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28 May 2021 Kaia Gerber vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 28, 2021 at 4:06pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Kaia: 19 YO, 5’9 ½ (1.76 m), 11-4-0, 11 KO since 2019, Global Boxing Syndicate

Mary: 36 YO, 5’8 )(1,.73 m), 61-51-0, 54 KO since 2007, Foxfire Boxing

Before: “Even if I didn’t know Kaia was the daughter of Cindy Crawford, I would be wanting to fight her,” says Mary Winstead in the pre-fight press get-together. “Why, Kaia is not even 20 yet and here is with a record of 11-4. Any young lightweight with a record like that is deserving of my attention. I am here to find out what you’re made of, kid.”

“Don’t call me ‘kid’—I have earned that much,” declares Kaia, “and I am proud to have attracted the attention of the Great MEW. I assure you, Ms. Winstead, you will find I am made of plenty of tough stuff. I am determined to be a champion and the sooner the better. A victory over you would be a big step forward.”

“Oh it would, it would,” Mary acknowledges, “but you don’t have the win yet—and I assure you., Ms. Gerber that not many models can say they beat Winnie Winstead.”

“And I will soon be one of them,” Kaia says with youthful confidence and a smile at her mother Cindy Crawford who is in the wings looking proudly at her fighting offspring.

Mary smiles wickedly: “Don’t count on it--and be glad I didn’t ask for this to be a Body Saddle bout.”

“Maybe some other time,” Kaia said.

“Hmm,” says Mary.

Hen next we see Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kaia Gerber they are in the ring. Mary has come with Foxfire’s Lightweight trainer Rachel Nichols who is in red shorts and black tee with FOXFIRE BOXING in red across the chest and MARY ELIZABETH WINSTREAD in red across the back. Mary is in one her favorite ring outfits: a red retro one piece with white polka dots. She wears white boots and gloves with red laces. Her bobbed hair is loose, but wetted down. Kaia Gerber has come to the ring accompanied by her trainer, her mother Cindy Crawford. Cindy looks great in green short shorts and white top with the GBS logo in green across the chest. Kaia herself is in an orange one piece with black gloves and boots orange laces). Kaia’s hair is in battle braid.

Ring instructions are covered smoothly. Gloves are tapped and fighters go to their corners, The bell rings.

R1: Mary tests Kaia early with quick jabs to the face that put the young lightweight back on her heels. However Kaia quickly comes back and does her best to strike back at Winnie to the head. Mary ducking or blunting many of these incoming and then she fires back with a head swiveling right. Kaia lurching to one side, covering her head as Mary now goes to work on Kaia’s lanky torso. Target-rich environment as Mary starts with hooks to the belly, works her way up to roasting shots to the ribs and finally nasty uppercuts to the undersides Kaia’s breasts. Kaia is under pressure and trying to answer, but not able to discourage the relentless veteran. Round ends with Kaia looking a bit shell shocked and Mary smiling happily. MEW has won this round wide.

R2: Kaia makes sure in close and personal with Mary as the new round begins. Kaia shows a nice feint in making Mary duck what she thinks will be a head shot, but is actually a hook to the belly. Mary takes more hooks to the abs, but she quickly responds with hooks of her own. Now Mary and Kaia are banging away toe to toe, They are smacking away in tight with short right and left shots into each other’s straining torsos. Kaia really working Mary’s stomach and she is forcing Mary to slowly retreat, all bent over from the burning ache in her midsection. Bell sounds and Kaia gives Mary a defiant “I-guess-i-showed-you!” look that Mary returns with a cold “This-ain’t-over!” glare. Kaia Geber had edged MEW out on the judges’ cards to take the round.

R3: Mary and Kaia go right back at in close as soon as the new round begins. More close in action as they almost bumping sweaty brows as they look each other in the eyes while slamming hard leather into each other. It stays even through the first half of the round, but Mary able to start lean in with her punches, adding just enough extra power to make Kaia start to quiver as each blow slams into her torso. Kaia now the one being slowly pushed back as the round comes to a close and Mary is able to win a narrow victory from the judges.

