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5 May 2021 Ruby Mae vs Gigi Midgley

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Posted by Girls Friday on May 5, 2021, 9:22 am



Tale of the Tape:
Ruby Mae:
Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Gigi Midgley:
Age: 24
Height: 5'9

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

We kick off tonights action here in Antwerp's Lotto Arena with the debut of the rising glamour star Ruby Mae, she takes on Gigi Midgley who is after her first win after losing her debut, which one of these two beautiful models can start their campaign this year on the front foot.

Like earlier debutants this year like Bethany Lily April, Ruby is reportedly getting interest from other fighters already with a score to settle with her it seems, Chloe Khan has made it known she'd like a crack at Ruby, while Amy Jackson only debuted a month ago herself yet is talking about maybe fighting Ruby when both have more experience.

For Ruby that seems to get her attention alright when she speaks to Anna Woolhouse backstage in the arena, Ruby wearing a red dress as she replies when asked on the matter "it's interesting getting such a buzz around me before I have even hit someone, Chloe is an annoying pain in the arse, Amy I don't really know that well but hopefully I live up to the hype", she giggles as Anna smiles at her.

The subject turns to this fight, Ruby admitting "while I have loved visiting this country, I have to say I'd have loved to have fought Gigi on a beach somewhere, I think I'm made for beach boxing, on Gigi well she looked impressive against Danielle (Robertson) in her debut, maybe why she hasn't been seen around here in so long, physically we match up so well but you know us English girls have to tame these Aussies in the ring", winking at that last part as Anna chuckles with a nod in agreement.

As Ruby said Gigi made her debut back in 2018, she fought Robertson in a hard fought clash where she had moments to win but was stopped in the seventh round, rumours were her performance actually worked against her as she scared potential opponent's.

Something she stresses when she talks to Anna "to think me battering that cow Danielle around basically cost me the last three years of my career, if I had went down in the fifth maybe I'd have gotten a call right?", Gigi in a black dress asks as Anna doesn't know how to answer.

"Anyway whether Ruby thinks I've gotten so rusty I won't be as good, she is deadly wrong, I have worked my butt off in the gym for a chance to fight, Ruby's debut isn't going to be all she hoped for when I knock her out and kill the hype in one fell swoop" says the Aussie beauty, as she turns to leave.

Fight night, out first comes Ruby wearing a red satin robe, she works the aisle like a catwalk with a charming smile along with her arms out at her sides, showing a hint of the impressive body hiding behind the robe.

Getting help from her coach to take off the robe before stepping into the ring, Ruby is wearing a scarlet red bikini with matching gloves, her hair tied into a ponytail as she shadow boxes in her corner, smiling as she takes in the cheers and whistles from her supporters.

Now out comes Gigi with her coach behind her, she also walks with confidence to the ring, showing off her own impressive body in a black bikini with the top knotted together at the front, black gloves with her hair also in a ponytail.

Gigi climbs into the ring and bounces on her toes in her corner blowing a kiss to the cameras, then showing off her hand speed with a punching drill as her coach tells her she has got this to talk her up.

The referee waves the fighters together, hands on hips as they give each other a cold look, once the instructions are over the fighters bump their gloves into their opponent's set hard with a crack of leather, bouncing on their toes in their corners, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Physically these two are mirror images apart from hair colour, both up on their toes hammering in jabs to the other fighters face, neither able to land a hook early on as the opponent moves out of danger.

After a minute it is still hard to see who is winning, they are starting to throw in combos, both taunting the other to hit harder as the crowd whistles and cheers both fighters on, watching them snapping each others heads back now they move into midrange.

A left cross smacks Gigi across her face, Ruby stepping in with a one-two to knock Gigi back a step, it looks like Mae has cracked the code to controlling the action, landing several more clean punches to the beautiful Aussie's face to knock her back.

But a missed straight by Ruby earns her an uppercut to the body, then a left across her cheek as back now goes the English lass, marks already forming onto cheeks as neither is holding back much on the other woman.

Final moments sees both in close fighting scruffily, angrily shoving on the inside while peppering toned tummies with their rights, at the bell they are still fighting as the referee has to nudge them apart, crowd on it's feet as both yell at the other to bring it, that Ashes spirit well and truly alive between these two gorgeous models.

Round 2:
After both get told to cool off by their coaches, they are still throwing in venomous jabs to kick off the round, banging into cheeks as that identical reach looks to be frustration both women, who seem to be staring hatefully at their opponent for being so similar to them.

