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27 May 2021 Ivana Baquero vs Gina Rodriguez

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Posted by Girls Friday on May 27, 2021, 11:44 pm



Tale of the Tape:
Ivana Baquero:
Age: 26
Height: 5'3
14-3 (13KOs)
Gina Rodriguez:
Age: 36
Height: 5'3 ⅓
3-4 (3KOs)

(Girls Friday vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

We kick off tonight's PPV with two fiery flyweights as Spain's Ivana Baquero takes on American's Gina Rodriguez, both women want to be in the elite contention argument, the road seems to start through each other to get there.

Form wise Ivana is on the better run with two back to back wins over Ola Jordan and Mikie Hara, Gina meanwhile has lost her last three, she defeated Amber Marshall three years ago here in the BBU, can she recapture her form?

Before the fight both women were asked for their thoughts backstage in the media area from BBU TV reporter Georgie Thompson, first up was Ivana as she wore a black dress with black heel boots, hugging Georgie before getting down to business.

"Hey Georgie, it has been too long since I fought, I know Kendall (Jenner) and my other stablemates are bigger stars but my record stands for itself, I never hear my name in the title hunt but that's OK, like everything in my life I will work my way up" says Ivana, hands on her hips as she speaks.

When asked about this fight, Ivana replies "Gina's record isn't great but if you look at her background and who she has fought, it simply doesn't tell the full story, now don't get me wrong I expect to pound her out tonight, it won't be an easy task and I am prepared to go to war tonight" Georgie nods along.

"One final thing before I go, while I work my way back up the rankings after a lay off, I think it is high time I finally put Jenna (Louise Coleman) in her place, I have wanted her back in the ring for a while but my management has said to focus on other matters, well maybe it's time I refocus on decking Jenna's lights out like the good old days" Ivana finishes with a direct challenge to her old rival.

Gina meanwhile steps into the room wearing a black sports bra, yoga pants and trainers giving her usual beautiful smile to the camera as she waves, then hugs Georgie herself as the two check how the other is doing.

Once they are done with that, Gina is asked how she thinks she can beat Ivana with her recent form, Gina answers "boy not pulling any punches tonight Georgie, yeah my record frankly disappoints me too, my dad taught me to always be prepared to pull yourself off the canvas and to be prepared to keep fighting your heart out, that is something I live by, so Ivana is a great fighter but does she have the heart I do, we will find out soon enough" her smile disappeared as she is serious now.

Asked why she thinks she has struggled, Gina replies "it might be a few things, experience is definitely one thing as even with my years of training before I stepped into the ring for my pro debut, you can train for a decade looking great and still get knocked out in a round, I have to take the fights that come my way though so I can't complain about how things have went, just look to the future with a smile" smiling to prove her point as Georgie replies that she knows the feeling all too well.

"At the end of the day I am here to win as I am every fight I sign on the dotted line for, so don't write me off guys before you see me" Gina finishes with as she blows a kiss to the camera, fist bumping Georgie before she heads off to get ready.

Fighting time with Ivana first out to the aisle, she has coach Taryn Terrell and cut woman Eva Carneiro behind her as she marches to the ring, a stern look on her face as she looks her usual all business look for a fight, banging her gloves together at the ring steps as she tells herself she has got this.

Once inside the ring Ivana is wearing a yellow sports bra with red trim, matching trunks and shoes, red gloves, while her hair is tied into a ponytail, she fist bumps her corner crew before getting into her warm up routine, some Spain flags in the crowd as she gets some loud cheers.

Gina now heads out to a loud cheer herself, the "Jane the Virgin" star is more happy looking as she heads down the aisle with her coach, exchanging high fives with some at ringside, before jogging up the ring steps to get inside the ring.

The American is wearing a tan coloured sports bra, trunks, shoes and gloves, hair is braided as she gets into her zone pacing side to side in her corner tapping her cheeks with her gloves, while also giving herself a pep talk of what she is going to do to Ivana.

The fighters come to the center of the ring and straight away are nose to nose, neither blinking as they stare right into their opponent's eyes, referee letting them do so as long as they don't swing any blows before the fight begins, both show the other respect with a fist bump before returning to their corners, fists raised ready as the bell rings to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell both women nod to their opponent then jog out to the middle of the ring, trading stiff jabs as they bounce on their toes, feeling each other out as they feint, move their upper bodies and step in with a few quick fire two punch combos, testing different aspects of their opponent out.

After the feeling out process it's Ivana who ups the pace by taking a jab on her forehead, instead of stepping back she dips under the follow up right cross to slam in two punches to the body of Gina, where she sticks in close as she starts to unload on the body of the older woman, driving her back from the middle of the ring.

