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14 May 2021 Yixin Chen vs Tay Ying

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Posted by caspian2 on May 14, 2021 at 11:22pm


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

2. Yixin Chen vs Tay Ying (FCBA Debuts)


(21, 5’6, FCBA Debut, Free Agent, @chxnyixin)

Tay Ying:
(24, 5’7, FCBA Debut, Free Agent, @tayying_)

A couple of local actresses making their maiden debuts next, with Yixin and Tay Ying sporting another pair of confusing nameplates to the untrained ear. Make no mistake though, cos’ these two are far apart in terms of personalities and life decisions.

Yixin Chen represents the second generation of local actors, herself a member of a celebrity family and someone who got caught up in the limelight early. She first starred in the production of The Teenage Textbook: The Series, and quickly earned her stripes as a next-gen celebrity on the local scene.

“Sure, I’ve boxed before in the gym. It’s a way to relieve stress of work,” Yixin smiles as she speaks to reporters by the ring.

The Singaporean actress has done the press tour multiple times, looking calm and collected in a plain white sports bra and black boxing trunks, swinging red gloves on either side, as she continues.

“Tay Ying has been in the acting scene longer than I have; she’s also a little taller. But I believe I can do better. I’m hungry to win and not let my family down!”

Her opponent tonight may be one inch taller, but Tay Ying strides into the boxing hall with equal confidence in her slender frame. The Chinese actress is also a product of veteran actors, and joined the industry way back in 2017 with features like While We Are Young and The Good Fight. Today, she boasts over 60,000 followers on Instagram and over 9,000 followers on TikTok.

“Yixin’s got heart, but she’s still new to the game. She’s only taken baby steps into the deep, murky waters of local stardom. Frankly, she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. We both represent the younger generation of local actors, so friendly match or not, I’m gonna give it my all as well!”

Later, Tay Ying’s in her corner, fixing her black gloves on either hand at the last minute. She’s dressed in a glistening white bikini top and short denim hot-shorts. Referee gets the nod from either girl - they touch gloves in the center before circling back to corners. HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

The young actress kicks things off with a bang, wading in fast and immediately throwing punches into Tay Ying’s guard, making her grunt and scatter. The older woman’s confidence all but melts away in the face of aggression as her arms take a beating from Yixin’s multiple combos, the younger girl even scoring with a stiff thump! or two right to the gut to stun her foe. Tay Ying needs to establish some semblance of order, jabbing back at Chen’s face but doing little to stem her assault. Yixin takes some hard bumps to the cheek and nose but it looks like she’s more than used to fighting in the ring, having perhaps sparred with some of her celebrity pals before in the local UFC gym. First round ends and the future looks bright for the youngster, as Tay Ying stumbles back to her corner whilst holding onto her tummy with one hand.

Fear not, you Tay Ying lovers, because the actress comes back in round two with a vengeance, meeting Yixin head-on in the center as the two women throw down with a mutual exchange of fists sent to the face or dug into the tummy. Yixin grunts as she takes a hard swipe from Ying, her foe letting her fists fly haphazard and wild and we’re not entirely sure whether those shots landing are legitimate or by pure dumb luck. Yixin has to retreat though, having taken another stiff shot across the forehead, which stuns her briefly. Tay Ying’s strategy of punching in every direction seems to work, for now, but the older woman stays back for the rest of the round, also hesitant to leave her pretty face wide open to counterattack.

Yixin is trying to look for openings in the third, coming in hot and fast at certain intervals before blitzing the older woman’s frame with a barrage of punches. Tay Ying’s fighting a little smarter, however, blocking the attacks with her arms moving like a shifting maze around her body, but even then, she can’t block the multiple punches headed her way. Yixin first scores with a straight fist right between the eyes, which dazes the taller girl. Just as Chen moves in to finish the job, however, ANOTHER flail of hands from Ying catches her foe on the chin - POW!! Not sure if that was intended, but Yixin grunts as she’s stopped in her tracks, till another punting right glove LANDS on her chin, lifting her head skywards, and DOWN SHE GOES!! The young fighter left absolutely SPRAWLED on her side as she works her jawline open and shut! Could this be it in an early KNOCKDOWN for Tay Ying?!

It’s the STAR Awards all over again as the veteran actress secures an upset here, Yixin making her way slowly off her back, choking as her head spins with shock. Tay Ying meanwhile is just busy catching her breath, getting chased back to the neutral corner by the referee. Chen makes it back to her feet by the count of 9, but things don’t look good for the newcomer, her eyes blinking rapidly, hands hovering and shaking in front of her chest!

There’s two minutes left on the clock, and Tay Ying aims to finish the job! She comes in faster and more confident than the last two rounds combined, and Yixin is just busy with blocking and trying to weave around her punches, survive till round four if at all possible. But a stiff shot right to the nose snaps Yixin’s head back, as Ying starts landing those precise and powerful combos she should have employed two rounds ago. Here, Yixin’s getting beaten and bruised along the ropes, grunting as another fist comes crunching into her lips. Referee hovers nearby, spotting the moment where Yixin FINALLY drops her hands, not even defending any longer as a final uppercut CRUNCHES into the base of her chin! THAT’S IT - REF JUMPS IN TO SAVE THE YOUNGSTER!! It’s over!

Official Decision: Tay Ying defeats Yixin Chen via TKO3!


Yixin caught by the referee even as she collapsed into his arms, head rolling to the side as she gets the first taste of being punch-drunk! Tay Ying reluctantly celebrates with two arms raised, waltzing back to her corner and thinking to herself this boxing thing is easy-peasy!

“Phew! I’d admit I was a little nervous coming into this contest. But Yixin - the girl needs a little more time in the cooker. She’s got potential, both inside and outside the ring. But maybe she needs a bigger dose of reality before she tries to punch above her weight.”

Meanwhile, Yixin looks hella disappointed as she’s comforted by her parents and friends by the corner. She’s slumped on her stool, getting examined by the medics and fight team for permanent damage. Later on, once she’s properly composed, she manages some words to the reporters before leaving the arena with haste:

“I’m okay. Just a little stunned. It means I have to work harder. I think she landed a few lucky shots in there that upset the rest of my fight-plan. Doesn’t matter. I’m gonna come back stronger and better.” 



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