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28 May 2021 Yvette Monreal vs Danielle Rose Russell

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 28, 2021 at 4:50pm




Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Yvette: 28 YO, 5’5 (1.65 m), #34B, 2-0-0, 2 KO since 2021, Global Boxing Syndicate

Danielle: 21 YO, 5’3 (1.60 m), #34D, 6-7-0, 6 KO since 2019, Foxfire Boxing

Before: “I don’t know why anyone would be surprised I would become interested in JMD. I do have the necessary qualifications” says a smirking Danielle Rose Russell, whose tight white FOXFIRE BOXING tee shirt amply displays the thrust of her #34D chest. “I heard that Yvette Monreal might be interested too so I sent out the challenge and here we are. I am not afraid of taking the consequences of a loss, but, really I expect to be the winner here.”

Yvette Monreal in tight blue GLOBAL BOXING SYNDICATE tee shirt that shows off her #34B qualifications smile wickedly.

“Don’t count your post-fights before they happen. I’ve beaten Ashley Benson whose been around the FCBA for like ages—now I am ready to take on Foxfire’s prize rookie. BTW, I thought it was Natalie Alyn Lind who was the Foxfire JMD specialist. She getting some competition now?”

“That’s none of your business, rookie, I made my case for fighting you and management accepted. That’s all you have to know,” retorts an irritated Danielle.

“Who you calling a rookie—kid—you’re barely legal and my not have much FCBA experience but my 2-0 looks better than your underwater 6-7,” fires back Yvette.

Tempers are starting to rise and the two leggy fighters move towards each other to bump bulging racks. (They are wearing short shorts: black for DRR and dark blue for Yvette). They stand there, arms on hips, just grinding their chests forward. (Photographers in crowd are eagerly snapping shot after sexy shot).
“Now ladies, save it for the ring!” calls a voice. Danielle and Yvette look to see Natalie Aly Lind saunter on to the stage. She is in a purple short shorts and white tee shirt that says JMD CHAMP.

“Isn’t that false advertising?” Yvette inquires. “You were only champ for like 5 minutes back in 2019.”

“Nice you are familiar with the history of the JMD Division,” Natalie says. “No, I didn’t hold the title long, but I’ll get back yet and hold it for a lot longer. I just came out to make sure Danielle here knows I am the FOXFIRE JMD Fighter—she is just an experiment.”

Danielle is silent, but looks daggers at her blonde stablemate. Yvette eyes the two of them: “It looks like the Foxfire locker room is going to tense with you two around. Hey, Natty, after I have taken care of Russell, maybe I can take you next.”

“You haven’t beat me yet!” Dani snaps.

“I just wanted you two not to waste your energy catfight now. I’ve had some experience with that and take my advice: you’ll need all the energy you can get once the boob busting starts.”

“Thanks, I’ll consider that,” says Yvette.

“Me, too, but in the future stay off my stage,” Dani snaps.

“I’ll consider that,” smirks Natalie before she departs the stage.

“Well. that was interesting. I guess we’ll continue this in the ring,” Yvette said cheerfully.

“Yes, we will,” Danielle growls as looks after the departing Natalie before giving Yvette a final sharp look.

When next we see Danielle Rose Russell she is in the ring wearing a black lacy bra and bikini panties with light gray gloves and boots (black laces). Her red-brown auburn hair is in a battle braid down her back. Yvette Monreal is in flame red bra and bikini panties with black gloves and boots with flame red laces. Two start pushing in their bra tops against each other until referee restores order. Ring instructions are finished and there loud SMACKING gloves taps before the two march to their corners. They pose with outthrust chests and then DING! DING! The bell rings. Posing ends and out they come with determination….

R1: Yvette and Danielle circled each other and began with quick jabs to the breasts. Then Yvette swiveled Dani’s head with a big right shot to the jaw and stuffed a left hook into her stomach. DRR lurched back and now Yvette began to pound away at the bulging chest of the redhead. It was a thorough pounding: uppercuts to strike at the undersides, straight rights lefts to crush breasts against Dani’s own ribs and then left to right punching to make Dani’s boobs dance. Dani tried countering with her own jab, but these did not seem to slow the relentless pounding that was making her chest a white hot blaze of pain. Dani forced to take flight and out space between herself and Yvette. Yvette was doggedly pursuing her when the round ended, Yvette won the round wide.

