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26 March 2021 Yvonne Strahovski vs Alyson Michalka

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on March 26, 2021, 10:24am


Yvonne Strahovski vs. Alyson Michalka

Battle of blonde beauties that seemed destined to happen some time ago. Michalka was always a big bantam who seemed like moving to light at least part time from her debut. It took awhile, but, following the collapse of her old stable and a fresh start at Left Turn Knockouts, Michalka's dipping her toe into the lightweight division and doing it against one of the most iconic blondes ever to fight at the 130-pound limit. "Look," says Aly, "I'm beyond starting small. I've worn the gold around here and beaten the best the lightweight division has to offer. If I'm going to work at light, I want to work against the top girls, and that's what Yvonne is."

"Alyson's been on my radar for years," the Aussie says with a gorgeous smile. "And, I'm very excited to finally get in the ring with her."


No surprise that the ladies get their respective boxes on. Both are rangy and skilled, and both are excellent on these terms. And, what happens next is something purists absolutely love, a full round of the two blondes showing off their tactical abilities and techniques, moving feet, hands, heads, angling, playing with the geometry, using the jab, setting up punches, creating openings and then filling them with leather. And, again, it's no surprise that the fighters are so good on these terms, as both have proven so repeatedly in the past. Result of all this is that when the clock begins ticking down in the first, there's not much in it at all. Neither fighter has been able to create much distance, and a final exchange that sees a pair of hard rights land doesn't do much to change that. It's Michalka by a cat's whisker as Aly takes the 10-9 lead.


Right back to boxing. Blondes getting the hands out and back quickly, defending well, slipping some punches, blocking others. But, plenty of hard, accurate fire gets through. Both fighters are scoring well with both hands, but nobody's hurt. Until, somebody IS. BOOM! Straight right hand, MICHALKA and Vonnie's steppin in fence-post holes! Strahovski nearly goes down as Aly pours on the fire and drives the Aussie back into a corner. Yvonne in deep trouble as the referee looks in closely. She's got the tight earmuff, jabbing back here and there but taking a TON of shell. Finally, the older blonde begins clinching, hanging on desperately to run clock. Aly shoves her off, goes back to work, but Vonnie keeps grabbing hold, bringing the ref in to break them, and, she manages to make it to the bell. When it rings, Aly's got it wide and she's evened things at 19.


Michalka walking Vonnie down. Older blonde's legs aren't back, and Aly's taking full advantage, reefing heavy shot at the Aussie, punishing her with hard rights, and GETTING NAILED WITH A RIGHT-HAND COUNTER! Out of NOWHERE, Vonnie turns the fight! Now, it's Aly who's GOBSMACKED, stumbling backward as Yvonne swings over to the offensive. Straho quickly forcing the younger woman to the ropes and letting her have it, a complete 180 from round two. Michalka now in the high guard, hanging on, as Straho punishes her to head and body as the ref looks in. Like Vonnie did in the second, Alyson is firing back here and there, doing just enough to prevent a stoppage, but, when the bell rings, Vonnie's won the round wide and gone back in front 29-28.


Straho in control. Now, she's the blonde doing the walking down and Michalka's the one getting walked, so to speak. Aly's still buzzed and Vonnie knows it, but Michalka's managing to fire back in spots, at least conducting a fighting retreat. But, she's absolutely retreating as the Aussie continues her effective offensive. No question, Straho's looking to finish here, but, as it becomes more and more obvious that's not going to happen, she keeps the foot down on the pedal, continuing the clean up and pressing her advantage as far as she can without taking chances. Final thirty seconds sees Aly finally stabilize the front, resulting in more good, two-way stuff. But, it's far too little and far too late. When the bell rings, Vonnie's got it wide again and extends her lead to 39-37.


Ranged boxing again early, with both blondes getting work done. Aly moving more, angling, not closing, but looking for openings in the Aussie's defenses. And. Finding one. BOOM! Straight right, Michalka and Straho is HURT! Vonnie wobbles, covers up, and Aly's all in again. American winging away with both hands, driving her rival back into the ropes, and then going downstairs in a BIG way. Vonnie's got the guard high, putting the body on sale, and Michalka is buying in BULK. She's working over the ribs and tummy as Straho crouches, clinches, tries to slow her down. Aly stacking Vonnie again and again, piling up points and punishment, going upstairs just enough to keep the Aussie honest. At the bell, Yvonne's feeling the results of the previous three minutes, and Aly's claimed the points wide to cut the lead to 48-47.


Michalka backing Vonnie up in a mirror image of round four. Aly's working the left, setting up hard right hands. Aussie throwing back in spots, landing the odd sharp counter, but she's spending most of her time backing and covering as Alyson piles up points. Michalka, like Straho in the fourth, is thinking "stoppage", but she's making sure to clean up thoroughly, scoring points to both head and body, but mostly concentrating upstairs in this stanza. Vonnie's doing well to stay off the ropes, and the manages to pull that trick for the entirety of the round. But, while she also manages to stay on her feet and avoid another big shot from the American, when the bell rings, there's no doubt about the cards. It's Alyson wide again and we're now even at 57.


Aly remains in control. Vonnie holding some canvas at times, firing back with solid combinations, but, Michalka's got it going and she continues tossing the older woman onto the defensive and forcing her backward, even though Straho's legs appear to be all the way back. Impressive stuff for Aly, who's making it clear she can compete in this division on a high level. She's fighting on even terms with a Hall of Fame light who's still at the top of her game, and, as she continues piling up points in the seventh, is on the verge of going back into the lead on the ca...BOOM! Right hand counter, Straho! Aly's staggered...and DROPPED by a blistering flurry from the Aussie! That quickly, Aly staring up at the ref as Vonnie heads to a neutral corner. American beats the count, and, when the ref gives her the mandatory, he waives on Yvonne. Straho quickly drives all before her, leaving Aly trapped on the ropes, but, the bell rings before she can do much damage. But, on the cards, the damage is already done. Vonnie has turned a 10-9 loss into a 10-8 win and pulls back in front 67-65.


Vonnie looking to finish now. She's pouring fire on the wobbly American. Aly keeping the guard high, giving ground, trying to ride this out. Straho cooly works her rival to the ropes, then begins calling in artillery strikes. Ref watching closely as the Aussie goes to town and DROPS ALY WITH A RIGHT HOOK! Michalka down on her right side parallel to the ropes as Vonnie heads to a neutral corner again. But, while it looks like it might be over, the American gets to hands and knees and climbs the ropes to beat the count. Ref clearly thinking about it as he gives Michalka the mandatory, but, when it's over, he waives on Straho. Vonnie just winging away now, battering at Aly, who's in a tight earmuff on the ropes. Shakes her with a straight right hand and then BLASTS a left hook behind the guard and THE REF HAS SEEN ENOUGH! He bundles Michalka to safety and it's OVER! And your winner by TKO8 is Yvonne Strahovski!


Vonnie scuffed and tired and still breathing hard in the post-fight, but that lovely smile in evidence. "That was some fight," the Aussie says, "As I knew it would be. I'm not sure if she wants to compete at this weight regularly, but, if she does, she CAN. But, the more important thing is, I'm still the best lightweight in the world, and I am COMING for those belts in 2021!" 



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