Gigi switches things up by dipping under a right cross, using her left forearm to push back Ruby onto her heels, she whacks in two rights over the top to turn the head of the Leicester lass.

Pressing Ruby near the ropes, Gigi now has Ruby covering up more tightly, the work rate of Midgley hasn't went down as she switches beautifully to dig into the body of Ruby then up top with hooks that have her coach smiling.

At the halfway point of the round Ruby shows she won't be subdued so easily with a one-two out her guard into the face of Gigi to knock her head back, getting a left cross to her cheek before she can fight off the ropes.

Entering the final moments of the round, Mae dips under a left hook then lands two rights to the ribs of the blonde, a left then into her tummy as she forces Gigi back to the center of the ring, at the end of the round there's more curse words exchanged as these two have quickly developed a mutual dislike to say the least.

Round 3:
They are so evenly matched in these early exchanges, there's some redness showing on cheeks as they go toe to toe then get back onto their toes, snarling as they circle with eyes narrowed in angry looks.

Gigi tries to move in closer by dipping down, Ruby sees it coming this time as she lands a counter left that turns the head of Gigi to the side, then a double jab knocks the blonde onto her heels as her head is snapped back.

In a reverse of the last round it is Ruby piling on the heat, Gigi needing to fight from her guard, Ruby throwing in flurries, arguably not as well as Gigi did in the same position, still she gets through several times with good punches to make Gigi grunt out.

Giving Ruby a shove to her chest before they enter the final minute, Gigi comes firing back as Ruby is forced to retreat back after a clean one-two combo landed onto her face, Gigi waving her to bring it on as the crowd is standing roaring them on.

Coming together in tight as they grind foreheads, working each others bodies with short digging punches, each can hear the other woman's grunts and groans, the thud of leather on tummies ringing out to the bell, where they shove apart angrily, things evened up again as they return to their stools.

Round 4:
Neither can hide the look of frustration on their face as they trade at the start of the round, things getting more scruffy as shoves to chests are coming now, referee warning both to keep it a boxing match.

Landing in two hooks to the body of Mae as she gets into her face, Midgley is trying to drive her back leading to the first clinch, which as you can guess is being hard fought in as they grapple, nearly tripping up when they get to the ropes, referee yelling at them to break before they break them up themselves.

Resuming the action Gigi wants to close that gap but eats a one-two clean into the top of her head, a left hook on her jaw causes Gigi to cover up as now on comes Ruby, the brunette picking her punches better this time clearly on her coaches advice, switching targets up with more precision.

While Gigi is landing a few good punches out her guard, she is struggling to stop Ruby coming at her, more body shots catching Midgley under her ribs as she hisses out.

Final moments of the round sees Gigi catch Ruby across her face with a right cross, Ruby showing some inexperience as she left her left hand too low, allowing Gigi to now back her up several steps with body work up until the end of the round, both women's bodies standing to glisten as they stare each other down before passing to go to their corners.

Round 5:
There's a little swelling around both fighters cheeks, with Gigi landing a right across the lips of Ruby that cause her bottom lip to start to bleed, Ruby coming right back though with a one-two square into her face.

Leaning out the way of a right cross, Gigi lands a right again into those bloody lips, then a left lands across the cheek of Mae to turn her head, momentum swings again as Midgley drives her into a neutral corner.

Where Gigi works the tummy with short digging punches, till she is dragged into a clinch, Gigi pressing Ruby into the corner as she is trying to show dominance, both sweat soaked models grinding heads as the referee steps in to pry them apart, again warning them to keep this ill tempered fight clean.

Ruby manages to come back strong but that cut lip is an easy target for Gigi at the moment, bashing her fists into it to stop Ruby from building up too much a head of steam, with the round ending with Ruby mouthing "f**k" before heading to her corner.

Both women getting wiped down as they show marks of battle, it's hard to find someone at ringside who can say who is winning this, maybe Gigi by cutting up Ruby's bottom lip but Ruby has had two dominant rounds like Gigi has.

Round 6:
Second half of the scheduled rounds begins with both women coming in closer to trade, not all punches landing flush as they catch their opponent on their shoulders as well as hips, causing the referee to tell them to watch where they are striking.

Ducking under a right hook, Gigi comes over the top with an overhand right into the face of her opponent, as Ruby takes a step back A LEFT HOOK CATCHES HER ON THE JAW TO SEND HER ONTO HER BACKSIDE AFTER A STUMBLE!

