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28 May 2021 Amber Heard vs Valentina Fradegrada

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 28, 2021 at 4:23pm


Amber Heard 35 yo 5'7 (12W -15 L 11KO) vs Valentina Fradegrada 30 yo 5'9 1/2 (5W-1L 5KO)


For Valentina it is a very important match, which could open the way for her to new goals in the federation, for Amber, who comes from three consecutive victories, it is an opportunity to definitively relaunch her career; the first to speak is Valentina, I know that Amber is an excellent boxer, and probably the most difficult obstacle of my career so far, I have trained hard for this match and I will do everything to win; then it is Amber who speaks, Valentina is an excellent prospect, she has a secure future in the federation, but the present is mine, and I will beat her hard.

Fight Night
The first to arrive in the ring is Valentina, she is wearing an upside down red bikini, with white gloves and boots, her hair is in a pigtail; then it's Amber's tueno she wears a white bikini with red gloves and boots, and her hair in a ponytail, the referee calls the two boxers in the middle of the ring reminding them of the rules, then they go back to their respective corners, ready to 10 rounds of lightweight action.

The Match

Round 1
Valentina appears nervous and awkward, so Amber wastes no time and immediately attacks the Italian by shortening the distance, and working hard on Valentina's body, with quick combinations of hooks and uppercuts, which put the Italian on the ropes, where Amber shoots a powerful hook right to the jaw that stuns Valentina, so Amber in the last seconds completely dominates Valentina with ferocious hooks to the face, Valentina is saved only by the gong.

Round 2
Despite the beating suffered, Valentina resets everything, and starts the round better, using her greatest reach to keep Amber at a distance, repeatedly hitting Amber's nose, in the first two minutes the match continues like this, but in the last minute Amber manages to avoid these jabs, and start working Valentina's body again with ferocious uppercuts that literally lift Valentina off the ground, luckily the gong comes soon the gong.

Round 3
Amber tries to resume her work on Valentina's aching body, but this time the Italian starts responding blow for blow, so they swap hard uppercuts, and it's Valentina who gets the better of Amber backing up on the ropes, giving her a hard lesson in the last seconds.

Round 4

Amber after two tough rounds, she starts the round wildly and Valentina is not able to defend herself at all, Amber appears in another category, and scores combinations of uppercuts to the body that make the Italian wobble, and a Once on the ropes, Amber demolishes Valentina's face, with hooks on hooks that make her, now practically Ko, harmless, Valentina is saved by the gong.

Round 5
This round is a massacre Valentina tries to defend herself, but Amber has no mercy on her, and inflicts a real boxing lesson on her, before the Italian's body is demolished with no way out, then Amber inflicts a knockdown on her with a ferocious right hook that makes Valentina turn 180 degrees before going down, the referee starts the count, while Amber celebrates sure of having won, but incredibly Valentina with great willpower gets up on 8, and the referee gives she gives the ok to continue, as soon as the referee gives the ok to continue, Valentina is assaulted by a relentless series of hooks in the face, which swell her face, only the gong saves Valentina from a sure KO

Round 6
Amber has given so much in the last round, and Valentina despite having a swollen face, with great willpower begins to repeatedly hit Amber's face with fast and powerful jabs, which start to make Amber's nose bleed, then Valentina bursts into the body. with jaw-dropping powerful uppercuts, Amber getting wildly hammered in the chin by powerful uppercuts in the final seconds, until the end of the round

Round 7
Now Amber appears completely turned off, and Valentina from the first second puts her in the corner, inflicting a hideous punishment, Amber's face is slammed left and right by ferocious two-handed hooks, so Valentina wants to cause more damage using the defenseless body of Amber like a punchbag, for the whole minute two, after yet another uppercut to the stomach poor Amber collapses on the ground completely KO, then the arvitro declared the victory by Ko at minute 2:11 of round 7 



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