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26 March 2021 Natalie Martinez vs Emily Bett Rickards

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on March 26, 2021, 10:53am


Natalie Martinez versus Emily Bett Rickards


Two girls in need of an FCBA win meet in this one. Martinez has shown plenty since being given her first stable opportunity at the ripe old age of 35, but she hasn't managed to grab a win in the FCBA yet. As for Rickards, she had the look of a future champion when she was signed by Medallion in 2018, but has had a rough road since, winning only four of her last eleven fights. But, despite the lack of results, or, in Rickards' case, recent results, neither fighter is lacking confidence. "I've been in with bigger girls," says Natalie with a smile. Tahnee and Lima. But. Emily is more my size. And, I'm going to take her out of there."

"This girl is aggressive and can hit," says the blonde beauty. "Reminds me a lot of ME. Only. She's not as good as I am. Which, I'm about to prove."


Both fighters known for aggression, so, it's no surprise that they're at one another immediately, simply meeting in the middle of the ring and going at it and, soon enough, BOOM! Martinez a short left hook and Emily is HURT! Rickards stumbles backward into the ropes and Natalie is ALL IN! She's winging away with both hands, almost exclusively head hunting as she tries to bring this thing to an early and shocking end. Rickards in a high guard, rolling with, blocking, putting her body on sale. But, the brunette isn't buying much, instead looking hard for the 'off' switch. Looking, but not finding. As the final seconds of the round tick away, Emily's shaken the worst of the damage and begins banging back, actually working off the ropes by the bell. When it rings, Natalie's won the round wide to go up 10-9, but Emily's lived to fight another day.


Back to work in the middle of the ring. Rickards' legs are back and she's giving every bit as good as she's getting as the fighters bang away at one another. Natalie doing more body work now, and the blonde responding in kind, digging ribs and tummy, then going back upstairs for some heavy, short hooks and uppercuts. Both fighters shipping the damage well, and there's plenty to ship. Tons of leather flying back and forth as both blonde and brunette try to impose will and neither succeeds in doing so. Every hard shot from Martinez gets an equally hard rejoinder from Rickards. Down the stretch, there's almost nothing in it and both women turn up the heat trying to steal the points, leading to a heavy exchange right at the bell. When it rings, Emily's on the board by the narrowest of margins and we're even at 19.


Toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring is where this one is being fought, and both fighters seem happy with those terms. BOOM! Martinez again! That short left hook and Rickards is rumblin', stumblin', fumblin' backward to wash up against the ropes. Natalie all in for the second time, again making with the head hunting, banging against Rickards' high guard looking to turn out the lights. Emily again trying to ride this out, jabbing back here and there to keep the ref at bay, clinching a little, but mostly blocking and rolling with and playing for time. Late in the round, Martinez begins buying some of that body, tenderizing tummy and ripping ribs, but it doesn't bring down the blonde's guard. At the bell, Rickards has survived again, but Martinez has another one wide and leads 29-28.


Toe-to-toe, banging away. Natalie backing up Emily early, but, as the round goes on, Rickards solidifies her front and begins holding canvas, firing back, giving as good as she gets once again. Both ladies sitting down on punches, punishing one another to both head and body. Neither giving an inch in the second minute, despite all the heavy leather being exchanged. Final minute sees the blonde beginning to make some headway. She's slowly beginning to get the better of the exchanges, backing up the brunette a couple of times, forcing her to cover up here and there. Natalie's still getting work done, but Rickards makes up the early stagger, and, late in the round, pulls into a slight lead. When the bell rings, the blonde's pulled out another round close and evened the fight again, this time at 38.


Once again, the fighters meet in the middle of the ring and get after one another. This has definitely been a crowd-pleaser so far, with both blonde and brunette being very active and committing on their respective punches. Again, there's not a lot in it, as both ladies get plenty of offense in. All that changes at about the mid-point of the round when, BOOM! Right hand, RICKARDS and Martinez is hurt! Natalie goes all wobbly-butt and Emily tees off with both hands, sending Martinez reeling and then DROPPING HER WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT! Martinez sent sputtering to her back as Rickards heads for a neutral corner. Ref counting down. Natalie rolls to her belly and crawls to the ropes, trying to climb them, but, she's still doing that when the count passes her by and it's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is Emily Bett Rickards.


Emily all smiles in the post-fight. "It was tough in there," the blonde admits with a shrug. "But, I knew it would be. She's very physical. But, she wasn't beating ME that way. No way in the world that was happening. Now, I've got to build off this win and get rolling again...right to a shot at the gold." 



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