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13 March 2021 Anna Jay vs Toni Storm

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Posted by girlsfriday on March 13, 2021 at 5:29pm


Anna Jay vs Toni Storm

(Writing: LMW / Results: Lookout!)

Anna Jay

(22, 5’8, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

Toni Storm

(25, 5’5, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

Pre-Fight: We are ready for the first match of the second night of Boxermania as two exciting young prospects of wrestling make their FCBA debuts in the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.  

Anna Jay has only been wrestling for a year and a half, but within that time, she quickly became popular in the indie scene, got signed by AEW, where she improved her skills immensely and became one of the fan favorites after joining the Dark Order and gaining the Queen Slayer title after defeating Brandi Rhodes. Toni Storm is another hot prospect, who has a more established career as she wrestled all around the world. She had her big break when she won the 2018 Mae Young Classic. She also made a name for herself in NXT UK, where she became the champion and now, she is looking to do the same at NXT.

FCBA Network’s Alicia Atout is with Anna, who gives her opinion about the match-up. “What can I say; I’m just the better version of Toni. I’m prettier, taller and just the right amount of thick, while she is just… well… chubby! I don’t care about her little league trophies as she is still not a part of the main roster of her promotion, living in the shadows of her peers at the developmental programs after years of wrestling. I, on the other hand, joined the main roster of my promotion in my first year of wrestling and became the Queen Slayer! Now, I’ll have to settle for slaying this nobody in my FCBA debut.”

After that, Alicia switches over to the opposite locker room to hear from the other side of the match-up, Toni. “Anna is just an overrated bytch, who is riding the wave of popularity for a bit, but it is coming to an end now. I worked hard and paid my dues over the years to earn my place, plus unlike her, I won belts and tournaments. Maybe I haven’t realized my potential just yet, but it was because I was trying to play it nice and care for what others think. I’m not that nice girl anymore and you will experience it firsthand, Anna!”

Anna comes out first with her coach besides her as she receives both cheers and boos. Looks like she is trying to make Dark Order’s hand gesture, but of course it is a bit hard to achieve with a gloved hand.

She is wearing a purple sports bra with black trim, matching hot pants, gloves and boots with her hair in double Dutch braids. There is also a black “99” on the left side of her sports bra, which is her Dark Order number.

Toni comes out with a focused look on her face, while her coach follows right behind her. The crowd seems to be in a 50/50 split for this match-up as she also gets cheers and boos, but she doesn’t acknowledge their presence at all.

She is wearing a black sports bra with leopard print sections on the sides, matching hot pants, gloves and boots with her hair in a loose ponytail.      

There is an intense stare down going on between the two fighters as the referee gives them the instructions and when asked to touch gloves, neither goes for it. They are back to their corners now and we are ready for 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Fight: Round 1: As the bell rings, both young fighters step forward enthusiastically to get things started. As Toni enters her range, Anna hits her with a double jab, but Toni ducks before the follow-up cross and digs in a body shot. After digging in another shovel hook to the body, Toni goes up top with an uppercut, which causes Anna to retreat.

Not liking that initial exchange, Anna tries to keep her distance and score with a few jabs as Toni chases her around the ring. Finally, Toni cuts the angle to trap her opponent against the ropes and targets the body with a quick jab followed by two hooks to the ribs. Before she can land another uppercut to the chin, Anna clinches with her, trapping Toni’s arm in the process. Using her height advantage, Anna tries to put her weight on her shorter opponent and then go for a spin move, but Toni doesn’t budge. The referee ends up breaking the clinch and Toni immediately pushes forward again to keep the pressure on Anna. She eats a few more jabs, but gets inside for a final barrage of body shots before the bell rings. Looks like Toni’s game plan is working as she wins the round easily, while Anna struggles to get into the rhythm so far.

Round 2: Toni steps up with confidence carrying over from the first round, while Anna looks unsure of coming forward. It might have been just a ruse though, as Anna lands a jab and when Toni anticipates another straight to follow and ducks, Anna instead goes for an uppercut and catches her opponent on the chin. Toni takes a few unsteady steps back, but she seems to be rocked only momentarily as she puts her guard back up before Anna can capitalize on the situation. That uppercut sure got Toni’s attention though, as she goes for a more defensive approach now.

Seeing that her opponent isn’t as willing to come forward as before, Anna keeps it safe and keeps her distant to score with jabs and straights for the rest of the round. Towards the end, Toni goes on the attack once again to steal the round and gets inside to land a few body shots, but Anna handles it well and lands a few counter shots of her own. It is too little too late for Toni as Anna takes this round wide to tie things up on the scoreboard.

Round 3: After big rounds for each fighter and aggressive starts in the first two rounds, they seem a bit more cautious as the third round begins. This approach benefits Anna as she keeps it safe by landing jabs and one-two combos while keeping her opponent at a safe distance.

Just as it looked like Anna is going to win the round on points, Toni realizes that her defensive approach isn’t working within the final minute. She once again pushes the pace and cuts Anna’s angle to get inside to land some heavy punches to the body. It is not enough to get Anna in trouble before the bell rings, but it not only lets Toni win the round narrowly, but also reddens Anna’s body on the sides, right under the ribs.

