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31 March 2021 Ariel Winter vs Kristin Kreuk

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on March 31, 2021, 9:30 pm




"The first time," says Kristin with a smile, "She got a little lucky. Well, she's NOT going to get lucky tonight."

"Luck," says Ariel, "Had nothing to do with it. I was better than her THEN, and I'm better than her NOW."


O'Dell: "Back and ringside and that's 'Scotty Doesn't Know' by Lustra, and here comes Vancouver's Kristin Kreuk!"

McCarthy: "Finally! An actual, real fighter and not a Dancing Hooker Opponent! Winter is on her way out of here, and Kreuk's going to help shove her into the street!"

O'Dell: "Kreuk all business on her way to the ring. Climbs in, helped off with the robe, and looking plenty good in that sky blue number we've seen before..."

Tess: "Interestingly, Kreuk fought at Asylum before, but, this is her first time inside the Asylum ring..."

McCarthy: "What? That doesn't make SENSE!"

Cassie: "Sure it does. Kristin's other Asylum appearance was last February on the Tenth Anniversary Card, and she fought Kristen Stewart...on Asylum Beach."

O'Dell: "Aaannnnddddd, that's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' you hear behind us, but, that's not the Taylor Swift version, it's the cover sung by the woman coming to the ring right now, Ariel 'Dangerous Curves' Winter!"

Tess: "And, while I think Mac is exaggerating jussssstttt a bit in saying Ariel's on her way out, she's coming off a disappointing loss that knocked her out of the title picture, and she definitely wants to get the ship righted tonight."

O'Dell: "Ariel into the ring, helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. And, she's got the crowd popping with that curve-hugging white number we've seen before. And, the ladies are about ready. Time for some picks. Tess likes Ariel. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Kreuk's a REAL fighter. Kristin beats the Dancing Hooker!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Here we go. Kristin on the move and that's no surprise. This is a girl who's very athletic, and she wants to use that against Winter, who's a harder hitter and obviously will want to close and bang here. Kreuk not having any, using the feet, moving laterally very well."

Cassie: "Ariel not chasing her like she did early in the first fight, though..."

O'Dell: "She's not. Winter staying patient, but, while that means she isn't eating a lot of shots like she did in that first matchup, she's not able to get to spots to get off, so, on the cards at least, the result isn't going to be much different. Kreuk's building up the points right now."

McCarthy: "That's because this kid has no REAL trainers to tell her what to do!"

O'Dell: "We're down to thirty seconds in the first. It's been a good round for the Canadian, who controlled things early the first time these two fought. Winter just not able to get off much in this round, and that's exactly the way Kreuk wants it. Final seconds tick away and it's Krissy wide to start us off."

Tess: "And, Kreuk grabs the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Second begins with more movement from the Canadian. Ariel more active with her own feet now. She's looking to match footwork, square up, get off in combination. Krissy mostly preventing that. She's working the jab, slipping and dipping, making herself a very difficult target."

McCarthy: "This is the kind of SKILL that beats power. As I'VE shown many times!"

O'Dell: "Winter able to cut the ring and step to, get to work on some body. Kreuk ties her up, slips away, gets back to the war of movement. Ariel patient, stalking, looking for openings to close and bang. Not finding many, but, when she does, she makes no mistake..."

Tess: "And wastes no time."

O'Dell: "Does not. She's forward and letting the hands go immediately. Not a lot in it in this stanza. Kreuk scoring while they're moving, Winter scoring in set pieces. Both offsetting the other pretty well. Final seconds tick away and there's the bell. Krissy. By a cat's whisker."

Cassie: "And, Kreuk's up a pair, 20-18."


O'Dell: "Third underway. Ariel cuts the ring quickly, steps to, goes body. Krissy tying her up. Winter levers with the shoulder and ROCKS KREUK WITH A RIGHT HOOK! Krissy is GOBSMACKED after a NASTY right hook from Ariel! Winter letting the hands go, driving all before her..."

Cassie: "Kreuk doesn't want to be on those ropes..."

O'Dell: "But, that's exactly where Ariel pins her, and now the American goes BODY in a big way, reefing punches to the midsection and ribs trying to bring the guard down. Krissy keeping it high, crouching, trying to protect the body while keeping the gloves up..."

Tess: "NICE uppercut by Winter!"

O'Dell: "And, she stood Kreuk up with it! Krissy wobbled again and the ref looking in closely. Kreuk clinches, hangs on, buys some time, but Winter shoves her off and goes right back to work downstairs. Final seconds ticking away in the third. Another good right from Ariel and there's the bell. Shutout. Winter."

McCarthy: "But, Kreuk still leads 29-28."


O'Dell: "Winter all about the finish now. She's walking Kreuk down, lining her up with that jab then dropping in hard right hands. Krissy's legs still somewhat shaky, and Ariel taking full advantage of that. She's landing hard shot, punishing the Canadian again and again..."

McCarthy: "Kreuk just needs to ride this out and she'll be fine..."

O'Dell: "But, the seas are getting plenty rough. Winter loading up on those right hands, looking to find the one that turns off the lights. Kreuk keeping the gloves high, blocking and slipping what she can, but taking far too much leather and GETTING DROPPED WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND!"

Tess: "That might do it..."

O'Dell: "Ariel quickly to a neutral corner. Kristin down on her back, staring up at the referee. Count at three. Four. Five. Krissy rolls to her belly at six. Seven. Eight. Kreuk to hands and knees. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! Kristin can't get off of all fours and it's OVER! And your winner by KO4 is Ariel 'Dangerous Curves' Winter!"

Cassie: "Big win, Ari. Big win!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Ariel Winter, and, Ariel, the first time you fought Kristin, it was, maybe, the biggest win of your career to that point. And, I'm guessing this one was pretty big, too..."

Ariel (nodding): "People have questions. They shouldn't. Look at the girls I've beaten. Kreuk. Shahi. ScarJo. Hayden. Portman. But. They have questions. Well. Keep asking and I'll keep answering."

Tess: "I think you may have answered my next question. What's next for you?"

Ariel: "Just sign the papers. Anybody management wants me in with, I'm ready. Anyone."



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