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10 April 2021 Alexis Ren vs Carmella Rose

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Posted by caspian2 on April 10, 2021 at 10:58pm


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

5. Alexis Ren vs Carmella Rose


(24, 5’8, 47:11 FCBA, VIXENs)

(25, 5’8, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

“I’ve heard this Rose girl hasn’t lost before,” Ren smirks with a short laugh. “Well, that’s about to change tonight. Yes, yes, yes - I’ve heard it before. I need to think about my future, what I want to do going forward. Ain't it enough to live in the moment, huh? I mean, what a glorious sight that was indeed when that b*tch Cohen got knocked off her ass?” Ren laughs as she breaks into a bigger fit of giggles. “She neglected to mention I did exactly the same thing to her just a few weeks ago. Of course she’d lie to your faces. I promise you one thing: Rose is going down easily tonight. I don’t care whom she’s fought or how many fights she’s got on a streak. She hasn’t met someone like me!”

Carmella Rose might need a little introduction for those not familiar with the BBU. Not to be confused with Carmella from WWE wrestling fame, the blonde model has thus far beaten girls like Jessica Clements and Malena Costa over on the BBU side of things, and she might still be unsigned at the time of this recording, but don’t get on her bad side.

“Alexis Ren, huh? She's nothing but a little twig. A lot of hot air, if you ask me,” Rose says with a snarky nod and smirk. She can spit and brag all she wants, but she ain’t the one with the 100% win-record. Let’s go, b*tch. I can’t wait to shut those lips up with some leather.”

Girls practically have to be held apart during the press conference, with Ren in particular lunging at her blonde rival each time they get too close for comfort. Carmella left laughing and gesturing rudely the rest of the time, daring the Vixen to try something if she can. After the girls are herded backstage and out of eyesight of one another, we finally get the Tale of the Tape from the ring announcers.

Carmella is only slightly shorter than Ren, with the two blondes definitely relying on their speed and agility to land punches on the other. Rose comes out of the curtains first, puckering her lips and blowing kisses at the audience in a deep plunging two-piece swimsuit in shades of pink and black. She’s wearing white gloves for tonight’s contest, putting the finishing touches on her ponytail hung back. Ren goes for something more conservative than usual: a black sports bra holding her chest in place, white hot gym shorts that shows off her toned midriff, as always. The Vixen’s wearing blue gloves for this fight.

Referee calls the match to order, gesturing to both corners to ensure they’re ready to start. With a simultaneous nod from both women, HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Lightweight action!

Wide, bangin’ shots as two lanky blondes go to work almost immediately: Alexis screaming inwards like she owns the entire ring and starts the fireworks off with a couple of crunching combos to Carmella’s arms. What the proud Vixen doesn’t expect is an immediate counterattack from Carmella Rose, the other blonde keeping only a couple of fights under her belt but showing why she’s not to be messed with: a return hook snatches Alexis clean off the cheek before another one messes her face up in quick succession, and just like that, REN’S GETTING BEATEN BACKWARDS! Rose certainly living up to her reputation as she pours in the abuse right back, sending shockwaves into the Vixen’s lean tummy before throwing more bombs into her arms. Ren’s more shocked and bothered than anything else, her frontal attack blunted with such ease as she goes squealing and groaning backwards, in full retreat! Rose dominates this opening round, extinguishing moments of resistance as Ren attempts to counterattack with her own jabs bashing back into her face. But each time, Rose rocks her back with a more powerful version, and the bell rings to signal another possible upset if Ren isn’t more careful going forward in there!

Rose packing that dangerous combination of power and poise - she’s only had a little experience in the ring so far but somehow, her past opponents have all suffered at her steady hands. She pokes and prods at Ren again in the second round, steadily coming forward and lunging at Alexis’ head only when she has a clear enough shot. Ren getting boxed in like this, unfamiliar with fighting a fellow blonde who’s comfortable at beating her down from a distance, and combined with Rose’s power, the Vixen realises she might be in trouble here for the long run. Last minute, however, and the wiley Ren keeps clear and away from Rose’s attacks, imitating her strategy by only counterattacking when Carmella leaves herself wide open. She manages to score a couple of jabs to her face and chest, but it’s not nearly enough to salvage her performance by the bell.

Second consecutive round goes to the challenger and the VIX corner is again on the verge of tearing their hairs out from their heads. Ren, ever the improviser, resorts to hit-and-run tactics that begin to bear some fruit, Carmella wincing as a one-two combo shocks and stuns her to the nose and before she can retaliate, Ren is already three paces back out of range. The Vixen toys with her foe like this for the first two minutes, till she narrowly gets nailed by another unexpected overhand swing to the head, with Carmella herself improvising on the spot and hoping to catch her back with a sudden knockout blow. The two ladies end the round in more but sporadic clashes, shoving gloves into each other’s lips or dull smacks into the body until the referee forces them apart at the bell.

Rose built like any other model, her toned tummy glistening as she comes forth once more to brawl, ever confident in her win-streak and zero losses that she thinks she can knock the former Lightweight champion’s lights out within five rounds. She tests Ren’s defences in the first minute, banging punches into the arms and basically head-hunting the Vixen, looking for an opening to rush in to blast her head off its hinges, but Ren has other ideas, expertly dodging and weaving to avoid a left hook, following by an uppercut aimed down the middle at her chin, before snapping the blonde’s head to the side with a nasty hook of her own! OUCH! Carmella letting out a dull groan, instinctively lets fly another swing at Ren, hoping to get lucky. But Ren dodges back once more, before wading in as she POWERS a neat uppercut into the base of the chin, and CARMELLA CRUMPLES!! OUCHHH!! What a CLEAN SHOT to the jawline! And Rose like her strings CUT as she falls on the spot, sprawling onto her side as she stares up at the ceiling lights! She wanted a shocking result and this has to be it?!! Ren shouting down an insult or two before the referee pushes her out of the way to begin the count, but it’s no use! Rose barely stirring from her slumber, turning over to her side but her head constantly falling back down, absolutely gobsmacked! Ref hits the count of 10 and waves the fight OVER!!

Official Decision: Alexis Ren defeats Carmella Rose via KO4!


“HOW’D YOU LIKE THAT, b*tch?!?” Ren shouts from the other corner of the ring, looking half enraged at her own victory, half elated and wanting more action.

The unpredictable Vixen has just come off an important defense of her Victoria Secret Body Saddle title against Elizabeth Gillies, but her future continues to look uncertain with a certain Taylor Swift knocking at her door in just a few weeks’ time.

For now, Ren makes it a point to establish her dominance over other blonde wannabes, pulling Rose up to her knees and forcing her face into her breathing tummy, both hands gripped in dishevelled hair as she poses for the cameras with a sly grin and double pleasure at breaking another girl’s winning streak in service of her own. 



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