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11 June 2021 Emma Rigby vs Vera Brezhneva

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Posted by Vassago on June 11, 2021, 7:26 pm



Emma Rigby vs Vera Brezhneva
(England vs Ukraine)
(9-14, 9 KO vs 12-4, 12 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Several BBU pundits believe Emma Rigby has all it takes to become a divisional contender but she never quite found the success to justify the upside. On the other hand Vera Brezhneva enjoyed a very successful start to her boxing career and remains a top prospect despite a couple of tough losses to Dorota Rabczewska and Catalina Otalvaro recently. BBU TV's Denise van Outen reckons age might have caught up with the Ukrainian singer but she needs a big victory soon or else she drops out of the divisional title contention for good.

Emma Rigby wears a light blue bikini set & silver gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a braid. Vera Brezhneva wears a yellow bikini set & blue gloves. Long blonde hair loose & straight. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Vera blasts immediate jabbing combo into the fellow blonde's face and keeps working upstairs until Emma is forced to back off from the initial tangle but the older woman still snaps her head back repeatedly and assumes full control of the close range action. Emma tries to respond from behind the guard but bounces off the singer's forearms and eats a scything cross on the mouth that slumps her into spasms much quicker than anyone inside the Cardiff Arena anticipated. Vera tees off with the head-hunting blast and pounds Rigby butt-in-ropes before clattering into her breadbasket when the English babe applies an earmuff cover. That idea doesn't work for Emma at all as she soaks up more punishment downstairs and has to clinch Brezhneva late in order to stop the charge.

Round 2:
More slugging attacks from the older blonde who maintains the head-hunting pursuit and forces Emma to respond in similar fashion. This leads into a hectic dispute in the center of the ring which raises the crowd's ovations even when Vera eventually overwhelms the Brit and knocks her head back again. Emma tries to hang on in the vicious exchange but gets cut below the left eye and yields real estate come the second minute as Brezhneva gets vocal and pummels the fellow blonde onto the ropes. Emma lands a couple of single shots into her face but the singer owns the production by the numbers and stuns Rigby into more spasms when she nails her on both temples and drills her in the guts right at the bell as well. Ugh! Emma shakes her head in frustration and Denise van Outen is worried the singer's slugging drill is simply too much for the Merseyside stunner tonight!

Round 3:
Vera clatters into Emma's jugs and catches her off guard with the body attack that dominates the opening minute. Emma trips over her feet as she tries to shove the older blonde back and wobbles forward just as Brezhneva NAILS her with an uppercut double on the chin. Uh-oh!! DOWN GOES RIGBY!!! The English babe crashes down on her knees and has to soak up the standard eight count as she looks rattled here alright! Vera shouts back at her and rolls out more jabbing haze when the fight is resumed alas she can't throttle Emma over during a high-octane pursuit and gets wrestled back onto the ropes as Rigby tries to avoid a looming disaster in desperate fashion. She plugs the fellow blonde in the guts but still gets outworked in the corner and soaks up more belting menace late as Brezhneva pounds away in furious fashion and seems upset Emma is still standing upright at the bell.

Round 4:
Vera launches another hectic attack up the middle and clips Emma's jugs from the south but then eats a rare overhand blast on the nose which allows the younger blonde to stick her foot in the door during another close range tangle. This time Rigby works around the singer's slugging pressure and lands an uppercut series on the chin before drilling Brezhneva in the solar plexus as well. The Ukrainian woman slumps to her heels as Emma powers ahead with some jugs shots herself; she outworks her in the proverbial phone booth before drilling her on the liver area and it's Vera who seeks a clinching respite thereafter as Emma shoves her onto the turnbuckle where she cleans out more midriff to finally get on the boards.

Round 5:
Emma ducks underneath Vera's head-hunting charge and works her to the body instead which glues the singer to the spot as the crowd gets behind the Scouser's recovery effort. Emma lands an stray elbow in the chest as well that drops Vera off her mark even further before a booming right hand clatters into the older blonde's mouth and spins her to the side amid quiet yelps. Emma races up the middle and plugs the reeling foe in the solar plexus which sends Vera sliding onto the ropes where she gets stunned by the initial put away and has Rigby snapping her head back & forth in a furious charge until another clinch stalls the action. However Emma still bangs a couple of extra hits in the liver area and leaves Brezhneva gasping for air at the bell.

Round 6:
Vera tries to drop the slugging hammer on the Brit but bounces off the top of her forehead and wobbles into a crippling uppercut blast that spins her sideways upon impact. Uh-oh!!! Vera slumps to the side just as Emma turns it from the hip to rifle a crushing homer on the mouth that SENDS THE GUMSHIELD FLYING OUT!!! Brezhneva's eyes bellow out to the back of her head and she CRASHES FACE-DOWN at Emma's feet moments later!!! How about that one, folks? The Cardiff audience errupts in joy as Emma blows them a kiss while the ref issues a merciless count.. but Vera has been smoked out of the orbit and remains motionless so it's eventually waved off at six since it's obvious she cannot make it anymore. KO6 Emma Rigby in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: Huge win for the Merseyside blonde who plants her foot on Vera's back and flexes her biceps in confident fashion. She's still a couple of these highlight KOs removed from being considered a serious contender but Denise van Outen would love to see Emma run riot on some of these girls soon! And she's got enough JMD value to maybe challenge Charlotte Church for the 'other' title the Welsh fighter currently holds! Being a BBU crowd favorite helps to bypass some of the road blocks and it's rather obvious Emma is right up there on the glamour charts. She recognizes her potential as well since she catches up with Dorota Rabczewska backstage and passes over a special message to Charlotte according to unnamed witnesses from the locker room. Watch this space!

Official Result: Emma Rigby def. Vera Brezhneva KO6.



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