First major moment of the fight! Gigi taunting Ruby as she has her arms out at her side, needing to be nudged to the neutral corner, 1...2...3.. Ruby shakes her head of cobwebs, 4...5...6.. Rubbing her jaw as she feels some of the blood from her bottom lip run down her chin, 7...8.. Pushing to her feet, Ruby raises her fists to show she wants more.

Fighting on with Gigi coming at Ruby, the Aussie beauty smacks Ruby with a one-two into her busted lip, just missing with an uppercut as she is going hard to finish this fight, Ruby needing to grab onto her to stop her rhythm.

Broken up so they can fight on, Ruby is needing to box off the back foot, Gigi meanwhile stalks her around the ring, just missing with a big right hook as the bell rings, Gigi yelling "come on!" As she knows how big that knockdown was, getting clear daylight over Ruby now.

Round 7:
Gigi looks to keep at Ruby, the bit between her teeth clearly as she is swinging in some more hooks behind her jab, Ruby giving her ground to her as she doesn't want to be on the end of one of those.

Nice counter punches coming from the English lass, she bangs in a crisp left cross to the jaw of Gigi before following with a right into the side of her face to turn it to the side, Gigi realising by her expression that she can't walk through Ruby yet.

Leading to more jabs being exchanged as Gigi is trying to set up her bigger punches better, feeling she has Ruby trapped in a corner as she steps in with a straight that misses, an uppercut connects into the solar plexus of Midgley to make her gasp.

Now on comes Ruby as she bashes back across the ring, a right lands into the left eye of Gigi to give her something else to worry about as there is some swelling forming around it, Gigi standing her ground to give the crowd a grandstand finish to the round.

At the bell they stand looking over what they have done to each other, walking back to their stools taking in more deeper breaths as the pace seems to be finally showing on them, eyes locked across the ring as their corner teams work hard on patching them up.

Round 8:
There's a few more mistakes creeping in off both women, missing and getting clipped back across their faces, their expressions haven't changed much though as they look as determined as they did stepping through the ropes.

A missed right cross by Gigi is met with an uppercut to the body, as she bends slightly a left hook crashes across her temple, GIGI IS ROCKED BY THAT AS HER LEGS SHAKE, TWO MORE PUNCHES LAND SQUARE INTO HER FACE TO BACK HER UP THEN A RIGHT HOOK ON THE JAW SENDS MIDGLEY DOWN TO HER BACK!

"Yes!" Yells Ruby as she stares down at Gigi, having to be reminded she needs to go to a neutral corner, 1...2...3.. Gigi groans as she holds her jaw with her left glove, 4...5...6.. Gigi staring at the lights as she bents her right leg, 7...8..9..10 she doesn't move anymore, it is over!

Winner Ruby Mae KO Round 8

Wow what a fight! For two rookies both gave their all in a war that will be talked about beyond tonight, Ruby coming through a trial of fire to get her debut win, she heads over to Gigi to pose arms flexed, her right foot on the chest of the beaten woman as the ill feeling between them hasn't died down so easily.

Looking at Gigi, Ruby tells her "you got nothing on me bytch" stamping her right foot into the stomach of Gigi to make her groan out and curl up, Ruby strutting to her corner with her coach smiling as they high five.

Gigi on the other hand needs to be helped up by her coach and helped to her stool, Gigi putting her head down as she takes in deep breaths, an ice pack placed onto her stomach as her left eye is worked on as she will have a shiner to remember this defeat.

Once both women are ready they come to the center of the ring, they glare at each other while standing either side of the referee, Ruby flexing her left arm as her right is raised as if to make a statement who is stronger.

Gigi tells her "f**k you" as tempers flare and coaches hold them back, these two seem to have found a natural rival and if not for their coaches both seem happy to have a rematch now without the gloves on.

Cooler heads somewhat prevail as Gigi is led out the ring, she holds her stomach as she tells her coach she wants that bytch again, though both fighters coaches probably want them to go learn the trade against less volatile opponents, maybe this could be a future Ashe's clash.

The winner meanwhile poses for the cameras as she stands hands on her hips, her bottom lip is going to be sore and she has some puffiness around her cheeks but she looks proud of herself for overcoming a tough opponent.

She then steps out the ring with her coach beside her, Ruby pumping her right fist into the air as she walks up the aisle, is Ruby going to be a new star in this division or is it too soon to judge?

One person making a judgement on her social media is Chloe Khan, saying "is this the great new hope of the division? I am so ready to knock you out Ruby, answer your phone bytch and accept the challenge" posting a picture of herself to make her point.



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