R4: Bell sounds and out the fighters come, but Kaia now surprises Mary by going after her to the head. Mary gets rocked by a bruising right to the jaw, then a left to her other jaw, and then two uppercuts to the chin. Mary hastily pulling away, gloves up around her head as she tries to clear her spinning head. Kaia hangs with her, now trying to get at the sides of Mary’s head, though she largely blocked, but it keeps Mary ducking. Then Kaia throws him lanky hooks to smash away at Mary’s rib cage. Mary soon hunched up, just trying to jab Kaia back, but the rookie is pouring on the leather to Mary’s flanks as the bell sounds. Kaia has won this round wide.

R5: Kaia zipping out of her corner again this round and starts pumping leather into Mary’s head and face. Mary quickly getting lumped up before she can start jabbing Kaia in the breasts to drive her back. Kaia then circles and comes in again. She feints to the body, but strikes hard at Mary’s chin. Mary falling back and now Kaia spring forward to hammer in the belly hooks. Mary doubled forward and now gets treated to Kaia’s uppercuts into her overhanging breasts and face. Mary pulls out of there and sets up behind her jab. Kaia not pressing her luck, she is happy to work on Mary’s flanks to the bell. Kaia books another round won wide.

R6: Mary is out just as fast as Kaia this round, she’s plainly not about to be surprised by Kaia again. Hard smacks to the jaw and chin from both as the action commences. They are circling and counter-circling, trying to draw one another off balance, though Kaia and Mary both not falling for such faints. Then there is sustained punching exchange to the body, but Mary mixed in some surprise strikes to Kai’s chin and jaw. Kaia becomes wobbly and falls back gloves up high as Mary pounds Kaia’s midsection. Bell sounds to end the stanza and judges call it a close one, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead gets the round in her column.

R7: Kaia looked over by a worried looking Cindy Crawford between rounds Kaia gesturing, we can’t hear the exact words, but clearly she wants to continue.

Rachel Nichols telling Mary: “You’ve weakened her. Go out and finish the job.”

Mary nods: “Just waiting the bell.”

The bell does sound and Mary is again quick from her corner. Kaia comes out slowly, with her gloves up high and giving a defensive look. Mary launches her hooks deep into Kaia’s midsection and the impacts send shivers down Kaia’s thighs. Then Mary just works in clos. Pounding away at Kaia’s stomach and ribs. Kaia gasping, gurgling and groaning. Her high guard drops trying to protect her ravaged abs. This is all Mary needs: IG BOOMING RIGHT TO THE CHIN AND THEN A LEFT RIGHT BEHIND IT! Kaia freezes and THEN CRASHES TO THE CANVAS. Mary has to jump to one side as the toppled Kaia falls passed her to bounce off the canvas. Mary trots to the neutral corner. She looks back as Kaia struggles to rise as the referee counts, but can only rise to her knees with a bewildered look on her face.

“NINE!....TEN!...YOU ARE OUT!” proclaims the referee.


After: “I admit Kaia gave me some problems,” Mary said, “but they were nothing I couldn’t work through. The kid’s got talent and she is pretty young for a lightweight, I expect she’ll get better with time and experience. But for tonight: this was my fight and I won it.”

Mary insists on going over to take Kaia Gerber on a Walk: “I don’t want you to ever say that Winnie Winstead went easy on you because your mom was Cindy Crawford.. Most girls find my Walks very motivating. I’ll send you some pictures for your gym motivational bulletin board.”

Neither Kaia Gerber or Cindy Crawford seem much amused by Mary’s light-hearted comments. However Kaia does her duty and lets Mary show her off. (Mary merely hooks Kaia’s arms rather use a hammerlock as she does with some defeated opponents). Kaia not happy, but goes through with it and Mary gives her a “friendly” slap on the butt before turning her over to Cindy. Cindy and Kaia look daggers at Mary who seems to ignore this as she strolls away.

“Some day I am going to get that Winstead Witch and we’ll see how she likes being Walked and having her butt slapped,” Kaia growls.

Kaia Gerber put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough to turn back Mary Winstead. Good win for MEW as it shows she can still handle the Division up-and-comers. No loss is good, but Kaia Gerber’s defeat was no disgrace. She wasn’t quite ready for a veteran like MEW, but she hung in there until the roof fell in during R7. Fans will be interested to see if Kaia can bounce back in her next fights. 



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