoved deep to ropes, her head lolling, face pinched. Tailor cackling hot and meanspirited into Kate's face, plowing into her, loosening her up, then pushing off for some slugging space underneath.

R7: Courtney the boss early - jabbing high, hard to get Kate's hands up, slanting the straight right down into body, then hopping in to get weight behind shellacking jug-hooks. Tailor wading into the thick of Upton backing her up. Courtney just punching and bumping, inching forward, punking Kate's mammoth mounds, humbling them, really imposing herself. Midway through the round - Upton cringing from a vicious pounding right above her hip - she answers back a sudden walloping right that catches left side of Tailor's jaw and COURTNEY'S ROCKED! Tailor tilting, then righting herself, ducking behind her mitts - Upton loops a right 'round to clap jaw, then stuffs a hateful hook into Texan's bulging rack. Kate merciless, implacable - driving a brutish right hand thick to belly, then a sideswiping left hand to jug. Courtney crouching forward and baby-stepping into the hurt - Upton taking grim pleasure in repaying rack and waist in equal measure. Bell: Kate glaring, barking - "You gonna cry? You look like you're gonna cry."

R8: Courtney attempting to engage midring - busty women swinging away left/rights from the hips - eyes blazing, jugs sloshing and DOWN GOES TAILOR! Courtney eats a clip-across hook to chin, sputters to her backside all a-swoon: Kate glares down in triumph, stomps to corner with a delicious shuddering of thigh, tummy and jug. Hurting 8 Tailor, she forms sturdy earmuff, inviting Upton to square up and bash. Kate obliges - heaving home wide right/lefts to Courtney's body, slamming away to flanks, Texan visibly wilting under the slamming assault. Siege of Tailor at ropes - Upton measuring her with an extended left, pounding thudding right hands to flank, and - with any sign of loosening - bludgeoning at the head. Bell: Courtney swooning, lashes fluttering...snarling Kate treats herself to jug, hooking rack cheap before ref can pile in and push her back!

R9: Courtney able to walk in, tidy up 100% of Kate's chin with her first full blown, clean right hand in two rounds: tremors quaking all the way down to the toes as Upton soaks up the shot. Upton's curves absorbing shock - she's stunned, but standing, Tailor helps out with a thick, strapping hook square amidships, really twisting mitt off meat. Hook packs in behind right elbow; hook in the shoulder - Kate's backing up, mouth open. Little bit of range, Courtney leans into another booming right hand, belting Upton's head back and loosening her up for the first time since the sixth. Kate's arms out wide, head torqued aside, then lolling forward - she's ragdoll, stumbling into ropes, covering up face-in-gloves. Courtney greedily wades in, ripping a thick right-left-right big n' beefy to the waist. Moist, breathy moans from behind Upton's gloves - Tailor's crippling her to the body. Courtney palming the shoulders, stacking Kate, then edging in to strap that hook thick to jug. Tailor just pushing Upton upright, stepping into her - steady clout applied to world class breasts a mouthwatering treat for aficionados of JMDD. Courtney romping to the finish line with the same steady stroking of a galley oarswoman. Bell: Tailor chesting up and letting Upton hear all about it - ref pulling Texan away by her elbow and lecturing her about respect, sportsmanship, blah, blah, blah.

R10: Kate tries to right the ship allowing Courtney to close right up and swings one on the temple which catches Texan cold, a subsequent flurry of body shots pushes her away with a yelp but Upton's feet are almost glued in the canvas and she fails to prevent a swift response. Tailor in knife-fighting range, belts away around the elbows and rocks Kate back & forth in the middle of the ring before digging more in her cleavage, she seeks a late clinch but wobbles forward instead and loses her balance, eats a drilling hook on the mouth instead and closes her eyes before she realizes she's heading down on her back, her legs shoot up in the air AS UPTON THUMPS THE CANVAS WITH A BANG! Tailor shakes her glove in delight as the fallen model battles to beat the count, she's up at eight but all wobbly butt and aching... the man in charge refuses to give such a late stoppage award which only fuels Courtney's will to punch Kate's mounds into the orbit, she pummels the older blonde back to the ropes TAILOR POUNDS UPTON like she's a training sack and has the girl almost out on her feet. Ref realizes he's made a mistake just few seconds earlier and hauls Courtney off her prey! It’s a TKO10 for the winner and NEW Queen of the Ice Hotel, Courtney Tailor!

After: Courtney not giving Kate a chance to leave the Hotel under her own terms. Wraps Upton up in a bearhug, she RAMS the former Queen into a turnbuckle then latches on the front sleeper, deliberately imitating Upton’s preferred smothering style. Kate already groggy from the beating she soaked up in the last two rounds, she’s quickly sliding down the front of Courtney, pooling to a heap on the canvas. Tailor stepping back, jerking her chin at a couple of her new attendants. Her first order as Queen of the Ice Hotel? Having her predecessor carried out through the lobby and out to the parking lot, laying her out in the back of the limo. 



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