R2: Danielle storming into Yvette as soon as she can get out of her corner and get within punching range of the brunette. Yvette banged hard to the breasts as Danu takes vemgeance for the earlier mammary mauling. Yvette standing her ground, hammering Dani in the belly with one hook after another. Two are rapidly increasing their punch rates. DRR now goes after Yvette to the belly had her hooks start pushing Yvette slowly back. Yvette fighting back, but it’s nt enough to keep Danielle Rose Russell from winning round bya narrow margin.

R3: Yvette answers in the new round by an initial attack on Danielle to the head. Danielle gets hit hard to the sides of the head until she has to duck away with her mitts up protectively. Yvette moving with DRR now strikes at Dani to the belly and ribs. Sustained punching despite Dani countering with jugg jabbing shot until Yvette has DRR in hunched up defense. Yvette appears to be trying to work Danielle into the ropes, but Dani slipping away and sticking to the center of the ring until the bell. Yvette Monreal wins round wide.

R4: Yvette looking confident coming out of her corner and Danielle looking grim. Yvette feints at the head and goes to the belly, but Dani not buying the feint. DRR strikes with cracking right/left combo to the chin and then a big right uppercut under the chin. Yvette rocked, falls back trying to protect her head, but Dani going to the body. Hook to the belly and straight rights and lefts to the breasts. Yvette been driven to the ropes in confusion and now DRR launches a furious attack on Yvette’s rack. Sustained bra busting has Yvette shuddering and gasping for air. Then Dani sees a chance and rips in another uppercut to Yvette’s chin. DOWN GOES YVETTE! Yvette’s legs shoot out from under her and she is deposited in a sitting position, back to the ropes, hands limp at her sides. Danielle hurries to the neutral corner. Referee moves in. Yvette senses shes facing disaster and tries to climb the ropes to get back on her feet. She tries, but she’s still climbing as ref is saying:



After: Danielle happily congratulated by teammates Hayden Panettiere and Sarah Carter. Dani keeps watching as Yvette is tended on her stool. Dani has her gloves removed and as soon as Yvette is pronounced fit, Dani is across the ring. Yvette looks up at the redhead and swallows.

“I’m ready,” she says.

“Glad to hear it, Let me take a seat,” Dani says and sits down on Yvette’s lap, straddling the defeated brunette. “Now for the best part of a JMD bout—if you are the winner.”

Yvette gets no chance to reply as Danielle wraps her arms around Yvette’s head and pulls her face into the sweat darkness of her big breasts. Once Dani is sure she’s got Yvette’s mouth and nose sealed, she tightens her grip. Yvette starts to struggle instinctively, but there is no escape and soon she is limp against the turnbuckle. Danielle releases the hold and admires her handiwork. Then she reaches around Yvette to unhook her flame colored bra and then walks away with it as a trophy of her victory.

“Yeah, she punched hard, but I could take it and I put her out—then I put her out again on her own stool. A very enjoyable night and I will hang this bra with [ride on my trophy wall.. I am sure it will be the first of many,” Danielle tells press.

Natalie Alyn Lind can be seen standing close enough to hear Dani’s remarks about future JMD wins. She is heard to mutter: “Not if I can help it!”

Uh-oh trouble in the usual peaceful halls of Foxfire Boxing?

Meanwhile, a recovered Yvette Monreal tells press: “I wanted to see what JMD was like and I found out. No I’m not too scared to try it again. I just want to be the winner. Losing at JMD is no fun at all, but I’m not giving up on the idea of winning at it. That is a whole other story!”

JMD may not be the most respectable type of FCBA fight, but it has a very enthusiastic following. The appearance Danielle Rose Russell and Yvette Monreal has JMD fans hoping they see these two in jugg mugging action again. In addition, social media is blazing with speculation about the JMD rivalry between Russell and Natalie Alyn Lind. Intra-stable conflict has been rare at Foxfire, but it looks like management could have one of their hands. Press and fans alike are wondering what happens next. 



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