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5 June 2021 Ruby Mae vs Chloe Khan

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Posted by Vassago on June 5, 2021, 12:33 pm



Ruby Mae vs Chloe Khan
(1-0, 1 KO vs 1-1, 1 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: The hometowns of these two brunettes are only 80 miles apart but they had to make a much longer journey to Dubai to meet for BBU purpose. Ruby Mae made an impressive if slightly laboured debut when she punched out Gigi Midgley last month while Chloe Khan returns to action after a lenghty hiatus and nobody really knows what to expect from the Leeds native tonight. BBU TV's Georgie Thompson reckons Chloe is still best suited for pure JMDD action but Ruby is the girl of the moment and apparently a low-hanging fruit if you listen to the noise from Khan's camp.

Ruby Mae wears a red, white & green floral bikini set & black gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a custom ponytail. Chloe Khan wears a black bikini top, white panties & red gloves. Long raven black hair tied in a thick bun at the back of her head. Both women are barefoot. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Ruby races through the sand and mauls Chloe's jugs with her initial attack before dropping an uppercut bomb on the chin that wobbles the older brunette onto her heels and allows her opponent to cash in with more strikes from point-blank range. Ruby pummels right through Chloe's high guard and snaps her head back repeatedly until she backs her onto the ropes where she bangs more crisp body shots to keep Khan in all sorts of bother. Chloe looks lethargic on her return to say the very least as she soaks up more hits and has Ruby barking at her in arrogant fashion but the older brunette can only seek a clinching respite and Ruby still whacks her around the elbows for a good measure to stamp her authority on the fight.

Round 2:
Chloe roars back with a significant jabbin dose that tags Ruby on each cheek but the younger model shows supreme mobility down the stretch and escapes Khan's attacks with minimal damage. Chloe keeps hassling her around the area but only kicks plenty of sand as Ruby dances on her toes and slips by Chloe's charge before looping a counter-punching response that frustrates the older brunette even further. Khan taunts the glamour model but Ruby doesn't budge and lets the Leeds girl waste more energy in a fruitless pursuit before crashing a left/right combo into her mouth right at the bell.

Round 3:
Another quick charge from Chloe bounces off the high guard and leaves her vulnerable when Ruby smokes her up the middle. A left/right combo tags the chin and bends Khan to the side where Ruby drops a jug muggin' drive and has the older woman scowling upon impact. Ugh! Chloe bails out of the phone booth but gets backed onto the ropes regardless as Ruby charges into her rack and begins to stack up the uppercut fury that drops Khan into outright spasms come the two-minute mark. Chloe tries to apply a foul headlock amid Ruby's charge but eats a left/right heater on the chin and slumps into more vicious uppercuts that carry into her chin as well. Ruby applies more pressure after she traps Khan in the corner wholesale but runs out of time to drop the subdued rival for the count and barks in anger when the referee pulls her back at the bell.

Round 4:
Ruby flies in with a left/right hooking combo on the mouth and glues Chloe to the spot before tearing a left hook into the side and bending the Leeds brunette into more spasms. Chloe just can't fire back over the top and gets outworked from the inside as Ruby shatters her chin and bangs another shot on the ear. Uh-oh! Chloe cries out in pain and drops her gloves by her hips just as the younger brunette SMOKES her with another scything cross on the nose. DOWN GOES KHAN!!! The buxom brunette crashes to her side and rolls flat on her back with a loud whimper moments later as she makes no real effort to beat the count... EIGHT... NINE.. TEN... YER OUT!!! KO4 Ruby Mae!!!

AFTER: Maybe Chloe celebrated her birthday a bit too hard earlier this week or she simply needed a less demanding opponent on her comeback? Well, she could ponder her next move when she heals up on one of these luxury yacht parties because the undercard glory belongs to Ruby Mae who places her foot on top of Chloe's outrageous rack and blows kisses to the camera as she enjoys her second career victory. BBU TV's Georgie Thompson is convinced we'll see more of Dele Alli's former girlfriend in the ring soon! And calling her a low-hanging fruit might not be as popular anymore!

Official Result: Ruby Mae def. Chloe Khan KO4.



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