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15 April 2021 Nicole Scherzinger vs Olivia Culpo

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Posted by Vassago on April 15, 2021, 10:11 pm



Nicole Scherzinger vs Olivia Culpo
(30-30, 24 KO vs 1-0, 1 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Nicole Scherzinger has fallen on hard times in recent years but she's always ready to defend the unofficial Queen of the Beach title even if native Hawaiians are the only ones who actually recognize it. That's hardly a problem for ex-Miss Universe Olivia Culpo who returns to beach boxing action after blasting out Rose Bertram on her debut back in January:

"I'm sooo excited to have another crack at this thing! Nicky is still money! Her results are... shall we say disappointing lately but her net worth is still huge so of course I want to knock her out! That's gonna be an awesome fight! Wish me luck, everyone!"

Nicole realizes she's getting picked off as "go-to-girl" but Waimea Bay is one place she calls home so there are no excuses tonight: "I can drop these VIX PPV guest appearances but no wannabe bytch like Olivia is gonna drag me across my own piece of sand! Forget about it! She's eating dust tonight and that's frickin' official!"

Nicole Scherzinger wears a white bikini set & red gloves. Long black hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Olivia Culpo wears a crimson red bikini set & silver gloves. Long dark brown hair wet & straight. Both women are barefoot. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Olivia lets Nicole play by house rules in the opening round but avoids significant damage as the older brunette cranks up the numbers but lacks genuine power supply to stun the athletic foe with a big punch. Both women trade strikes in close range and one could see how determined Nicole is to shake off the punchbag label but she fails to make a lasting impact on Culpo's toned abs and doesn't land that big punch upstairs either. Olivia bumps her off in jug-to-jug contact before landing a meaningful response over the top but still has to circle around the sand as Scherzinger seeks the slugging missile solution. Olivia might give up real estate here but she makes Nicole look rather chaotic than effective so she has every reason to smile at the bell with Nicole kicking sand in frustration.

Round 2:
Nicole tries to impose her jabbing presence but Olivia stymies her with a quick overhand response and displays supreme speed to swamp the older brunette into a hooking storm that glues the local favorite to the spot. Nicole scowls in pain as she eats ruthless punches up the middle and fails to break free from Culpo's slugging maze until she gets thumped butt-in-ropes and has to clinch the pageant winner in order to survive. However Olivia switches her targets and plugs the singer in the guts and Nicole slumps into a shrieking disarray unable to take the body assault heat which allows Culpo to reign supreme come the final minute. She digs the left elbow into Scherzinger's rack and thumps more vicious harpoons into the exposed midriff leaving the Hawaiian stunner crippled at the bell. Uh-oh! So much for the home court advantage then!

Round 3:
Olivia anticipates a slugging response from the local favorite but Nicole can't quite find it and spends the opening minute in a fruitless chase around the ring. Olivia refuses to go for the slam dunk finish but she's only in her second FCBA fight ever so let's spare her the criticism especially that her mobility alone works around Scherzinger's aggressive efforts. Meanwhile Nicole lands some single punches here and there but eats immediate counter-strikes over the top and almost trips over her own feet when Culpo applies more pressure during the final stretch. Both women lock horns in the proverbial phone booth where Olivia outmuscles the singer and drives her against the turnbuckle where she plugs more harpoons into the breadbasket to leave the singer scowling in discomfort again.

Round 4:
Nicole flies in with a nasty left/right cross on each temple but fails to follow through and Olivia just isn't rattled by this double so she fires a booming upprcut on the singer's jaw to drop her on the heels straight away... Nicole tries to send another cross from the back foot but Olivia beats her for a scything hook on the mouth and then rips a brutal harpoon into the exposed solar plexus to render Scherzinger breathless upon impact. Ugh! Nicky is hurt!!! The Hawaiian babe fails to raise her head and bumps into Culpo's chest while the younger brunette finds a hole to slam another submarine shot on the liver... AND NICOLE CRASHES DOWN ON HER KNEES with a loud whimper moments later!!! Olivia struts back to her corner and enjoys how the black-haired cougar freezes into embrional position with her head resting against the sand. Ugh! Even the slowest of counts can't save the Hawaiian pride anymore!!! Nicky is down and very much out for the count!!! KO4 Olivia Culpo!!!

AFTER: Olivia rests against the ropes and prefers not to rub anything into the fallen singer who is still down on all fours long after the count has passed her by: "Hey, I told everyone she is still money! Nine out of ten elite contenders wouldn't survive that liver shot either. I'll let someone else judge how well I'm doing!!! Right now I'm having so much fun!!! And I'd like to thank the Lioness Club gym for hosting me as guest fighter the last few weeks! They have some awesome girls who help me improve my boxing skills! I can't wait to get back and tell Joanna Krupa I won the damn bet! Since I managed to knock Nicky out in less than five, Joanna will have to fight me next! I hope she's ready!" (winks).

Official Result: Olivia Culpo def. Nicole Scherzinger KO4. 



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