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10 April 2021 Hannah Ferguson vs Beyonce Knowles

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Posted by caspian2 on April 10, 2021 at 10:55pm


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

6. Hannah Ferguson vs Beyonce Knowles


(28, 5’10, 51:13 FCBA, VIXENs)

(39, 5’6, 17:28:1 FCBA, Free Agent)

“Disappointing, that’s all I can say about last month’s fight,” Hannah speaks first, her long, curly blonde hair bouncing on either side of her face as she assesses her performance against Charlotte Flair. “I thought I had her on several occasions, but in the end, I needed to pay more attention to her powerful blows. And the same can be said about my opponent tonight. Of course, everyone knows who Beyonce is. What most people don’t know is that she also hits like a truck.”

“That’s one thing Hannah’s gotten right about me,” Beyonce chiming in from the side of the room, her own platinum blonde tresses long and flowy over her shoulders. “I haven’t fought in a while, and definitely not as frequently, but god damn if Hannah looked like she had some serious chinks in her armour after that last fight - holes I’m planning to exploit tonight.”

Ladies showing each other as much respect as they can fathom during the official staredown segment, posing from a comfortable distance before shaking each other’s hand for good luck. Beyonce of course coming into the fight at a slight height disadvantage, her three inches lost to the taller, leaner Hannah Ferguson, though the popular songstress probably makes up for the deficiency with her bulk and power. It’s the perfect re-test for Ferguson tonight, who’s eager to prove she too can do what needs to be done against someone with greater strength.

Back in the ring, Ferguson goes for a comfortable sleek white sports bra and long pink tights, red gloves bunched together on either hand. Beyonce has gone for gold, quite literally, glitter littered all over her black sports bra, a pair of her long tights shimmering in the orange lights, together with a final touch of amber-coloured gloves as she waves to the crowds. Referee signals for the opening bell and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Welterweight action!

Hannah must certainly be seething at the thought of her past opponent recently receiving the call up to challenge Kate Upton for the Welterweight belt, but she pushes that thought from her mind best she can as she focuses on putting Beyonce down into the ground tonight. Beyonce moving forward with caution, her guard up and firm as she blocks the first couple of shots from the Vixen. Beyonce is not idle at all, taking return swipes and lunges at the alpha girl but Hannah’s been working on her speed-bags, swerving her head to the side and back, avoiding those early attacks with ease. Not much action in the first round, to be honest, as both girls concentrate on testing each other out, though Ferguson definitely takes the round by a bigger margin due to her precise jabbing skills from early on, having landed several hits to the face throughout.

Beyonce’s corner definitely urging her to take the fight to Ferguson in the second. If Ferguson’s last fight was any indication, the Vixen still has a long way to go in terms of defending herself against brawlers and powerhouses, with Flair making mince-meat out of her once she had managed to get in close. Beyonce clearly is trying to do the same here, rushing at Hannah at several intervals, then taking swings at her body or up into the arms, hoping to shock her into a full-on retreat. Ferguson, however, adapting quickly, side-stepping and leaping back to avoid the more powerful swings at her head, and still manages to squeeze off several jabs back at the singer’s face, preventing a full-on rout. Girls take the action up a notch in the final seconds of the round, Beyonce rushing the blonde and burying a one-two into her body before a hook is blocked up high. Hannah however holds her ground and RATTLES a hook of her own into the singer’s arms, throwing her to the side with a grunt. Two can play at that game, as Ferguson cedes the second by a close margin but punctuates it at the end with a point of her own.

More patient jabbing from afar, and it’s an effective tool to keep Beyonce at bay, the American singer having loads of trouble crowding inwards to brawl with the blonde model, instead having to fend off repeated strikes to her face and body as Hannah keeps her guessing from afar. Once or twice, the powerful Beyonce manages to shrug off the attacks, stride in and SLAM a right hand into the guard, but Hannah largely takes the punishment on her arms and then counter-attacks with more of her fists stuffed into the lips, preventing the American from charging in to finish her off. Rest of the round sees both girls continuing to soften each other up, with Beyonce growling in frustration as she takes another crisp shot to her cheek to end the round in her opponent’s favour.

