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30 April 2021 Elodie Di Patrizi vs Harumi Nemoto

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on April 30, 2021, 3:57 pm



Elodie (5'6) vs Harumi Nemoto (5'5) bantam weight match

Results: Lookout!; Story: IBB


Prematch: Elodie is very friendly, Harumi is a good fighter, I know it won't be easy, I have a lot of respect for her. Harumi on the contrary is very bold, this poor woman will go down easily, I am of another category. Despite the provocations Elodie does not respond, so we arrive at the night of the match. Elodie is the first to enter the ring, she wears a white bikini with gloves and boots always of the same color. Then comes Harumi she is wearing a blue bikini with brawling gloves and black boots. The referee calls them to the center of the ring reminding them of the rules, and before leaving Harumi pushes Elodie to the mat, thus triggering a reaction that delays the start of the match, calm is finally restored it is time to start.


R1 Harumi takes the center of the ring, but Elodie with incredible speed repeatedly hits Harumi's face with her jabs, Harumi tries to avoid these jabs, but Elodie is too fast, so the jabs turn into hooks that hammer Harumi's cheeks who in the final seconds is forced to the ropes where Elodie works body and rack with hard uprights, the bell save Harumi.


R2 Elodie tries again to use her jabs but this time Harumi avoids them shortens the distance and shoots a powerful right uppercut to the spleen which lowers Elodie's guard, so Harumi shoots a left uppercut to the chin which stuns Elodie putting her on the ropes, Elodie tries to clinch, but Harumi teaches a severe lesson to Elodie's body and rack that repeatedly seems on the verge of giving in, but with great fortitude she resists until the gong.


R3 Despite the disastrous past round, Elodie resumes the initiative by breaking into the big juggs of Harumi who completely surprised sees her juggs repeatedly hit by hooks and uppercuts that instinctively make her let her guard down so Elodie starts a real bombing of Harumi's face which is deformed , the referee looks worried, but with a few sporadic shots Harumi manages to keep Elodie at bay and manages to finish the round on his feet.


Round 4 The first minute is clearly in favor of Elodie who continues to hit Harumi's face who now has her left eye almost closed, but with great pride from the second minute Harumi slowly begins to react and in the last minute takes over by hitting hard spleen and liver of Elodie forcing her to the ropes.


R5 Harumi galvanized by the end of the round literally slams Elodie into the corner, starting a work of destruction of her body, Elodiè is hit by tremendous uppercuts in the pit of the stomach and spleen, then with Elodie almost defenseless she hits the face of Elodie, who soon transforms into a blood mask, incredibly manages to avoid the knockout, hitting Harumi's chin.


R6 Both fighters are exhausted and have run out of gas, so the sixth round drags on slowly with both of them exchanging phoned shots from distance only in the last seconds one of these shots stuns Harumi so Elodie explodes a series of 5 two-handed hooks that they almost completely close Harumi's left eye.


R7 Harumi is exhausted so Elodie rages on the battered eye again and again, cornering Harumi, turning harumi's face into a punchbag too many punches arrive, but the referee doesn't interrupt so Elodie shoots a devastating right uppercut that knocks him down Harumi, the referee doesn't even count by decreeing Elodie's knockout victory Postmatch Elodie remembering Harumi's scornful words, takes Harumi by the back of her neck and pushes her face between her tits taunting the Japanese woman, now who's the best says squeezing Harumi's face tighter and tighter, you say with a whisper poor Harumi, once satisfied Elodie lets her go greeting the audience. 



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