Toni sits on her stool, looking at her opponent with a confident smile during the break. However, Anna doesn’t pay attention to her as she is focused on listening to her coach as she occasionally winces when ice packs are applied.

Round 4: We are back to having an aggressive start in this round as the attacking mentality seems to be working for Toni, while Anna realizes that she needs to increase her offensive effort if she wants to gain the upper hand.

Toni starts to make her way to the inside willing to eat a jab on the way, but Anna only feints with her jab and instead goes for a big cross, which lands square on the face. That punch stops Toni’s advance, who now keeps her guard up high to protect her head. Anna unleashes with hooks left and right, but none of them lands clearly as Toni covers well. Seeing this, Anna targets her next couple of hooks to her opponent’s ribs. Toni grunts as she tries to protect her ribs, which provides the opening Anna was looking for as she pushes her opponent to create some space and lands a massive cross right on the nose! Toni stumbles as she takes two steps back and goes down on her bum! Anna teases her fallen opponent before going over to the neutral corner “Stay down on your chubby ass, bytch! You’re outclassed by the Queen Slayer!” 1…2…3... Toni stays seated with a bloodied nose as she shakes her head to clear it 4…5…6… she pulls her knee in and uses her hands as support to get back up 7…8… she steadies herself and after a brief check, the referee starts the action once again.

Anna wants to finish what she started, so she immediately goes back to attacking. Toni defends well for the most part though, as she circles the ring and tightens her guard up when she gets caught. Still, Anna lands a couple more big shots that get Toni’s legs a bit wobbly, but she stays on her feet and survives the round. 

Round 5: Toni still looks a bit shaken after the break, so she goes back to a defending mindset, while Anna comes forward as soon as the bell rings. She is still being careful though as she keeps her distance and engages with short combinations from the outside for the first minute. She lands some clean shots, but Toni isn’t really troubled by them.

Looks like Toni’s lack of offense encourages Anna to be more aggressive in the second minute as she goes full on attack. It works for Anna as Toni’s stalwart defense this round starts to falter. Anna slips a straight through her opponent’s guard, which catches Toni on the nose and causes it to start bleeding again. Anna swings some wild hooks, which Toni barely avoids as she steps back. Seeing her defense is falling apart, Toni goes on the counter attack as they engage in a wild trade as we are going into the last minute of the round. Another hook from Anna grazes the top of Toni’s head. Toni wobbles, but she returns fire with hooks to the ribs that make Anna wince and then a final desperation shovel hook turns into a liver shot, dropping Anna down to one knee! Toni looks relieved as she unsteadily walks toward the neutral corner as the referee begins the count! 1…2…3… Anna stays on one knee as she clutches her body with both arms 4…5… she spits her mouthguard, still locked in place 6…7…8…she gets back to her feet on time and while her body still seems a bit tense, the referee deems her fit to continue. Both fighters get a bit more time to recover as Anna’s mouthguard gets cleaned.

The action starts back up in the final seconds of the round. Toni goes on the attack as Anna stills seems hurt as she tries to protect her body. Toni lands a few shots up top, but there just isn’t enough time to cause much trouble, so Anna survives the round. What a wild momentum swing as Anna looked close to victory until the last minute of the round, when Toni knocked her down, stole the round and the momentum of the fight.    

Round 6: Toni looks focused and ready after the break, while Anna seems to be moving gingerly still as she guards her body. Toni comes forward and tries to get inside, but Anna steps back and starts to circle around. She was using her jab earlier to keep Toni at bay earlier, but it looks like she is not willing to give any openings for a body shot right now. As a result, not much action happens in the first minute with Toni only scoring with some glancing shots.

As we are moving onto the halfway point of the round, Anna's legs start to fail her as Toni catches her with a hook to the side of her face. As soon as Anna raises her guard to protect her face, Toni goes back down to blasting those bruised ribs with three shovel hooks. Anna desperately tries to clinch, but Toni acts fast to land a short uppercut to the chin that sets up a big right hook to the jaw, which sends Anna down to the mat again! “Ha! Queen Slayer, my ass! Goodnight, bytch!” says Toni as she confidently heads over to the neutral corner. 1…2…3…4… Anna lies face down on the mat 5…6…7… she slowly raises her head and tries to push herself off the mat 8…9…10 she can’t push further, falls back on her elbows and buries her face between her gloves as she gets counted out!  

Official Result: Winner via KO6, Toni Storm!

Post-Fight: It was a hard-fought battle as the bruising and swelling around the victor’s nose also documents, but it is time to celebrate for Toni as she flexes both of her arms in the center of the ring with a smug smile on her face. Medical staff checks up on Anna as she regains her senses and then her coach helps her to get back to her stool in their corner. However, before she can fully recover, Toni comes over and pulls her up to her feet by one side of her braided hair. Anna isn’t in a position to argue, so she lets Toni take her on a walk of shame around the ring. “See, you’re just an overrated eye candy!” says Toni before throwing Anna down towards her corner. She then flexes once again for the fans as she shouts “This is just the beginning of a new era for Toni Storm!” She again receives a mixed reaction from the crowd, but she seems to be feeling good about herself and not caring for what the fans think as she leaves the ring as the victor.  



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