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6 May 2021 Joanna Krupa vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Tractorpull on May 6, 2021, 1:02 pm



Joanna Krupa vs Charlize Theron

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Joanna Krupa
Age 41
Height 5’7”

Charlize Theron
Height 5’9 1/2”
Titles held
8 Unified Lightweight titles
7 Unified Welterweight titles
1 Unified Middleweight title
3 Maxim Lightweight titles
2 Paramount Lightweight titles
1 Reebox Lightweight title
2 Reebox Welterweight titles
2 Paramount Welterweight titles


Joanna is at the Podium “You know it’s usually a honor to fight Charlize. She’s the Greatest of all Time. Nobody deny’s that, she is simply unbelievable. She’s standing behind me in the background as she always does during these pre-fight activities. Look at her. She’s gorgeous. Look at her body. It’ sleek, sensuous and fit. Those long legs are spectacular. That’s what you see, right? Well that is not what’s there. What’s there is a shell. You see Charlize has a problem. She may be the Golden Goddess, but she is actually human. Did you see the Helfer fight? I did. It was an absolute war. It was vicious. Charlize won that fight, but had to be carried out of the ring. She took a horrible beating. She didn’t get out of the dressing room for hours after the fight. I happen to know that she was told by the doctor to chill for two weeks before going back into training. Now here she is, not three or four weeks later. but six days. She’s forty-five. It’s an age where your body takes much longer to heal than when you are twenty-five Any fighter will tell you that you cannot recover from a beating like that in six days. It’s a sham . I called and begged her to push back the fight a couple weeks. She told me she is booked far into future and this fight has to go on time.. I asked her to cancel it and she said she doesn’t back off of fight once scheduled” Watch this fight. She will do OK in the first couple of rounds and then it will be all down hill. I just hope I don’t hurt her too badly. She turns to Charlize and says “Charlize, I’m sorry. I have a job to do tonight


Joanna enter the ring wearing a blue bikini, back gloves and boots. Her hair is in a bun. Charlize enters wearing a red bikini, red gloves and boots, Her hair is in a ponytail

Round 1. They meet in the center of the ring and touch gloves. Charlize backs off and as her habit pushes out a right jab to Joana’s face. It punches Joanna head back, but doesn’t hurt her. Charlize lands two more in quick succession. Joanna backs off. Charlize once again pushes out that jab which Krupa blocks and lands a right hook to Theron’s jaw. She follows with a left cross to Theron’s head and then a right. Theron comes back with a right hook to Krupa’s jaw. Joanna then lands an overhand right into Theron’s face drawing hint of blood from her nose. Another overhand to Charlize’s face drawing more blood. A Theron overhand right sails by Krupa’s head Joanna snaps a right cross followed by a left sending the blonde back into the ropes. Krupa is quickly on her opponent. Left cross, right cross, left cross. Therons gloves are up as she tries to block the incoming barrage, but several get through rocking her. Krupa takes advantage of the high guard and goes to the body, with left and right hooks to the midsection. It’s all Krupa as she punishes the blondes body. Charlize is breathing hard, almost gasping A right hook picks up Charlize’s
chin. The referee is watching from across the ring. One more hook to the blondes chin has her starting to sag into the ropes as the bell rings. Joanna in her corner tells her corner that she was right. Theron doesn’t have it tonight.

Round 2. For Theron, it has become a matter of survival, She doesn’t want to engage Krupa early in the round. She moves parallel to the ropes. Watching Krupa. Changing directions. Krupa is following, but Charlize’s direction changes are starting to annoy her. Finally she moves in on the blonde only to get a hard right jab to her face and Charlize moves away. As usual, when Theron use’s this tactic the crowd is getting loud. They came to see a fight not the watch the blonde run around the ring avoiding contact. Finally Krupa finds a way to close on her opponent, but there is that jab again landing in her face. Theron is using that jab effectively, Krupa is getting a little frustrated. She wants to fight. The jab isn’t hurting her, but the jab is enough for the judges to give the round to Theron.

Round 3. Once again its Theron moving parallel to the ropes. She wants to pick Krupa apart. She has no intention of slugging it out with her opponent. She wants to stay at a distance and use that jab to keep Joanna for closing on her. Once again, Charlize is using the jab effectively. When Krupa moves in, the jab stops her. The crowd is not happy, but Theron is putting the points on the cards.
Finally, Krupa has had enough. She takes the jab and another and is now in close with her opponent. A overhand right smashes Theron’s head back. A right and left hook plows into Theron’s midsection. The crowd is cheering Krupa on as she wants to fight, not dance. A right to the face has Theron’s nose bleeding again. Theron tries to land a hook to Krupa jaw. It misses as Krupa sees it coming and moves in and pounds a left into Theron’s solar plexus. She’s starting to take the blonde apart with precise punches, an uppercut to the chin and another left to the body, a right to the body, a left uppercut to the chin followed by a sweeping right to left ear. She punching up and down Charlize’s glamorous body as Theron lays against the ropes no longer trying to block the punches that are savaging her body. Theron’s eyes are glazing over, as the punches continue to land Her hands are going limp. Krupa is getting frustrated that Charlize is still standing as she clobbers Charlize’s head from side to side. Joanna is turning the beautiful screen star into a human wreck. The crowd is yelling for Krupa to end it. Too late. The bell rings. Krupa tells her corner it is only a matter of time now.

