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24 March 2021 Harumi Nemoto vs Lucy Pinder

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Posted by BenLegend443 on March 24, 2021, 2:57 pm



Harumi Nemoto vs Lucy Pinder

(Front Street Japan vs This Is Glamour)

(6-4, 6 KO vs 12-28, 12 KO)

JMD Value: 32I (Natural) vs 32H (Natural)

This match is the fifth match in a series of matches called the “Harumi Nemoto Gauntlet”, a 7-match series. Harumi declared to have beat the gauntlet if she wins at least four out of seven matches. Her current record is 3-1.

Lucy is determined to put down the Japanese woman and thus be able to say that she has the best boobs not only in Britain but the world. Harumi is eager to prove her wrong and win the gauntlet without having to face two more opponents.

R1: Jugs are flying early on as both girls square up to each other landing solid hits on their chests. At roughly the same size, neither girl seems fazed by what the other brings to the table. Harumi sends a few straight jabs into Lucy’s chest, mashing her breasts against her chest. Watch out, Lucy or your jugs will fall off in a moment or two! Finally Pinder gets some real action underway by thumping a couple of jabs to the stomach, then follows up with more breast punching, sending Harumi’s breasts slamming into her chin. She’s the more powerful of the two, able to overpower Harumi in the first round. She has Harumi’s jugs red and tender at the end of the first round, the owner of said jugs clutching at them and groaning in pain.

R2: Harumi tries to close the distance, but Lucy does not let her, and wards her off with punches to the chest and head. The blows hurt her quite a bit, and soon she is looking woozy. One particular blow to the head snaps her head back and makes Harumi’s knees buckle, but they don’t quite fold and she remains standing, much to Lucy’s surprise. She seizes the moment to slam a punch into Pinder’s face, sending her reeling, following up with two hooks to the breasts, but is not able to get further than that. Lucy folds her over with a punch to the stomach, and is drawing her arm back for the knockout punch when the bell rings, denying her a KO2.

R3: The minutes of respite seem to have allowed Harumi to recover somewhat, as she is quick and slick this round, able to dodge more of Pinder’s punches than before, but she still takes quite a few blows. These blows, while individually not damaging due to Harumi’s dodging, eventually add up. She’s feeling their effects by the third minute, when Lucy shakes off a combo that should have knocked her down, or at least sent her reeling, given the punishment Harumi’s taken in the first two rounds. Pinder retaliates by driving a wretched fist deep into Harumi’s soft belly, again and again until the poor woman is basically leaning on her. A small mistake there as the short range disallows Pinder to use enough power to knock Harumi out before the bell rings once more.

R4: Harumi's combo seems to have hurt Lucy more than Pinder lets on, for Harumi is able to seize the advantage this round, even if only by a little bit. Her punches surprise Pinder with their strength, and it's Lucy who finds herself gradually giving ground. She's thankful that Harumi simply no longer has the power to take her down quickly. Though she's hurting plenty, there is little reason to worry. Harumi may hurt her, but she hurts Harumi nearly just as much in return.

It takes the entire round for the two to end up at the ropes.

R5: A tendril of worry worms its way into Lucy's heart as she starts to feel tired. Harumi seems to notice too, and fights all that much harder. Most blows end up blocked, which Lucy is thankful for, for now her arms are shaken with every attack. Imagine if they struck where they were aimed. Though she may be taking more punches than her opponent, she can see that the ratio of damage to energy expended is not desirable for Harumi.

Harumi is tiring herself out. She will be easy prey soon. For now, Lucy is content to weather the attacks and simply wait. The round ends with Lucy on the defensive.

R6: The first minute simply has Lucy letting Harumi wear herself out.

By the start of the second minute, Harumi's arms are drooping and she's breathing hard. Now Lucy goes on an assault, into the fray at lightning speed, easily knocking Harumi's guard aside and slamming an uppercut into her chin. Harumi arcs in the air for a moment before falling down to the mat with a crash. She barely stirs before the ref reaches ten.

Winner: KO6 Lucy Pinder!

Post Match: Pinder drags Harumi by the hair to the centre of the ring, where she lays claim to Harumi’s bra then slaps her awake. She forces the Japanese woman’s face into her chest and holds her there until she is out.

“I have the best pair of jugs in all the land!” yells Lucy. As she leaves the ring, she flashes her own proud jugs for the crowd to see.

Harumi Nemoto Gauntlet Record: 3-2. 



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