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30 April 2021 Kate Beckinsale vs Charisma Carpenter

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 30 April 2021 at 3:32pm


Kate Beckinsale vs Charisma Carpenter

(47, 5’7, 60:39:3 FCBA, VIXENs)

(40, 5’7, 55:56:4 FCBA, Medallion Boxing)

"Looks like Beckinsale's on a roll," Charisma says from her comfortable seat at the press table. "I've watched her career with interest ever since she started in the FCBA all those years ago, as I'm sure she has with mine, but I've never seen her this hungry in a while."

"Well, McCarthy getting in your way usually does that to a woman " Kate says, drawing laughter from the crowd. "This is just another bout of friendly competition between us heads of various stables. Why the need to get so personal all the time is beyond me."

Women pair off on stage moments later and carefully wish each other the best of luck and all that jazz for the upcoming contest. Beckinsale is almost seven years Carpenter’s senior but both ladies are entering the ring with the same height and build.

Later, back int he arena, the two women are equally excited to get this fight started, with Kate wanting to show the world that she's more than ready to get into the Hall of Fame, whilst Carpenter just looks like she's never left the squared circle. Referee waves for the bell and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Charisma hasn’t boxed since 2012, but boy is she moving fast to start! Kate with more experience lately but seems to be having some trouble fending off her foe’s early assault, as Carpenter initiates the first couple of punches: slammed into Kate’s arms to make her reconsider asking for this fight in the first place. Kate tries to fire back but eats more leather whenever she does, Charisma just knocking some common sense into her face and chin and at the same time, managing to avoid getting nicked on her own. Kate gets the message, finally, grinning wickedly as she scoots back for the rest of this round, defending her head with a tight guard as Charisma secures this early win.

Beckinsale back in business as she keeps Charisma away with plentiful jabs. Charisma finds out she’s also in the deep end tonight as she fails to make any more headway with her attacks, her punches hitting the arms or air and in return, taking nasty shots to the lips whenever Beckinsale counters and counters back, shoving her own British gloves into the chin or the aging actress’ body for payback. It’s still a close round though, as Carpenter lands her own punches as well in this wild melee, and the aging matriarchs of each stable take a final breather in the final minute, circling warily but still smiling at the old, joyful times they once shared.

Charisma is seven years younger than Beckinsale and she shows off that age difference in the third, scooting forward early to stun Kate with a right hand straight to the nose, another one-two combo strapped into the belly as she pushes her backwards. Kate grunting, holding on, trying to counter-punch from afar but that’s not going to happen if she keeps getting surprised like that. It’s a tough show tonight and the VIX head honcho knows it, yet another fight coming up real soon with arch-nemesis McCarthy, which means she needs to prove she can put her opponents down for good. Charisma gives it her all this round, throwing a spanner into the works as she works Kate over with more jab-straight combos shoved into her nose and lips, which continue to batter her backwards towards the bell. Bad round overall for Beckinsale, who manages to score back on Charisma’s body in the final seconds, but it’s not nearly enough to turn the tide.

Ladies continue catching each other off-guard, which is surprising for women of their age. Initially, it’s a slow start, as they circle and paw at each other’s heads, but Beckinsale suddenly initiates a mad blitz forward, catching Charisma with a shot to the navel before taking another wide swing at her head. Carpenter thankfully catches the blow with a raised hand, but gets herself beaten back with another yelp as Kate gives chase with more left-right combos to the face. The two women end up barreling into the ropes for the remainder of the round, slow, methodical movements jockeying for position in each other’s arms, as they try to gain leverage for a shot up into the body or into the chin. Surprisingly, or perhaps not at all, it’s the younger woman who seizes control, shoving Kate’s shoulders back into the ropes before blasting her repeatedly across the face with snappy hooks. The round ends and Kate still takes it close for her earlier aggression, though we’d say the rest of this fight is still up in the air.

Kate re-energised and moves forward with aggression, hoping to end this fight here and now. Charisma absorbs some combos to her arms, more shots taken to her tummy but she’s hanging in there, a sudden return swipe to Kate’s chin buying her some much needed time. Kate lets out a grunt, shaking her head, but continues giving chase, and sending in more punches to her foe’s body before raking her gloves across the arms, to no avail. Charisma rallies once she senses her opponent is starting to wilt, delivering a straight hand directly to Kate’s lips, and suddenly, the tables have turned! Kate grunts as more and more shots to her face land in succession, Carpenter blasting her first to the chin, then body, lips, and then chest, as Beckinsale looks like she’s suddenly in trouble! Another quick one-two to the mouth has the bigger brunette seeing stars, till finally, Kate COLLAPSES back and onto her bum, her arms flailing wildly in the air! Charisma Carpenters scores the first KNOCKDOWN of the evening, and poor Kate though - she looks beaten to hell and back, shaking the pain from her head as she tries repeatedly to get off her bum and back onto her feet to continue this fight, but each time, falling down! That’s it - the referee has seen enough as he waves the rest of this fight off! It’s OVER in disappointing fashion!

Official Decision: Charisma Carpenter defeats Kate Beckinsale via KO5!

Oh my - what would Jenny McCarthy say if she were standing here and witnessing her arch-nemesis flail about like a headless corpse? Kate looks utterly devastated as she sits up and recovers by the ropes, only accepting Charisma’s hand minutes later and getting pulled back to her feet. Kate reassures the fight team that she’s okay, just a little shaken, as she’s comforted by Carpenter and even waves off a small apology from the fellow Head of Medallion.

In the grand scheme of things, of course, it doesn’t really matter - some would say Kate has always been a mediocre fighter, whilst others would say she doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame with this latest series of debacles in the first place.

Some contemplation needed backstage indeed, as Kate is accompanied back up the ramp to the cheers and encouragement of the fans, who continue to chant her name and bring a small smile back to her lips. For now, she needs to focus on the next task at hand: beating McCarthy in their fourth encounter at the tail end of May. If she does so, perhaps that would finally shut the naysayers up. 



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