Round 4. Krupa knows Theron is going to move parallel to ropes again. She always does after a bad round and she cuts her off. She lands a right cross to the jaw and then a left. Another overhand right to the face has Charlize’s eye’s again glassy, but her guard is up trying to protect her face. Joanna takes advantage and starts pounding away at the body. It’s her’s for the taking. Punch after punch lands in the midsection and belly. Theron is against the ropes just taking and taking to the body. Time to move up. Krupa slams a left-right into Theron’s bra. Again and again. The color drains from Charlize’s face. Her gloves are dropping lower as punches crash into her body and chest. Joanna wonders where the referee is. Theron is sagging in the ropes trying to survive. Joanna is pounding away. Left cross, right cross, uppercut to the jaw and another, right hook to the stomach. The blonde is helpless. Just laying in the ropes. Nothing coming back. Joanna is punching at will using the blondes head for a speed bag. Charlize face is beginning to look like a road map. Where is the ref? Why isn’t he stopping the fight? She’s getting tired of hitting the blonde while the crowd cheers her on. At the bell, Krupa quickly returns to her corner to watch goddess stagger around until Lawrence screams at her to get her to her stool. Krupa is confident that Charlize's will not come out for the fifth. Certainly her corner won’t let her. Her heart sinks as the bell rings and she sees Theron standing up.

Round 5. Theron’s only chance of lasting is to once again to try to stay for away from Krupa as much she can.. Once again, she is moving albeit at a snails pace. Krupa is mesmerized as she watches her opponent try to stay in the fight. The crowd is on its feet cheering for Krupa to end it. Finally Joanna quickly moves in and changes Theron’s direction with a right to the chin. Theron is just standing there weaving and staring at Joana. Joanna lands a pair of hooks to the blondes midsection. A right jab to the chin. a left cross, a right hook to the chin, a left hook. She drives Theron across the ring into Theron’s corner. Theron is trying weakly to jab. There is nothing behind the jab. She has nothing left. Krupa has the blonde at her mercy as she criss crosses Charlize head with rights and lefts, pounding her head from one side to the other. Her chest is there far the taking and Joanna again takes advantage. As her fists plunder the blonde breasts. Krupa can’t believe the punishment Charlize is taking. Theron’s hands are low. She’s no longer punching back. The great blonde is out on her feet. A right cross to the chin. Why won’t she go down? Theron hands drop to her side It’s brutal, Krupa is shredding Charlize, Power punches plundering Theron’s body, Head bobbling as uppercuts land. Theron’s tummy is beet red from Joanna’s punishing hooks. Her face looks vacant. No sign of life. As the Goddess lays helplessly on the ropes. Joana yells at the referee to stop the fight. No response . Finally as the bell rings, Joana lands a right uppercut flush on the blondes chin. It straightens Theron up, her head draping over the ropes as she starts to slide down the ring post. Krupa knows the Goddess is finally finished, but the punch landed seconds after the bell Lawrence quickly catches her as Robbie slides the stool under her. Ammonia capsules are broken. Cold towels padding the blondes face. Robbie is alarmed at the great blondes incoherent talk. Robbie is telling Lawrence, they have to stop the fight before Charlize get killed. Lawrence scoffs at Robbie “Krupa is not going to kill her. This is Theron’s decision. She will have to live with the results” Krupa is watching, hoping Theron’s corner will finally do the right thing and throw in the towel. Joanna is horrified when she see Theron using both hands on the ropes to pull herself up off the stool. She going to come out.

