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30 April 2021 Gene Tierney vs Audrey Hepburn

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 30 April 2021 at 4:01pm


Gene Tierney vs Audrey Hepburn

Circa 1954

A major Hollywood bout was being held in on a private estate in the gardens. A ring had been set up with some very comfortable seats for the attendees to watch the fight from. The boxers would be Gene Tierney and Audrey Hepburn.

The two had arrived at the estate and gone to the two tents which had been made into changing rooms for them.
“They got Jane Russell to act as referee for this fight. Jane was a no nonsense referee when it came to the rules, but as you can see she liked to dress fancy to please the fans.”

Jane was in high-cut black and gold dance costume with striped referees shirt over it. She walked the ring and waved to her cheering fans. Then she joined the announcer in the center ring and it was time or Audrey and Gene to make their appearance.

The first boxer out of the changing room and to the ring was Gene Tierney. She wore a stunning leopard print one piece with yellow gloves. Her boots were black.

Next out of her room and to the ring was Audrey Hepburn. She came into the ring in an amazing red one piece with white gloves. Audrey’s boots were also white.

Round 1 & 2:

Gene came out fast and heavy with her punches. Audrey was not prepared for this as she took some hard shots from Tierney. As she was circling, Gene caught her with a quick right uppercut. AND AUDREY GOES DOWN! Russell started the count but Hepburn rose by the count of 5. She tried to avoid those big punches of Gene’s but dropped the first round widely. Audrey fared little better in the second when Gene came out punching hard. Tierney work some hard straights into Audrey’s belly and body during this round. Hepburn did clinch with Tierney during the second round. Jane had to break them apart and this brought Audrey some space between her and the hard punching Tierney. Hepburn survived to the bell and was now behind two rounds to zero.

Round 3 & 4:

The next two rounds of the bout were close ones. Hepburn came out and struck first at Tierney with a left jab and straight right combination to her face during the beginning of the third round. Now she was throwing her white gloves hard at Tierney and her body. Gene would answer back with some hooks to Audrey’s body. The fans loved this punchfest as soon the cheers were louder than before. Jane watched with greater interest now as the two finally started boxing in her view. Tierney was the first to back away now as Audrey clouted her with a right cross to her face. Hepburn won her first round of this fight in a close round. The fourth round was also close. This time Gene got in first with quick back to back crosses to Audrey’s face. Hepburn circled and jabbed back into Tierney’s left arm and side. She did get in a straight left to Gene’s face. But Tierney answered with a straight right into Audrey’s belly and left uppercut to her chin. Hepburn did clinch up and get in tight on Tierney. Russell came over and separated the boxers. She then called box on and the fight continued. Audrey got circling went to jabbing and crossing when she could for the rest of the round. Gene won the fourth round closely.

Round 5 & 6:

Before the start of the fifth round, Audrey got some big advice from her corner. She can be seen nodding and saying yes in the film. When the bell rang, she was out of her corner with her gloves up and moving as Gene came out of hers. Hepburn landed a beautiful straight right into Tierney’s face which caught her unaware. Thus began a great round for Audrey as her corner smiled and yelled encouragement as their suggested tactics were working. Hepburn seemed to have a count punch for everyone of Tierney’s in this round. She landed another left uppercut that turned Gene’s head late in the round. The bell rang ending a widely won round by Hepburn.

The sixth round opened again with Audrey’s gloves pumping punches to Gene. Tierney seemed to be counter punching better as the round went past its first minute. Jane like the crowd was up and watching closer now as the two put on quite a firefight unexpectedly. Tierney ate a right cross to her nose and that caused her to back away from Hepburn. Audrey saw this and went to her straight punches to hit Gene’s belly and body with. Soon Tierney was being backed to the far ropes by these straights. She tried to cover up but got smacked with a huge left uppercut to her chin for that move. Her head jerked back and to the right after that punch from Audrey. Jane moved closer now as Audrey set up in front of Gene. She knocked Tierney’s head back with a right uppercut this time. Audrey followed that up with a straight left into Gene’s face. TIERNEY GOES DOWN! She falls face first to the canvas apron. Hepburn is surprised but Russell heads her to a neutral corner. After returning, Russell bends down and begins her count. Tierney would roll over by the time Jane reached 8 but she stayed there as 10 went past her. KO 6 – Audrey Hepburn.


Hepburn heard the bell ring and saw Jane rise. She then came out of the corner and was smiling as widely as she could. This had been a hard bout for her but this was a gratifying win for her.
Russell watched as Hepburn walked to her in the middle of the ring. She whispered some words of advice to Audrey. They exchanged some smiles before Jane made the announcement. Then she raised Hepburn’s right glove.

Many photographs were taken of that moment of Russell raising Audrey’s gloved hand.

Tierney was in her corner now and was being attended to. She had fought well but not enough to knock out Audrey or win a decision.

Jane then walked back and soon Hepburn was posing for the cameras and fans.

A couple time she looked back at Jane and she nodded in return. 



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