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24 April 2021 Mathilde Gøhler vs Caroline Wozniacki

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Posted by Vassago on April 24, 2021, 8:10 pm



Danish Supremacy Battle
Mathilde Gohler vs Caroline Wozniacki
(0-1 vs 6-6, 4 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: One might argue Karlie Kloss is the best Danish fighter in FCBA (just don't tell Nina Agdal that) but former tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki carries the extra international success value which makes her a desired target for someone like Mathilde Gohler who fell out of favor with the Sirens stable last season. Caroline has moved on from pure tennis boxing action and claims she can take down these lanky models anytime she wants so here's a great chance to boost her FCBA status - if her beatdown of Maria Sharapova on Fight Night Live a couple of months ago requires additional evidence. There can never be enough serviceable welterweights in our universe after all.

Mathilde Gohler wears a blue bikini set & black gloves. Long dark blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Caroline Wozniacki wears a red bikini set & white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a braid. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
Mathilde gets straight down to business and buries her rival under a steady jabbing assault that Caroline manages to block with some stuborn high-guard but she defaults all the style points in the process as the model keeps backing her into the ropes where she unloads more slugging pressure. All Gohler here in the opening round and there's nothing Caroline can do about it; she's won with supreme defense on the tennis court but struggles to pack a mean punch as the younger blonde tries to chop her downstairs come the final minute. The earmuff cover can only help you as much and Mathilde has a field day thumping piston strikes into the exposed midriff to close out the round.

Round 2:
More of the same in the second; Mathilde gets an early jump in the jabbing lane and outworks the subdued Wozniacki with supreme numbers alone. Oh-oh! One of these numerous punches catches Caro flush on the jaw and wobbles her to her heels which only triggers another hectic assault from the dominant model. Mathilde gets vocal as she drives in more body shots to go around the high-guard before Caroline is dumped butt-in-ropes where she only finds her response. No other way than up and a late jabbing flurry finally stymies Gohler's charge but the model still has the last laugh when she belts Wozniacki in the navel and makes her gurgle in visible pain at the bell.

Rounds 3 & 4:
Caroline applies the phone booth attack and drags Mathilde into a lenghty jabbing exchange where the model simply can't stretch her elbows which affects her slugging prowess. She has to accept Wozniacki's terms and gets blasted on the ribcage several times before Caro nails her on the jugs and jumps into an uppercut series that forces Gohler to back out of the crowd-pleasing exchange wholesale. Wozniacki still owns the supreme mobility and chases the reeling foe onto the neutral corner where she connects with her jugs again before the same procedure gets resumed in the fourth. Mathilde struggles to embrace the jug muggin' attacks and loses the grip on the counter-punching swing which allows Wozniacki to score easy punches from the inside and force the model into a clinching stalemate come the final minute.

Round 5:
Mathilde cranks up the jabbing response but eats a stinger on the liver area and drops into cover; she bangs her head against the top of Caro's shoulder and the tennis vixen rips a harpoon series to cripple Gohler into more spasms. Ugh! Caro truly turns the table on her compatriot and hauls in an uppercut blast on the chin that sends Mathilde reeling onto the ropes. She spins out of the initial follow up but spends the second minute in desperate retreat as Wozniacki finds herself in the slugging lane and lands more aerial bombs to make her opponent look spooked for the lack of a better word. Gohler finally gets trapped on the turnbuckle again and succumbs to more gut shots as Wozniacki forges ahead on the cards with a relentless body assault. Ugh! Mathilde slumps into loud spasms at the bell so it's no wonder the retired tennis pro punches the air in delight!

Round 6:
Caroline feels like she can totally blow the doors off Mathilde now but gets caught by a seemingly wayward hook on the ear and wobbles into an uppercut blast herself. Gohler pounces on the sudden change of power and nails the fellow blonde with more quick uppercuts before she plugs her in the boobs as well. Caro tries to clinch the model instead of lashing back at her and eats another scything cross from the inside that sinks her on jelly knees on the spot. Mathilde duly clobbers her onto the ropes where she flips the jug muggin' switch and leaves Caroline nursing a sore chest as the tennis babe barely hangs on to survive the vicious ordeal. Ugh! Not many people expected such tactics - least of all Nina Agdal who joins the live commentary on social media.

Round 7:
Caroline is still hurting from all these JMD punches and avoids further damage only due to her supreme mobility. But Mathilde has truly regained her aggressive form and keeps hassling the older blonde around the area; she taunts her verbally and even BLONDE! Magazine can't get a handle on these Danish words but it must have rubbed Wozniacki the wrong way as she tries to recover in the final minute only to fall for Gohler's plan all along. The model beats the overhand approach and tears a small gash under Caro's left eye before she plugs her in the solar plexus... another belting harpoon finds the liver area and Wozniacki almost goes down right here - she wraps herself around Mathilde's waist and is rescued by the bell as the younger blonde shakes her off and issues another verbal tirade in her native tongue.

Round 8:
Mathilde lands another drilling series into Caroline's guts and cripples her into loud spasms before blowing right through the high guard to slam a proper power punch on the nose. Uh-oh! Wozniacki stumbles to the side and can't raise her mitts fast enough anymore as Gohler flies in with a booming double on each temple... Caroline gets stuck on her heels and chokes on her breath but just can't evade another scything cross on the jaw that DROPS HER FOR THE COUNT in jack-knife fashion! If this was 2013 then Wozniacki would have probably beat the count with room to spare but she remains on all fours and just can't shake off the daze anymore! Mathilde can hardly hold back the joy when she realizes the fellow blonde just won't make it back up!!! Cue in the Danish Supremacy hashtag - KO8 Mathilde Gohler!!!

AFTER: Raw power overcomes elite defense but Mathilde still had to work hard to score her maiden FCBA victory. She prefers to pose for the cameras rather than insult the fallen Caroline even further and both Danes eventually shake hands once Wozniacki gets back to her feet. The former tennis pro vows to return to action sooner before you know it because "she loves boxing" but it's Mathilde's moment in the sun and she takes a dig at her former stable claiming The Sirens released her prematurely: "They held on to Nina Agdal over at Vixens when she had some bad losses but couldn't keep me around? It's not like I asked for a raise? I'm gonna make sure they regret the decision, just hope to get some regular action! Wish me luck!"

Official Result: Mathilde Gohler def. Caroline Wozniacki KO8. 



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