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13 May 2021 Bailee Madison vs Zara Larsson

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Posted by DaveC on May 13, 2021, 7:02 pm



Bailee travels to Sweden to face Zara after the blonde refused to fight her in the USA. Zara said, Bailee isn't worth the trouble. “She’s won one boxing match and she wants me to travel to the US to fight her in a cage?”, laughs Zara. “If she wants to battle me, come to my country, b*tch! Zendaya whipped her ass and I’m going to finish her.”

The day before the big fight the girls have a weigh in that is being televised to promote the match.

Bailee enters the weigh in area wearing a loose white halter top and tight blue jean cutoffs. After shaking hands with some officials, she takes her top off and shimmies her daisy duke shorts off.

The American fans who have made the trip and even some Swedish fans cheer as Bailee reveals a white bikini top and black bikini thong! She gets on the scales and the reader responds,”119”. She waves to the fans and steps off.

Zara, who was watching from the back, storms in obviously angry at Bailee’s skimpy attire. She quickly strips her sweater off and peels her white and blue sweatpants down. Her pink bikini is hot, but doesn’t have the same affect after seeing Bailee’s choice of clothing.

“121”, roars the official. The Swede flexes her muscles to the crowd then jumps off the scales and heads straight towards the American.

The promoter gets between them and says,”Not, now.”

Zaya: “I’m good” and backs away a step.

Promoter: “Now, for a few promotional pics. Just look at each other for a minute. No, pushing and shoving”.

He backs away and the girls take a step towards each other in a breast to breast staredown. Zaya says something to Bailee that is not audible and the brunette responds by flexing her muscles at her opponent.

Zaya smiles and then tries to embarrass Bailee by tickling her exposed armpits.

Bailee shoves her back roaring,”Don’t touch me”. The blonde reacts with a shove of her own before being split up.

Zaya yells,”That’s Ok. I’ll touch you tomorrow night, b*tch! You’re in my country, now!”

Bailee enters the cage first and disrobes, revealing a very tight white one-piece swimsuit. (see pic above) She hops around and shadow boxes a little waiting for her opponent.

Zara enters the cage and points directly at Bailee. “I’m coming for you”, she shouts. The blonde takes off her robe displaying a royal blue bikini with black and white outlines. (see pic above)

The ref calls them to the middle of the ring and after instructions, tells them to touch fists if they want.

Bailee puts her fists out, but Zaya backs away shaking her head.

Round 1

The bell rings to start the Round.

Zara goes out fast against Bailee looking to end this fight early. She misses with a right cross and they clench both trying to power the other backwards.

After half a minute of Sumo type wrestling, Zara pushes Bailee’s into the cage and quickly lands some knees to the brunette’s inner thighs.

Bailee manages to bull the blonde to the side and gets to the center of the cage, fists up. The blonde moves in with a jab that misses. Bailee counters with a punch to Zara’s ample left breast that doesn’t miss. The blonde groans and is jolted back as her tit is pancaked.

Bailee continues with lefts and rights to the retreating Swede until her back is pressed against the cage. She rams a solid knee into Zara’s mid-section. The blonde grunts in pain from the blow and is in trouble early. She grabs Bailee by the hair and escapes from the side of the cage.

Bailee looks at the ref and says, ”Hair.” The Swedish official acts like he didn’t see the illegal act and shakes his head, “No”. Bailee’s corner slam their towels on the mat and yell at the ref.

Zara takes this opportunity to smash the American with a devastating kick between the legs! Bailee howls in agony and covers her crotch area with both hands. She nearly falls, but catches herself and starts back peddling around the cage.

Zara goes on the attack, sending a left, right, left to Bailee’s face then a painful kick to the ribs that puts the brunette on her ass.

Zara drops down to the mat, grabs Bailee’s arm and puts her in a hammerlock. The younger girl grimaces in pain. “Give up or I’ll break your arm, b*tch!” demands the Swede.

Bailee struggles for a half a minute in the hold then slips her arm free. They grab each other and wrestle on the mat. Bailee gets the upper hand as she mounts the blonde and pins her arms down.

Unfortunately for the American, the bell sounds.

Bailee rises to her feet slowly and Zara forces her off shoving her foot into the brunette’s stomach. “Get off of me, b*tch!”, she roars.

Bailee shoves Zara’s foot away and goes to her corner. The ref follows her and warns Bailee’s trainers about arguing with him.

“That was hair pulling”, they respond.

Both girls had their moments, but Zara took this round with the knockdown, IMO.

Round 2

The girls come out attacking and Bailee is landing the best blows. Zaya covers up then dips low and tackles the brunette to the mat with a double leg takedown.

