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9 April 2021 Hannah Brown vs Lily James

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Posted by girlsfriday on 9 April 2021 at 4:08pm


Team USA - Hannah Brown

 Team Rest of the World - Lily James

Tale of the Tape:
Hannah Brown:
Age: 26
Height: 5'7
2-0 (2KOs)
Lily James:
Age: 32
Height: 5'7
3-0 (3KOs)

(Free Agent vs League of Mighty Women)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Things are tied up again as we head into the third contest of the night, with maybe the two hottest prospects in the lightweight division fighting, both undefeated as Hannah Brown and Lily James put those records on the line in a big time fight.

Both debuted last year with Hannah starting in the FCBA with two impressive wins over former FCBA lightweight champions Cobie Smolders and Odette Yustman, Lily meanwhile started her career in the BBU with wins over Suki Waterhouse and Ming Xi, that caught the eyes of her stable and she won her FCBA debut against Erin Willerton.

Like the first fight of tonight this is an absolute coin toss on paper, physical they are identical for reach, with a pound or two difference in weight and the same height, Lily of course is slightly older and has had an extra fight, Hannah has arguably fought the better opposition.

Before the fighters clashed, each gave their thoughts on camera at their teams gym, Hannah was first up in the Front Street Gym being used for Team USA's training, Hannah stepped into their media room wearing a blue sports bra with tight shorts, drinking from a water bottle as she clearly had been working out hard beforehand.

Grinning to the camera, Hannah says "I never thought in just a year I'd be boxing on event like this, I've been a little gutted over not hearing the phone as much the past few months but boy does this make up for that" putting her water bottle down as she pushes some loose hairs back behind her ears.

"Also wow to fighting Lily, I have noticed she has been stealing my thunder haha, she seems nice enough but I know once that bell rings it is every woman for herself, maybe if I beat her that development programme her stable is running might look my way or better yet they boot her out for me" winking at that part as she finishes her speech.

Lily meanwhile is wearing a black shirt with Team R.O.W" in white letters across the front, along with black shorts, she waves to the camera before sitting down with her award winning smile.

"This is just so amazing, to train alongside some of the best in the world right now, I have to admit I was speechless seeing Priyanka (Chopra) and Juno (Temple) alongside my friends Jenna (Louise Coleman) and Gemma (Atkinson) I really can't believe I am here" pinching her arm with a laugh to jokingly make sure this is real.

Settling herself down after her laughing fit, Lily smiles as she says "now to the serious part, that being my opponent Hannah, I won't lie I didn't know much about her till Nicole (Kidman) showed me tapes of her, boy is she something! She made mincemeat of Cobie and Odette couldn't stop her, that's scary to think about, that is part of the sport right? To take those butterflies and push them aside when it matters, neither of us has tasted defeat yet, I'm not planning on being the one to do so yet" standing up as she goes to leave.

Stopping for a moment as Lily turns her head to her right to look at the camera, telling her opponent "oh and maybe if you do well Hannah I might put in a good word for you back in my stable" giving the thumbs up as if to show it's a promise.

Fight night in the Alamodome in Houston, out first comes the former Miss Alabama winner Hannah with her teams coach Neve Campbell beside her, she looks a little nervous but nods to the fans as they chant her name, she looks like she is walking on the stage of the pageant circuit the way she holds herself.

Climbing into the ring, Hannah is wearing her teams colours, a red sports bra, matching boots and gloves, stars and stripes trunks, while her hair is tied into a ponytail, she poses at the center of the ring for the cameras with gloves on her hips, pouting before she heads to her corner.

Now out comes Lily, who gets maybe the most boos she ever will in her career, she looks around a little worried looking as Nicole tells her "they don't actually hate you honey" making Lily nod as she takes a deep breath, striding down the aisle with a look of purpose as she seems to have a handle on those nerves now.

Stepping into the ring wearing a navy blue sports bra, matching gloves and shoes, she has a Union Jack pattern trunks on, her hair also is in a ponytail, settling into her warm up in her corner, Nicole tells her "when the fight begins don't worry, you'll not be thinking one bit about these people in the crowd, it will come down to you and her" Lily nods with a small smile as if to thank Nicole for her words that look to have focused her.

Coming together at the middle of the ring, both giving the other a serious stare as they bounce on their toes, if each young woman is still nervous they are hiding it well now as they focus firmly on the woman standing in their way to glory.

As they are told to touch gloves, both wishes the other good luck in a sign of their sporting class, touching up their gloves respectfully as even the coaches smile at that exchange, the fighters return to their corners with eyes firmly on the other, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Feeling each other out behind their jabs, eyes locked as Lily is bouncing on her toes, Hannah trying to be the aggressor as she swings in a straight first, just missing as Lily steps back out the way.

Throwing more punches now, Lily doubles up her jab as she smacks Hannah in the mouth, stepping back again out the way of a left cross, she seems to have the faster footwork of the fighters.

After the first minute, Hannah seeing Lily take a step back follows in with a right into her chest, Lily grunts out as her guard dips slightly, a left hook catching her on the jaw as the model is opening up more on her.

Pressing Lily around the ropes, Hannah is pressing her behind her guard, digging in a good mixture of body shots along with punches around the guard, taking a few punches back into her face as Lily shows she isn't going to just be pinned so easily.

