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6 April 2021 Eiza Gonzalez vs Kelly Rohrbach

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Posted by Vassago on April 6, 2021, 11:59 pm



Eiza Gonzalez vs Kelly Rohrbach
(Odds & Ends Fight Studio vs Lioness Club of America)
(14-17, 14 KO vs 25-16, 25 KO)
BWO Rankings: #16 vs #20
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Rematch time between Eiza Gonzalez and Kelly Rohrbach - both these stunners clashed in November 2019 when the Mexican actress knocked the American out in five and basically handed Kelly her walking papers from VIXENs. Hailey Clauson merely finished Kelly's hopes off the following month and the Connecticut native confirms the first Gonzalez fight happened to wreck her status at VIXENs beyond repair: "This is one that hurts the most. Not gonna lie about it! But Lionesses have targeted Eiza for their own reasons so I'm happy they consider her as a viable option to get my revenge!"

Eiza is indeed no stranger to facing LCA opposition over the years, she battled Lily Aldridge and Odette Yustman with mixed results and is scheduled to face Joy Corrigan on Odds & Ends' beach boxing card soon. One might argue this is a dress rehearsal of sorts and Gonzalez claims she's a better fighter than Rohrbach "ever was and ever will be!"

Eiza Gonzalez wears a black bikini set with green & white trim & red gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. Kelly Rohrbach wears a light blue bikini set & silver gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a half-up ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Angry blonde dominates the early action... for like ten seconds before Eiza whacks her over the top and begins to stack up immediate pressure into Kelly's face! The slugging approach was always in the script and Kelly doesn't bail out of her efforts however the brunette simply outworks her in heads up exchange before bursting into her boobs just to turn up the heat even further! Huh! Kelly finally feels some pain and tries to establish new success in mid-distance but eats steady overhand punishment as Gonzalez duly rides the trigger-happy jabbing wave to make the blonde look outclassed for remainder of the round. No wonder the Sports Illustrated model fumes at coach Claudia Schiffer during the interval...

Round 2:
Kelly lets it fly early in the second and this time she catches Eiza with a good hook on the ear which allows her to dominate the subsequent exchange. Eiza doubles down on the in-yo-face jabbing wave though and hangs in with the American foe until the two-minute mark when Rohrbach finally lands the biggest haymaker of the lot and wobbles the brunette to her heels. Eiza struggles to carry enough power from that stance and gets thumped onto the ropes as the blonde neutralizes her allegedly superior mobility and cranks up the gut-checking volume to leave the Mexican gasping for air at the bell.

Round 3:
More of the same in the third; Eiza accepts Kelly's high stakes slugging in the opening minute only to drop into trouble when the blonde's execution proves vastly superior. She refuses to back off at first but then Kelly threatens to bash her nose into a bloody mess as she snaps the dark ponytail back... and Eiza has to yield real estate. Kelly comes flying in with more head-hunting pressure but Gonzalez shows off her nifty footwork to escape further point blank range damage. However she can't be circling back all day here and tries to steal some artistic value late with a feisty body assault only to bounce off Rohrbach's forearms and sink into more spasms when the SI model spikes her on the chin with an upprercut double instead.

Rounds 4 & 5:
Kelly has forged ahead on the cards but Eiza makes better use of her supreme mobility during the next two rounds. She packs more shots into the blonde's body as well and notches some dirty clinching success as well. Eva Mendes joins Claudia Schiffer in the LCA corner and tells the bemused German this is how they do things in Mexico as Eiza steps on Kelly's toes on purpose among other things. She locks the Connecticut blonde in a lenghty clinch before rolling around the ropes where she repeatedly plugs her in the gut. Rohrbach struggles to flex her elbows which proves to be a major problem as Eiza keeps stacking up leather singles and she might not hurt the American with a vicious sweep here but she clearly drains the blonde off valuable energy as we hit half-distance basically split on the cards.

Round 6:
Kelly avoids another clinching effort and bumps the Mexican off with a stray head-butt before she connects with a left/right combo on the nose that finally puts the brunette on notice. Eiza struggles to impress when she's forced to work in mid-range and gets outnumbered when she plays by Kelly's rules. The SI model can finally carry more core strenght behind her shots and snaps Eiza's head back & forth before the Mexican tails off into another hectic retreat. She escapes a head-hunting rush at first but then stumbles back into the corner and Rohrbach still traps her with a speedy burst in the closing seconds; Eiza slumps into loud spasms at the bell and displays a small gash across her nasal ridge which needs some medical attention during the interval.

Round 7:
Aggressive slugging from both women as the cards are too close to rely on them. Kelly seems to enjoy the initial burst but she can't quite land that haymaker punch and gets stuffed in the boobs as Eiza finally goes down the jug muggin' route several fans thought she would more often tonight. And the JMDD trick works as Kelly wobbles forward and gets sucked into another dirty clinch... Eiza shoves the blonde butt-in-ropes and keeps pounding her midriff into a mush before one of these belting harpoons drills the liver area and bellows Rohrbach over the top into outright spasms. It's right there for the taking and Eiza SLAMS a left/right combo into the exposed rack TO SEND KELLY CRASHING DOWN ON HER KNEES!!! This could be a deciding moment of the bout as Eiza is ready to celebrate in style before she realizes Kelly just won't check out after a single JMD combo! More work is required but the American model still looks a little shaky when she gets up at seven. She can't escape Eiza's jabbing rush but avoids more outright damage as the Mexican seems perplexed by her options; She aims both high & low but simply can't finish the blonde off before the bell.

Round 8:
Eiza doesn't want to rely on the cards despite forging ahead and sprints across the ring to connect with some quick punches but Kelly unloads a nasty cross hook on the nose before stuffing the brunette with a belting shot herself. Eiza steps in and shoots high... but misses... and Kelly comes back with a thunder of a hook from the inside that shatters the Mexican's jaw!!! Uh-oh!!! Eiza wobbles to her side with a loud whimper and doesn't raise her mitts fast enough as Kelly carries a left/right double into her mouth! Eiza's head snaps back and she trips onto the ropes... she tweaks to the right and the blonde still nails her with a flying head spinner!!! A left hook then drills the solar plexus TO WRENCH THE MEXICAN BABE ONTO HER BACKSIDE!!! How about this then? Kelly responds with a knockdown of her own!!! Gonzalez groans herself through the count and gets up at eight... but Kelly has enough time to WHACK her from both flanks and goes all-in high to snap the dark ponytail around Eiza's neck!!! Hammer time!!! Heavy bombs crash into the brunette's face and she goes limp upon repeated impact... she offers nothing back and the ref has to step in just before the two-minute mark!!! He pulls the American off her prey and embraces a very soft looking Mexican babe. TKO8 Kelly Rohrbach!!!

AFTER: That Main Event should satisfy all the DAZN ratings' experts but Kelly is still the biggest winner of the night as she secures the all-important revenge win over a bitter Mexican foe. It wasn't a proper slam dunk performance but both these hellcats are matched too closely together to expect one after all.

Meanwhile Eiza has shown enough skill in defeat to keep her as the betting favorite against another Lioness blonde Joy Corrigan whom she is scheduled to face next. That's a very small consolation prize for a clearly dejected brunette who needs several shots of tequila to calm down before the Odds & Ends press conference.

Official Result: Kelly Rohrbach def. Eiza Gonzalez TKO8.



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