Round 6. The crowd is on it feet, but they are no longer cheering. They know that Theron is finished Some are calling for the referee to stop the fight. They are in awe that the demolished GOAT is still going to try and continue the fight, They watch as the badly beaten blonde staggers out of her corner desperately trying to keep her balance, weaving like a drunken sailor. Joanna decides just to hang on the ropes and let Charlize come to her. Theron blunders over to Krupa and lets loose with a right cross that Joanna easily avoids and she moves aside as Theron falls into the ropes. Joanna turns her around, lands an uppercut to point of her chin and then guts her with a savage left-right to the solar plexus. Charlize falls into Krupa her mouthpiece dangling from her mouth. Joanna steps back and shoves her back into the ropes. Theron’s hands are limply hanging down by her side. Joanna looks into the Charlize’s face and begs her to go down, but Theron’s face is blank. She’s obviously again completely out on her feet.  She is no longer processing. A left-right to Charlize’s head sends the Goddess’s mouthpiece dribbling down her body. Joana looks for the referee. He waives her on. Joanna lands power overhand to Theron’s face followed by a roundhouse right cross. She is leaning against the ropes, starting to tilt to her left. Joanna doesn’t want to hit her again, but she has to end it. She steps to Theron’s right side and gives her a push. Theron’s left leg gives way and she crashes to the canvas and rolls underneath the ropes, her right leg hanging off the apron. Ringsiders jump to their feet to prevent Charlize from completely falling out of the ring. The referee gently pulls Theron back into the ring. Joanna stands over Theron, looking down at the dregs of the great blonde. Charlize is not moving, a little blood trickling from her mouth from cut lips, only sign of life is her chest rising as she breathes. Her eyes closed, sparing her the glare of the overhead lights.. It’s obvious. Theron is out cold. The referee doesn’t bother to count. He just holds Krupa’s right hand up in victory. Krupa doesn’t celebrate. She stays where she is, watching Lawrence, Robbie and the arena doctor bringing Charlize around and She’s concerned over Theron’s condition. Finally, when Theron mumbles a few words she turns and heads to the dressing room

Joanna Krupa upsets Charlize Theron with a savage beating. KO6

AFTER. Joanna is in the press room. She is fully dressed and looking radiant.“I’m already hearing I pulled a big upset tonight in beating Charlize. The woman I beat tonight was not the Charlize we know. I told you this was going to happen in the pre-fight. I have fought Charlize before and it didn’t go well for me. She simply was nowhere near ready to fight. She couldn’t have beaten Grandma Moses tonight. I wanted to beat the real Charlize not the shell that in the ring. You saw the punishment she took. It was unreal. Quite frankly. I’ll never understand how she was able to last as long as she did. I know she is famous for being able to take it. but this was amazing. I did what I had to do. She wouldn’t go down and the referee wouldn’t stop the fight. I didn’t feel elated watching Jennifer and the doctor struggling to bring her around. I was worried. I was afraid she was going to the hospital. This was one fight. Don’t count her out yet. I guarantee you, she will be back laying waste to the cougars and that may include me

About that time the door opens and Charlize is helped in by Margaret Robbie who is half carrying her. . She is barely recognizable. She’s in a robe with a towel over her head hiding most of her famous face. She sits down and looks around at the press and talks slowly, almost mumbling as reporters struggle to understand ““I have already heard that I am retiring. That is simply not true. I don’t remember much of this beating, but it was one of the worst in my career.
I don’t remember anything after the beginning of the fourth round. She briefly sobs, and says “excuse me, I’m hurting”. She recovers and continues,”I been told the Joanna refused to hit me in the last round, she just gave me a push, Joanna begged me to delay this fight or cancel it. but once I commit I don’t back off. My corner will never stop a fight. That’s a rule. And the referees, well they have been notified never to stop a Theron fight if I’m the one being beaten, that’s not the way I want to go out Some referees don’t agree and will stop the fight, I have been TKOed when I could still fight, a lot more than I should have been.” Joanna did what she had to do and I’m sure we are going to fight again. If she wins the best of three, I will simply demand we go for the best five out of Nine.”

Margaret Robbie to Joanna, “Charlize wanted you to have these as kind of souvenirs and she lays two 8 by 10 glossy, natural color, photos in front of Joanna. One shows her standing over the knocked out Theron looking down on her. The second photo taking seconds later shows Krupa standing over the still unmoving Charlize with the referee raising her hand in victory.

Joanna: “Those photos will have a place of honor in my home. Thank you so much and yes, we will go for the best of three which I will win and then the best of nine which I also intend to win”

Charlize still mumbling. now with less volume. Reporters are attempting to hold the mics close jockeying each other to get a better position “As far as retirement goes, I think that is a long way off. I’m taking the next couple of weeks off I have a big fight coming up on the May PPV and I will need some real competition not sparring partners. I think that fight will go around the 19th. I’ll be honest with you. Another beating like tonight too soon could end my career, so in the next fight, I want someone who can give me rounds and a little trouble, but realistically can’t beat me. If you want to call that an easy fight, well so be it. As to who, I’ll make that decision in the morning and call her offering a fight.

Articles in the press speculate Charlize is finished after her second straight savage beating, but they have said the same thing for almost eleven years. Some are demanding she retire before she gets seriously injured and gives the sport a bad name. Should she be allowed to ask the referees not to stop a fight if she is getting beaten? Critics proclaim Krupa handed Theron her worst beating since the September, 2006 loss to Taylor Cole, maybe even more savage. No further comment from the Theron camp.



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