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29 April 2021 Zara Holland vs Mikie Hara

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Posted by Girls Friday on April 29, 2021, 5:43 pm



Zara Holland (Kear's Kats) v Mikie Hara (Front Street Japan)
(Written by Knowlesley/Results BBU)

The recently dethroned Zara has taken a tough challenge on her return to the ring, as she faces another former BBU flyweight champion in Mikie, the 33 year old who held the belt for a year and a half between 2013 and 2015, when Jenna Coleman knocked her out.

The girls are in the ring, with Zara in pink lingerie, and Mikie in royal blue, both of them keen to win this fight, and keen to hurt their opponent in doing so.

Round 1

As anticipated, there are fireworks from the opening bell as both girls unload punches, Zara getting the better of the exchanges, as she bats Mikie with right hooks, forcing the older girl to cover up and defend, but as soon as Zara tries to get in close to take further toll on Mikie, the Japanese babe starts  ramming solid jabs into Zara’s face, the Brit under pressure now, Mikie following those solid jabs with some very tasty hooks to Zara’s body, the former Beauty Queen grunting as Mikies gloves slap into her flesh, and she’s fighting back once again when Mikie rips a right uppercut up between her gloves, Zara hurt and teetering a little, and she’s stationary, as Mikie backs her into the ropes by the time the round ends, Zara already bleeding from her nose, and this is perhaps not the fight the former champion needed so soon after being dethroned.

Round 2

Out the girls come again, and from the outset, Mikie lays into Zara, thudding some heavy punches into her body, believing the blonde to be susceptable to an assault to her flanks, but the Brit takes her punches and hits back, choosing to go for Mikie’s face with that big right hook of hers, misses her with one, before Mikie blocks another, so Zara changes tactics, hits Mikie with a couple of jabs, then hurts her with a solid right hook, the gravure model staggered and shaky, then Zara puts her on the floor with another right hook to her jaw, but brave Mikie’s up at 5, not looking worried, and she takes the fight to Zara once more as soon as she’s on her feet, battering the blonde to her glorious body, Zara looking dischevelled at the bell again.

Round 3

The round starts in the same frenetic manner as the previous two, with Mikie pushing hard to re-establish herself, but Zara matches Mikie punch for punch in these early exchanges in this round, although incredibly Mikie seems to be increasing the pace of her work, and Zara’s struggling now as the older girl seems to be overpowering her, making her slide backwards, cornered and unable to get herself out of trouble, Mikie’s accurate punching beginning to mark Zara’s face, which is bruising quite nastily, the blonde taking some punishment, Mikie wobbling her later in the round with a left hook and right hook combination, Zara cut above her left eye, the blonde puffing and blowing hard at the bell.

Round 4

This isn’t going well for Zara as Mikie really lays into her, brings her guard down, and thuds her head back again and again with her solid jabs, Zara once more starting to wobble, and she’s losing control of her legs it seems, struggles to set herself solidly after Mikie gives her another lightning fast combination, Zara just about getting over that, until Mikie rips in a left uppercut, and that’s sent Zara down and onto her back.  A glassy eyed Zara gets up at 7, her nose and mouth leaking blood, and Mikie gives her some more, looking to finish the former champion off in this round, but Zara protects her face by getting in closer to the Japanese beauty, but she’s down again, a heavy bodyshot this time a left which ripped into her liver, but the blonde’s beating the count at 8, just on the bell, which has surely saved her from a quick defeat.

Round 5

That was a cruel round, and Mikie must now be on the verge of victory, Zra bloodied and bruised, but Mikie doesn’t go for the kill, doesn’t go for those slamming bodypunches, but it looks like she wants to inflict more pain on Zara now instead of putting her out of her misery, and she hits her head side to side, blood spraying off the Brit’s lips, but she stands her ground, and fights back, thumps the older girl’s face hard, and Mikie’s looking shocked at Zara’s resilience, the blonde actually landing better punches than Mikie as the round progresses, and she’s not out of this fight yet, the former champion, who was hanging on by a thread, is now starting to exert some control, Mikie still wary of her right hook, although Zara’s not overcommitting herself, just contents herself with landing solid jabs and crosses.

Round 6

Zara’s working better now, and she shrugs off Mikie’s initial attack, then hits back, and hits back hard, swatting Mikie to her face with a lovely left and right combination, the Japanese babe covering up as best she can, takes punches to her ribs and belly, and Mikie’s possibly starting to tire, squeaking as Zara’s gloves whack into her body, and when the blonde hits her face with a couple more tasty hooks, she trembles and drops to the floor, and now she’s bleeding as well, a nasty cut on her left cheekbone, but she gets up after taking a count of 7, although she’s still unsteady, but Zara can’t quite find the target again as Mikie goes ultra defensive, covering up, then clinging on, looking fairly shabby at the bell.

Round 7

This fight has been fast and furious, both girls having been knocked down twice, but thie action seems a little slower now, as a tiring Zara’s biding her time, confident that Mikie has shot her bolt, but at the same time she’s not risking leaving herself open, wary of the older girl’s power, and she prods the Mikie backwards with her jab, and now presses her to the ropes, where she hits her around the ribs, managing to keep a reasonable momentum going, whilst Mikie seems out of gas, not really landing any punches in the later stages this round, looking deflated at the end of it, as Zara dominates her whilst not really looking to land anything damaging, just scoring her points, making sure she catches the judges eyes.

Round 8

Mikie’s soldiering on, her face bruised and looking very sore, her damaged cheek bleeding nastily, making vision tricky as it closes her eye, but she’s doing her best to stay active, as she throws a couple of half decent punches at Zara, not really affecting her though, and the recently dethroned champion lets her have it, with her exhausted opponent stacked back against the ropes, she lands three hard left hooks in a row, then a right, and that’s finished Mikie off, the Japanese babe in a heap on the canvas, and there’s no need for the referee to count, because she’s out!

Result: Zara Holland knocked out Mikie Hara in round 8

That was another hard, hard fight for Zara, eventually overcoming Mikie, who came to fight, and will long rue her decision not to go in for the kill when she had Zara pretty much at her mercy. 

Zara claims after the fight that she’s ready to take the flyweight title back, but she might be better off having an easier fight or two before getting back in the ring with Ewelina Lisowska!



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