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30 April 2021 Rihanna vs Margaret Qualley

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on April 30, 2021, 3:22 pm



Rihanna vs Margaret Qualley

Results: Lookout!; Story: GBS

A new boxer would be debuting against a superstar in her field tonight as Margaret Qualley will be taking on Rihanna.

Qualley’s signing to the stable of Global Boxing Syndicate was a surprise as few inside the sport of boxing had heard of her. But GBS’s half owner saw her and signed her thanks to those performances and her mother, Andie McDowell’s talking her up at those bouts. After Andie’s referee appearance and the press she got, she encouraged her daughters to box and get out there. It was GBS’s half owner who helped get Margaret this bout.

Rihanna remains a free agent which is surprising as she has had 15 bouts so far in the FCBA. She is 5 and 10 but it is eye brow raising that no stable has signed the Barbados born singer.

Once inside the ring, both boxers showed their forms.

Rihanna wears a multicolored 2 piece with black gloves.

Margaret Qualley wears a camouflage bottom and white top for her debut. Her gloves are silver. She is accompanied to the ring by her mother, Andie McDowell and her own corner team. Andie has on a pink GBS shirt and tight jean type shorts on.

Cobie Smulders was the referee for this bout. She wore tight black short shorts and a white and black striped top.

Round 1:

Rihanna came out fast to open the fight. She surprised Qualley with some fast flurries of punches that caught her squarely on some instances. Margaret had to circle and defend better as he round wore on with Rihanna getting through her defenses somewhat regularly with hooks and crosses. She took the round widely and smiled on her way to her corner after the bell rang.

Round 2 & 3:
Well Margaret got the coaching from McDowell in her corner after dropping the first round and started the second rounds using her legs and jabbing into Rihanna’s face. Rihanna was frustrated early on but adjusted and the next two rounds were close ones. Some great firefights happened and the fans cheered for those. But each time Margaret got in a couple good jabs or crosses to Rihanna. She won both round closely.

Round 4:

Rihanna came out for the fourth with her gloves in motion. Again she unleashed some flurries into Qualley and again found her open. Margaret was being shouted to by her mother to back up, cover up. Rihanna smiled as she started to work on Qualley’s body. A gorgeous right hook to her chin moves her back as Rihanna is smoking now. She is bullying Margaret to the ropes and now Qualley is able to grab her in a clinch. She has Rihanna in there good as finally they had to be broken apart. Qualley got off the ropes and circled to the middle of the ring. There a couple exchanges occurred with Rihanna more effective with her punches then Margaret. Rihanna took the round widely.

Round 5:

Both boxers came out on their toes as the round began. Margaret got in some good jabs and crosses as Rihanna had her gloves lowered to her gut. Rihanna would move back and try for an uppercut or two to Qualley’s head. The crowd cheered these exchanges as the bout got passed the first minute. Qualley got back and used her legs to circle and throw some short punches to Rihanna’s face. Rihanna took those and was surprised by a straight right into her bust line. This knocked her back and Qualley soon was punching into her bust to push Rihanna back to the near ropes. The two exchanged some shots on those ropes but it seemed that the bout was turning to Margaret. Rihanna tried to circle but got a right uppercut to her chin for her movement. This knocked her head back and Qualley loaded up for a left hook. That put Rihanna’s head back and now she is on the ropes. Margaret hit her with two straight punches to Rihanna’s face. DOWN GOES RIHANNA! Qualley watches her fall and McDowell cheers loudly as soon Margaret goes to a neutral corner ushered by Cobie. Smulders then goes to her knees and start counting over Rihanna. By the count of 6, she rolled to her belly. But she was only sitting by the time 10 came. KO 5 – Margaret Qualley.


Margaret soon is beaming as she comes out of the neutral corner. She goes to her corner and embraces her mother. She then congratulates her and soon Qualley is on her way to center of the ring.

Cobie raises her right glove and announces her as the winner.

Rihanna is helped to her stool. She is being attended to as Qualley is now parading around the ring, posing.
Finally she coaxed her mother into the ring for some pictures. 



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