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28 May 2021 Audrey Hepburn vs Donna Reed

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 28, 2021 at 4:56pm


Audrey Hepburn vs. Donna Reed


Ca. 1950s 

Paramount had signed another new star in Donna Reed and wanted to get her started in the ring. Again she was not the normal type so they decided to have her box with Audrey Hepburn who was the new not normal type. Audrey was looking to win again at her home studio. She had been boxing elsewhere around Hollywood. She was winning too which surprised those who followed boxing action in the land of dreams.

Again both brunettes were pleasant in the press before the bout.

A soundstage was again cleared and then set up with a ring for this bout.

Donna came to the ring wearing a 2 piece black bikini with small circular black dots on it and brown leather gloves.

Audrey appeared in a white 2 piece bikini with brown leather gloves.

Round 1:

Both fighters proved to be nimble as they came out on their toes to open the fights. First they jabbed and backed back at each other. It seemed to be a feeling out round as it moved to the midway point. Then Donna got in a couple good crosses on Audrey. This did cause Audrey to reset but when Donna came after her. Reed got a straight right to her face for her pursuit. She did back away and circle after taking the straight right. Audrey followed and the two fighters jabbed the rest of the round. A very close first round maybe won by Donna.

Round 2:

Audrey opened the round with a right hook to Donna’s body after Reed missed with a cross to Hepburn’s face. Audrey followed that up with 2 crosses to her face. A straight left to Reed’s face did freeze her. Hepburn then threw a series of hard punches to Reed’s body and face. Reed had to clinch with Hepburn to halt the assault. After the referee broke them apart, Donna circled out wide of Audrey. She tried to jab and keep Audrey away but it didn’t last for long. Audrey ducked a long jab after a series came at her, and threw a straight left to Donna’s midsection. She then went back to Donna’s head but didn’t land more than a couple crosses as the bell rang. Audrey had really taken that round.

Round 3:

Audrey came out for the third round looking to get back into Donna’s body. But Reed had gotten coaching in the break and circled. She did throw some jabs at Audrey to keep her at bay. Audrey was ducking them and throwing some more hooks and crosses but Donna seemed to be handling them better now. She did get a couple straights into Audrey which improved her standing. Hepburn then circled and Donna was frustrated by Audrey’s body and glove moves. Again Donna got careless with a missed straight right and paid for it by back to back hooks to her chin from Audrey. The two fighters engaged in a short punch up but this excitement was stopped by the bell. Another close round maybe won by Donna.

Round 4:

The fourth round opened with more jabs and ring movement from both brunettes. Audrey laid into Donna’s body after another missed hook and threw three crosses. Then she went upstairs with a right hook to Donna’s face. Donna was frozen and Audrey knew what to do. She went with 2 straights to Donna’s face. Donna was ready to fall after those shots. Audrey saw this and added another right cross to her face. REED GOES DOWN! Audrey watched from the confines of a neutral corner as Donna was counted out.

Audrey was declared the winner and had her right glove raised. Again she accepted the cheers from the fans. She did play to the crowd a bit more. Her confidence was now quite high after her victories in the ring as well as her career successes. After enjoying her win she again went over to her opponent’s corner and checked on Reed. Donna had been revived and again the two fighter conversed and parted with a touch of gloves. The fans again cheered mightily for this display of sportswomanship. Audrey acknowledged these before she left the ring. 



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