Big girls have big dreams, for sure, and though Beyonce hasn’t had the most consistent time in the ring, she’s certainly has established herself as a heavy-hitter and someone to be cautious around. Just ask girls like Jessie J and Rhonda Mitra, as Hannah finds out the hard way herself after getting pressed in for an attack, relying on her speed and power to push the singer back whenever she can. What she doesn’t expect, however, is Beyonce’s hard-fought resistance every step of the way, the singer powering another cross into the Vixen’s face, sending a loud and clear message not to mess with her this early. Ferguson has little choice but to fall back to a defensive jabbing pattern, and the third minute has Beyonce, once more emboldened by her earlier success, try her own attack run on the blonde, with more one-two combos flying rapidly in both directions to end the round.

WHIP of a textbook right hook sees the black singer stumbling early into the ropes, Hannah having timed that swing perfectly as she saw Beyonce charging in early for the her foe’s disorientated on the ropes, but covered up, with Beyonce suffering as leather gloves are packed into her belly and chest, Hannah rocking her at the end with a signature hook sent across her arms. Rest of the round, however, sees the Vixen not giving chase, catching her breath instead as she head-hunts the singer with jab combos, with Beyonce focused on survival as she gets her own sense of Hannah’s power.

A BASHING uppercut stuns the Vixen in turn as Beyonce fights back early! Hannah groans as her head’s lifted up, her vision blurred, as another uppercut cuts her in half to the belly, and she’s forced into a messy clinch in the middle of the ring! The two ladies confidently strode forward earlier, started swinging, though Hannah was expecting minimal resistance at this point in the fight. BOY was she wrong, as Beyonce took the opportunity to RAM a fist right into her kisser to open the round. Rest of the round has both girls repeatedly clinching up, exchanging shots to the side of the head or buried into the body, and even after the referee separates them, they SLAP back into each other once more, sweaty bodies tangling for control. Beyonce clearly has the former champ on the defensive in the final minute, chasing after Hannah with more jabs. The American raises a hand high to acknowledge the cheers of her fans once the bell rings - she knows she’s won this round wide and wants to keep going till the bitter end!

Wild exchange of shots to start as both big girls pick up where they left off! Beyonce’s first to rip a hook towards Hannah’s head, hoping to score on the tired out ex-champ. But Hannah remains focused behind raised gloves, dodging more follow-up swipes at her head before returning fire with a straight cross driven into Beyonce’s nose, another tagging her on the lips. The American is taking the brunt of it, losing out on the exchange with her head getting thrown backwards and grunting. Ferguson senses blood as she slams another one-two combo into her arms, one more banging off the tummy as Beyonce’s defences are thrown into disarray, her arms flailing about wildly, and it’s the perfect moment for the Vixen to strike: step-in BLAST of a right cross disappears into Beyonce’s face, drawing a loud gurgle as the big girl is THROWN off her feet! DOWN BEYONCE GOES in a mess of tangled limbs, a shocked expression on her face! Hannah Ferguson lets out a cry of victory, both hands thrown into the air as she scores the first KNOCKDOWN of the evening! Beyonce made of sterner stuff, for sure, but she barely manages to get off her back at this point, her tongue stuck out as she slowly struggles back to her knees, ignoring the referee’s slow-count to 10 and only reaches the ropes before the bell rings! And it’s OVER!

Official Decision: Hannah Ferguson defeats Beyonce Knowles via KO7!


Part redemption for the alpha-Vixen, who’s been in a slump ever since her grueling Best-of-Seven series last year against arch-rival Tahnee Atkinson. Hannah ended 2020 with a bang but then floundered at the start of this year. Tonight, however, pundits will say that the odds were back in her favour, but perhaps she could have, should have put Beyonce Knowles away much sooner than seven.

Tell that to the American songstress, however, and you’re bound to get an earful - when she’s recovered, of course. Beyonce looks battered and bothered by the ropes, as she’s helped to her feet by her fight team, then stumbling back to the corner as she takes in her defeat. Hannah comes over a little later, smiling, but gracious in victory, offering her words of encouragement as the Vixen realises she was in this very spot just a few weeks ago.

For now, Ferguson definitely has her sights on the future winner of Upton’s next title defense, with big bones to pick with both girls!

Thank you all for joining us for our latest VIX event! We apologise for the late notice this month, but had to reschedule due to an exciting slew of other events from other managers forthcoming in April. See you in May for our next VIX card! 



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