Gina pushes her back to create space, where she doubles up her own jab to try to keep Ivana at range, use her silky boxing skills that have gotten her wins over tough opposition, Ivana is mostly getting her head out the way enough to just be grazed by the punches, still coming forwards to work.

An overhand left smacks Gina to her cheek, with Baquero back in close as she keeps working the toned body of Rodriguez, who starts firing back to the Spanish fighters body as barks and hisses ring out, a true Latin style brawl as both grind foreheads, trying to show whose the stronger woman early on.

At the bell both return to their corners to loud cheers from the crowd, coaches washing them down as the referee warns them about their heads, the fighters now staring hard at their opponent, while they respect each other all that matters now is getting their hand raised in victory.

Round 2:
Gina now knowing that Ivana is after working her body is moving around more side to side, peppering the cheeks of Ivana with her beautiful jab, crafted by years of training, Ivana bangs her gloves together to show a little frustration that she can't close the distance as easily this time around.

But Ivana is slick herself, slipping a straight to bang in two uppercuts to the body, Gina grits her gumshield as she fires back to Ivana's body, the fighters again grind heads as the referee gives them a warning to watch them, Gina nudging back Ivana to open up space.

As Baquero keeps getting in closer to work the body, Gina gives her a shove with her left forearm to the chest, then bangs a right hook that turns Ivana's head to the side, suddenly Ivana is now understanding the power Rodriguez has as she bangs in a flush one-two combo that snaps the head of the Girls Friday fighter back.

Final minute of the round sees Ivana struggling to get out her guard as Gina shows her power and boxing IQ, switching her targets up beautifully to make it hard for Ivana to know where to cover up, a left cross does catch Gina across her face, she just shoves Ivana back to the ropes while shaking her head to say it didn't hurt.

At the bell Gina pounds her chest as she returns to her corner to a loud cheer, Ivana nodding with an intense stare at her, knowing that round slipped past her, Taryn telling her as she returns to her corner to keep the pressure up as Gina is dangerous when allowed room to work.

Round 3:
Stepping out their corners trading stiff jabs, Gina moving back when Ivana tries to step in, drilling punches into the top of Baquero's head to knock it back, as Ivana then starts to dip down to throw her punches around the waistband of Rodriguez to get her range.

Dancing around the center of the ring in an almost cat and mouse affair, Ivana uses a feint to make Gina react before swinging in a right hook up top as she sidesteps a straight coming at her head, then she buries her left fist into the solar plexus of Gina to make her groan out.

Ivana gets back on top as she crowds Gina onto the ropes, smacking her fists around the guard of the American to her sides, before getting held onto by Gina, forcing the referee in to break them up, when they resume Gina is quick off the mark with a double jab into the face of Ivana to knock her back a step.

Going into the final part of the round it's a good back and forth affair, Gina able to push back Ivana with several good combos to the face, one mistake though and Ivana comes roaring back with piston like body shots to get her coach yelling with joy.

Final moments sees Ivana land an uppercut on the inside that knocks back Gina's head, then an overhand left slams into the cheek of the Jane the Virgin star to turn her head, back goes Rodriguez into a corner, where she looks happy for the bell as Ivana just about holds back, maybe that late flurry has given Ivana what was a tight round as they walk back to their corners.

Round 4:
Gina taps her cheeks before she steps out to resume fighting, doubling up her jab more as she begins to read Ivana's movements better, taking several digs around her chest and abs but is snapping back the head of Ivana in return, leading to the bottom lip of Ivana being busted open.

That bloody lip is becoming a target as Ivana hisses when it gets clipped, blood running down her chin, still she stalks forwards showing her toughness, taking the hits to get in closer where she lands two left hooks to the ribs to make Gina now grimace as the body assault is having some effect not it seems.


Gina getting her fans roaring as they chant her name, she woos at the top of her lungs as she jogs to a neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Ivana lifts her head up shaking it as Taryn is yelling at the referee that it was an illegal blow to the back of the head, 5...6...7.. Referee takes no notice as Ivana grabs the ropes beside her to get to her right foot, 8.. Then is standing with fists raised, getting checked by the referee, she gets the nod she can continue.

On comes Gina as expected with Ivana needing to be on guard, several punches land through the mitts of Ivana into her face, causing the Spanish beauty to clinch onto Gina, who is trying to break free to work as they grapple along the ropes with foreheads pressed together.