At the bell it's not a bad start by either, Hannah looking the slightly happier as she sits on her stool, both women getting an idea of the test ahead as they look across the ring at each other with an intense look.

Round 2:
Both are throwing more punches in bunches now, Lily doubling up her jab nicely as she stings the cheeks of Hannah, who is seeking to get in closer to land a good power punch, being kept at bay in the opening thirty seconds.

Slipping a jab, Hannah bangs in two lefts to the tummy of James, then grazes the chin of the Brit with an uppercut, Lily moving back as the American comes after her with two punches square into her jaw.

It is looking like it could be a repeat of the last round after the opening minute, Lily being forced around the ring by the confident looking Brown, stabbing in several punches to the chest of Lily to make her grunt out.

But as Hannah tries to step in with a straight, she takes a right hook to the jaw, Lily getting off the ropes, where she is able to work now as she catches Hannah maybe getting a little lax after her success do far, knocking back Hannah to range as she moves around the ring.

The round comes to a close with Lily looking happy with how she finished the round, nodding to Nicole when being told the little tricks she can use to get the gap where she wants it, Hannah sitting on her stool getting wiped down as Neve is happy with how she is working so far.

Round 3:
Moving to the left of Hannah, using that impressive jab to hammer the left cheek of Hannah, Lily is starting to get that rhythm where she wants it, moving back out the way of cross punches, taking a few punches into her chest as Hannah is looking to disrupt her attacks.

Feinting before she sidesteps Hannah, Lily slams a right hook into the side of the American's head, a one-two then follows as she is starting to bang through the guard of Brown to snap back her head.

Getting Hannah into a corner, Lily shows off her hand speed to switch up targets, getting groans from Hannah when she buries her fists into the stomach, forcing Hannah to pull her into a clinch, the referee stepping in to break them apart.

Hannah comes back at Lily when they resume, getting into her face as she forces the exchange, James caught a little flat footed there, finding herself backed to the opposite corner with not long left to go, both let their hands go as Lily isn't covering up, she is really after this now.

At the bell both women stare hard before they return to their stools, Nicole patting Lily on her back as she is much happier with her, Hannah not looking too bothered as Neve talks her through her mistakes.

Round 4:
Fighting around the ring, Hannah is trying to close that gap quickly, landing several good body shots on the inside, getting shoved back as Lily shows some of her muscle to get the gap back.

Stepping back out the way of a left cross, Lily bangs in the one-two to snap back the head of Brown, she then follows up by ducking a straight to hammer in two left hooks to the body, moving back to range as she is starting to pick apart Hannah.

The model does get in a good left to the body, a right slamming into the chin of Lily as she gets her best punches of the round, forcing Lily to box around the outside of the ring, she can't pin down the Brit as she is getting a left into her face.

Trying to barge into Lily as time ticks away, Hannah takes a right hook to her jaw that wobbles her back a step, on comes Lily as she slams in a follow up jab/straight to knock back the head of the model, pressing her back into her own corner, where she bangs in more punches through the mitts of Brown.

When the bell rings Hannah looks a little rattled as she looks around for her corner, Neve needing to pat her on her left shoulder, blinking to clear her vision, across the ring Lily is listening closely to Nicole, taking in all the advice she can.

Round 5:
Fighting around the center of the ring, Hannah still looks a little apprehensive as Lily starts picking through her guard, DUCKING UNDER A STRAIGHT, LILY COMES UP WITH AN UPPERCUT THAT SENDS HANNAH TO HER BACK!

A stunning punch as the crowd look shocked, 1...2...3... Hannah is blinking as she stares at the lights, 4...5...6... She is laying spread eagle barely moving, 7...8...9...10 that's it! Hannah is out!

Winner Lily James KO Round 5

Another superb win for Lily! She has really taken the boxing world by storm, she jumps up with a big beaming smile, taking the undefeated streak of Hannah along with giving Team Rest of the World the lead for the first time tonight.

The ringside doctor checks on Hannah, slowly she sits up with help as she holds her jaw, Neve happy to see that she will be OK as she is alert, over comes Lily to check on her once she is standing, both women embracing as Lily shows her class by telling Hannah she is amazing.

Nodding to Lily as they let go, Hannah admits "you got me well and truly tonight" both smiling before they return to their corners, the winner getting a big hug from Nicole as she is told how brilliant she is.

Over in the USA corner, Neve tells Hannah "guess tonight was a good learning fight for you, trust me I know how a defeat can make you, so don't worry OK?" Hannah nodding in reply as she smiles.

Not long after Hannah is helped from the ring, walking up the aisle under her own steam as she high fives some fans in the front row, while tonight wasn't great for her she got a thumbs up from Neve, who is a hard person to impress, maybe someone to watch out for as a top free agent.

In the ring Lily poses for the cameras with Nicole beside her, Lily admitting "I have to say this is a dream come true, to be standing beside you, you're a legend" Nicole smiles as she replies "this is your moment honey, so enjoy it" winking as they put an arm around each others backs, smoking to the camera.

Then they leave the ring, Lily keeps on impressing at this rate she could be in the contenders ranks by the end of the year, her winning smile seems to be winning fans as she gets cheered, giving them a thumbs up. 



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