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6 April 2021 Estella Warren vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Tractorpull on April 6, 2021, 4:57 pm



Estella Warren vs Charlize Theron

Results: Lookout! Story: Tractorpull


Estella Warren
Age 41
Height 5’9”
I Unified Welterweight Title

Charlize Theron
Age 45
Height 5’9 1/2”
Charlize Theron
Age 45
Height 5’9 1/2”
8 Unified Lightweight titles
7 Unified Welterweight titles
1 Unified Middleweight title
3 Maxim Lightweight titles
2 Paramount Lightweight titles
1 Reebox Lightweight title
2 Reebox Welterweight titles
2 Paramount Welterweight titles

Estella is at the podium. As usual Charlize is standing in the background just listening to what Estella has to say. “Charlize and I go way back to December 2001. She won that fight. We fought a couple more times and she won those also, but in our last fight, I knocked her out in the fifth round. It was a body Saddle fight and I got to ride her around the ring. Now I have to tell you and with no disrespect to Charlize standing back there, but she is a lot better fighter than she is a substitute pony. Now this isn’t a body saddle bout, but I still plan on knocking her out” As usual no reply from the GOAT. She just smiles and waives as Estella.

Estella enter the ring wearing a silver bikini, black gloves and boots. Her hair is in a pony tail. Charlize is in her usual creme bikini with creme gloves and black boots. Her hair is in cornrows. Fans are gettin tired of creme bikini look. It’s time for a change they say.

Round 1. The two meet in the center of the ring, touch gloves and back off. Charlize usually starts off the fight with a right jab, but his time she goes for the body with a right hook to the midsection. Estella brushes it off and catches Charlize with an overhand right to the head that knocks Theron back a step. Charlize lands a right to Warren’s face, Estella returns a hook to Charlize’s face.
They briefly swap punches and then back off. They circle looking for an opening. Warren makes the move faking a right to Theron’s head but coming up with a left hook to Therons midsection. A Theron overhand right narrowly sails by Warren’s head and she steps in with a hard right to Theron’s tummy that draws a gasp from the Goddess as she falls back into the ropes. . Warren now has Charlize on the defensive as she lands a right cross to the head followed by left and another right. Theron’s guard is now high and Warren goes to the body with left and right hooks and then as Theron’s guard starts to drop to protect her body, Estella land a right hook to Charlize’s chin. Theron is HURT. but she knows she has to get off the ropes. Theron takes another right hook to her chin but throws an overhand right to the side of Warren’s head that drives her back and Charlize get off the ropes. The two exchange rights. Warren staggers back while Charlize's legs buckle. They are right back at it and one again Warren wins the exchange as a right cross send Theron right back into ropes. Warren follows up with a right cross to the jaw and then a left that has the blonde sagging in the ropes as the bell sounds. Warren’s corner is upbeat. In the Goddess’s corner It’s business as usual. They have been though bad first rounds many times before.

Round 2. Theron’s out of her corner with no delay. She catches Warren just a couple feet from her corner and drives her back into the ropes with left and right crosses to the head. It’s Warren, who is now in trouble. She manages to dip own and then come up with a right uppercut the Charlize’s chin. That sends Theron staggering back to the center of the ring. Warren follows with a right cross, then a left. Surprisingly, Theron is right back at her and they are toe to toe slugging it out. The crowd is on its feet cheering on their favorite, but it is mostly a pro Warren crowd. Its toe to toe, right and left crosses that swivel heads. Back and forth. One of Warrens crosses misses and Theron comes up with a short uppercut to the chin. Warren’s hands drop and she falls into Charlize, who steps back and lets Warren crash to the canvas. Charlize is in shock. She looks down at Warren disbelieving what she is seeing The referee pushes the blonde back and starts the count. Warren stirs and starts to get up. She is on her hand and knees at six, one knee at seven and then falls back to her hands and knees. The fight is over and the few Theron fans in the audience cheer their favorite.

Charlize Theron defeats Estella Warren KO2


Estella is the first to speak. “You know you never miss a chance to fight Charlize. She can be beaten, but not very often For me, you can call this bout a bookend bout. In our first fight, she won by a KO2 and now in what is probably our last fight she won by a KO2. Charlize you really didn’t have to end it so soon”

Charlize “I have to say I have no idea what happened. We were having fun slugging it out and then all of sudden you are laying there. No one was more surprised than me. It startled me. I couldn’t believe it, but I will take it.. You are probably right In that this is probably our last fight, but then as they say “Never say never. Somebody asked about my next fight. IronicalIy saw her at ringside tonight checking me out. I was informed about a month ago that she wanted revenge and I said why not. I just say she’s a big blonde not that narrows name down to much. We are going at it mid-month on the beach. That’s all I am going to say now.



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