Zaya takes side position on the ground and lands a couple of sharp elbows to the side of Bailee’s head. However, Bailee shows her wrestling skills and gets to her knees, eventually muscling her foe onto her back.

Zaya quickly wraps her legs around Bailee’s waist from back position. Bailee responds with a hammerfist to the blonde’s groin region. The sexy Swede moans from the blow then unwraps her legs.

Zaya pushes Bailee away with her feet and they wrestle into a kneeling position. Bailee forces Zaya’s arm up and folds it behind her head in an overhand armlock. “Now, maybe I’ll break your arm”, Bailee taunts.

Zaya grunts then grabs Bailee’s crotch forcing the American to release the armlock.

They scamper to their feet. Zaya grabs Bailee’s wrist, but the brunette quickly frees her forearm and lands a flurry of punches to the blonde’s chin and jaw. Zaya backs away and covers up.

Luckily for her, the bell rings, stopping Bailee’s momentum.

Embarrassed, Zaya slaps Bailee across the face after the bell and the ref and corners rush to get between the girls as they continue pushing and shoving.

I think Bailee won this round, but the judges probably gave it to Zaya because it is in Sweden.

Round 3

Both girls charge at each other. Bailee misses with a right cross and bangs her chest into Zaya’s. The blonde twists her body and throws the brunette down with a hip toss.

Zaya gets top position and starts blasting the American with cruel elbows to her left breast. Bailee is taking a beating but grabs a handful of the Swede’s breasts to stop the punishment of her mounds of flesh.

Bailee gets to all fours, but Zaya takes her back and starts slamming left and rights into the side of the brunette’s face and head. The American does her best to cover up, but she is taking a beating.

The ref asks her if she wants to submit, but she shouts,”No, I’m Ok”.

Zaya tires throwing punches and cleverly wraps her hands around Bailee’s chin and pulls back. The brunette falls to her stomach trapped in the dreaded camel clutch!

The Swedish fans go wild as they notice that Zaya has plenty time left – 1:30 – in the round to submit the younger American. Zaya pulls back harder, forcing the brunette’s upper body into a 90 degree angle as her bathing suit struggles to keep her titties contained.

Bailee’s face shows absolute agony as she is determined to make it to the next round. Her face, neck, and chest sparkling with moisture from this intense fight.

“Give up, b*tch, before I break your back”, yells Zaya.

Bailee just responds with groans and moans.

Zaya checks the clock. Only 20 seconds left in the round.

The Swede’s arms tremble and she can’t hold the camel clutch anymore. She releases the hold, gets to her feet, and stomps Bailee hard on her lower back.

The bell rings to end the round.

Zaya easily won this round, but she looks more exhausted than Bailee.

Round 4

The girls come out circling each other. Bailee knows she needs to win these last two rounds to have any kind of chance of victory. She takes a deep breath as Zaya moves in and swings a right at the Swede.

The punch misses it’s mark and Zaya connects with a jab to Bailee’s cheek, followed by a high front kick to the American’s left breast.

Bailee backs against the cage, but catches the blonde beauty with a well placed uppercut to her crotch. Zaya grunts in pain and backs away, covering her groin region with both hands. “f*ck”, hollers Zaya.

They pause for a couple of seconds, then go at each other with lefts and rights. The fans love it. The Americans chanting, “USA, USA” as the Swedish crowd shouts, “ZAYA, beat her up. ZAYA, f*ck her up”.

Zaya gets the better blows, but Bailee clenches then slams the older girl down to the mat with a perfect hip toss throw.

Bailee grabs one of Zaya’s legs and applies a step over leglock. The blonde groans in agony as her knee is twisted in a nasty angle. The ref asks if she wants to give up, but she shakes her head.

Bailee decides to release the leglock and mounts the blonde. Zaya turns onto her stomach and Bailee rides her and then starts sending rights and lefts to the side of the Swede’s head and face while sitting on her back.

Zaya brings her arms up to cover up and the American takes the opportunity to obtain a full nelson. She then wraps her legs around the blonde’s waist and twists her over, still holding the full nelson.

Zaya’s face shows complete agony from the hold and she can’t do anything about it. Her corner looks at the clock. 55 seconds left in the round.

“Hold on, Hold on, Zaya”, they yell.

Bailee tightens her grip on the full nelson, really punishing the arrogant Swede.

Zaya lets out a loud squeal then roars,”I quit. I quit”.

Bailee’s corners run into the cage and the brunette jumps in victory.

Bailee: “It’s been a long time. This victory will do wonders for me. I’ve really been training hard and I came close against Zendaya. But, this is just what I need. My first win in the cage. Now I need some boxing wins. I have no idea who I will fight next in the cage or in the boxing ring. I’ll just celebrate this win and continue to train hard.”



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