Broken apart with less then twenty seconds to go, Ivana ducks a few hooks that look to have some real steam behind them, the bell is a welcome relief to the Girls Friday crew as they work on Ivana once back in her corner, Gina meanwhile doesn't look too happy, admitting she thought she had Ivana there.

Round 5:
Gina again comes out fast with her jab straight into the face of Ivana, who looks subdued to start, some of her fire gone as Gina works her near the ropes, both start trading then as Ivana knows she can't get pinned down by Rodriguez, the fans yelling on the fighters as sweat goes flying.

Pulling Gina into a clinch after taking two punches flush to her bloody lips, Ivana looks to be scowling over the right shoulder of Gina as she rests her head there, blood dripping from her lips onto the shoulder of the American as the referee needs to step in to break them apart.

Ivana is struggling through the opening half of the round to really do much, she is keeping her guard tighter as Gina begins to throw in the heavy artillery, with most not landing flush, the ones that do are sending blood and sweat flying into the air as Ivana is being pressed around the ring.

Into the final forty seconds disaster strikes for Gina, she throws a right hook that Ivana leans out the way of, with a counter left hook landing under her ribs, Gina groans out before an uppercut lands around her solar plexus, clearly winding her as Rodriguez retreats back, Ivana smells blood as she pounces, whacking back Gina onto the ropes across the ring.

When the bell rings Ivana marches back to her corner, looking determined again after the scare, while Gina hasn't lost her steely gaze but she is breathing harder, coach icing her body up as the marks around it are definitely getting redder.

Round 6:
Both come out looking to bang the other back judging by their early swinging shots, once they miss a couple of times they settle back behind a jab, with Ivana feinting before sidestepping a jab from Gina to the her left, A RIGHT POUNDS INTO THE LIVER OF GINA, CAUSING HER TO CRY OUT AS SHE TAKES A KNEE HOLDING HER STOMACH!

"Come on!" Yells Ivana as she heads to the neutral corner, holding the top ropes as she stares right at Gina with an icy glare, 1...2...3...4.. Gina sucks in air as she spits out her gumshield, 5...6...7.. Rubbing her body to numb the pain, she is close to tears, 8...9.. Gamely Gina stands with a whine, assuring the referee she can fight on as she lifts her gloves up, referee calls a time out so she can get a fresh mouthpiece in, making Taryn upset again.

The action resumes shortly after with Gina still looking to be panting, Ivana taking the jabs on her face as their doesn't seem to be as much power behind them, till Ivana parries a straight aside to whack Gina to the body, THAT MAKES GINA TURN HER BACK HOLDING IT AS SHE LEANS OVER HOLDING THE TOP ROPE WITH HER LEFT HAND, REFEREE WAVES THE FIGHT OFF JUDGING GINA IS DONE!

Winner Ivana Baquero TKO Round 6

Over goes Ivana putting her left hand on the back of Gina, checking how she is as Gina spits out her gumshield, Gina groaning before saying "feels... Like my... Insides.. Are turning around" as Gina's coach comes with an ice pack to place on her body, the crowd applaud both women as Ivana pats Gina on her back before heading to her own corner.

Where she is met with a hug by Taryn, who then proceeds to yell "don't f**king scare us like that! Christ!" Eva stifling a laugh as she looks at Taryn, Ivana nodding with a grin as she sits on her stool, those smiles easily could have been wiped away had Gina finished the job in the fourth.

Across the ring Gina stays standing as she leans as the turnbuckles, holding the ice pack onto her body as her coach tells her "you were so damn close, I am sorry you didn't win, I gave you bad advice" which Gina tells them is rubbish, pointing out she is the one in the ring actually fighting not them, so it falls onto her to get the job done.

Once both women are patched up they head to the middle of the ring for the final result to be announced, Gina showing her class by giving Ivana a fist up to show her respect, with Ivana telling her "you are amazing" with a nod, once that is done Ivana's left hand is raised to make her victory official, Gina still holding her stomach with her left hand nods with a smile as she accepts defeat gracefully.

Out the ring goes Gina, who must be wondering where her next victory is coming from, though judging by her smile she enjoyed the test tonight, she gets pats on her back from fans at ringside as they respect her talents, all that is good but she needs the wins to keep getting big fights.

In the ring Ivana poses with her fists up staring at the camera, then once done posing she points with her right index finger at the camera saying "Jenna you flabby cow, you better not hide from me" waving her to bring it as the crowd cheer that challenge, Ivana then steps out the ring with her corner team.

She got the win tonight but it looked harder work then a supposed tune up, maybe Ivana should focus on another tune up first, she seems set that she wants her biggest enemy back in the ring, will Jenna answer the challenge or does she ignore Ivana to make matters worse between them?



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